Best insulated lunch boxes for kids

Top 4 Insulated Lunch Boxes For Kids

Keeping your kids’ food fresh is of utmost importance. There is nothing worse than having to go bad because things were left in the lunchbox until the end of the day. This is why an insulated lunch box is a great way to save money, as well as helping to maintain your kids’ health.

Regular lunchboxes that you buy at a department store may not be as insulated as you’d like it to be. Proper insulation tends to come with brands of lunchboxes that are sold only online.

When it comes to great insulated lunchboxes for your kids, we have made a list of 4 different types that you can take a look at for your information. The first two are actually designed with a kid’s imagination in mind. The next two are the higher end variety and work even better to keep the food cold.

1. Olive Kids Out of this World Lunch Box

This one comes in many different patterns that appeal to a wide variety of tastes. There are masculine and feminine prints all around the lunchbox. This box is super easy and is BPA-free.

There is also a zippered front pocket if your kids want to store any of their smaller items there. This is a good place to keep multivitamins.

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2. Fit & Fresh Bento Box Lunch Kit

We love the Fit & Fresh Bento Box Lunch Kit for the fact that it comes with its own Bento box. Kids love seeing their food divided up into small sections inside of this box. This lunchbox is fun to use and has some fun prints on the outside.

Part of what is great about this lunchbox is that it has ice packs built right into the walls. You can chill these ice packs overnight and then put them in the lunchbox for the next day.

And most importantly, it is BPA free. You won’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals emanating from the plastic or the ice packs.

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3. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag

This is perhaps one of our favourite insulated lunchboxes for both adults and kids alike. This lunchbox comes with a gel-like substance inside of the interior walls. Put this lunchbox inside of the freezer overnight and chill the gel. This makes it so that the lunchbox will maintain cold of the food throughout the day. 10 hours is the length of time that you can keep food instead of this lunchbox without spoiling!

What is great about the gel of this lunchbox is the fact that do not need any separate ice packs. This ensures that the cold stains on the inside. Pack up some smoothies for your kids and watch as they do not melt. Your kids will appreciate their cold drinks in the middle of the day.

Another great feature of the PackIt lunchboxes as that they come in various attractive patterns. Your kids will appreciate the awesome designs.

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4. Vera Bradley Lunch Box

Do you have a little girl who loves girly things? The Vera Bradley lunchbox as his girly as they come. Not only does it have an attractive floral pattern it also comes in a tapered look.

We love this lunchbox for little girls because it is smaller than the average lunchbox. While this lunchbox can be used by an adult female, it can be rather small for an adult appetite. But little girls will appreciate the smaller size as it will be easier for them to carry.

This lunchbox has an inner pouch that allows you to slip in an ice pack to keep the food cool.

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In Conclusion

And that concludes our roundup of the top insulated lunchboxes for kids. The first two are specifically designed for only children, as they have childlike patterns. The next two alone are a little bit more adult but also very useful.

To see some more wonderful lunchboxes, perhaps for yourself, see our review of lunch boxes for adults.

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