Are You The Camping Type?

Being in the wilderness can be a humbling experience. The open spaces, the smells, the sights and sounds, can all be part of the fun. For some folks there is nothing quite like enjoying a tea at a campfire, or taking in the expanse of nature. There is something special about getting back to basics; it’s almost a primal feeling. Most people who enjoy being outdoors have no problem with camping. However, some can need more convincing. Here, we will talk about the various personalities and types of campers and hopefully shed some light on whether you are the camping type or not.

For most, but not all, camping and a love of nature starts when they are young. For me, my love of the great outdoors was sparked by my father. I have fond memories of camping out in woods of my state. There was lots to do, swimming, fishing, hiking, and building a campsite. I still remember catching a rainbow trout, gutting and cooking it for that night’s supper. What was always apparent to me was the contrast of the wilderness when compared to the hectic buzz of the city.

My father was a nature and outdoors person, and his love of the outdoors was instilled into me from a young age. For him, it was about getting away from the stresses of urban life. It was a form of escapism. For a lot of campers, this is what it all distills down to. Escaping the stresses of society and civilization and relaxing with oneself or with others.

The Minimalist

Not all campers do it for the same reason. Some folks do it to test their skills. They prefer a minimalist approach. They usually venture solo, bringing the absolute minimum amount of tools and supplies. Preferring to use the land, set up a shelter from the materials nature provides rather than use a tent. The simplicity of camping is what’s important to them.

The Glamper

In stark contrast with the above is what the community calls glampers, or ‘glamorous campers’. For some folks, the comforts of home are paramount. A campsite with wi-fi, laundry facilities, maybe even an RV that’s nicer and better equipped than most people’s homes. Getting away and escaping is still important to them. However, they are keen to not let the experience or comfort be ruined by insects, hygiene issues, or a tricky campfire.

The Meditator

For me, it’s all about the relaxation. There is a happy middle ground between being a wild man camper and a glamper. Some of the stresses of camping, like bugs, weather, warmth or food can add to the experience for some, but detract from it for others. Relaxing is the most important part for me, as I can’t escape unless I’m relaxed. A busy campsite is not for me, and I need the sounds and smells of being in nature. If I don’t get that feeling of connecting to nature, it’s not a successful trip for me.

The Funmaker

Not everyone enjoys the silence and peaceful bliss of the outdoors. Some people just love having a good time around the campfire, drinking with their friends and families. Many cultures around the world celebrate around a campfire. It’s almost genetic and a primal feeling to party around a campfire. Being in nature is a plus, but it comes secondary to having a good time! Make sure you are respectful to others, and choose a campsite that is remote enough to not bother anyone, or has no noise limit rules, so you can party all night long.

The Adventurer

Not everyone who goes camping is content to sit around a campfire or campsite. For them, it’s about getting out there and being active. Hiking, climbing, swimming or water-sports, mountain biking etc. Some people love getting physical, and the rush from a new adventure or new unexplored trail is all they need. Being in the wilderness and being active is all part of the fun. If it sounds like this is right up your ally, then make sure to choose a campsite that has these amenities.

So Are You The Camping Type?

In the end, it does come down to you. Camping is, in my opinion, about escapism and relaxation. That being said, there are many different ways to enjoy the great outdoors. If you appreciate nature, and need to get away from it all, then you probably are the camping type. If you haven’t been camping before, we encourage you to try it! Hopefully by now you can figure out what type of camper you are and if you are the camping type. Remember to disconnect, escape, and get out there. You may learn something about yourself. As always, be respectful, stay safe, and have fun! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these

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