Brooks Ghost 9 vs Asics Cumulus 18

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Brooks Ghost 9 vs Asics Cumulus 18: For Balanced Cushioning And Stability

Brooks and Asics have been creating running shoes for practically every type of runner for a long time. Every year, they come out with new models that incorporate the newest running shoe technologies. It is not necessarily that some of their models are better than others. It is just that there are made for different people and different purposes. This Brooks Ghost 9 vs Asics Cumulus 18 comparison was difficult to write because it is almost like comparing apples and oranges. They both appeal practically the same kind of runner. They are both cushy and provide a bit of stability at the same time.

For those who have achy feet after a long run, one of these shoes may be for you. We will explain more about what makes these issues unique in the following section.

Comparing The Ghost 9 And The Cumulus 18

Perhaps one of the reasons why so many people are trying to compare these two running shoes is that they seem to be made of similar designs. They both come with seamless materials around most of their upper. The no-sew overlays around the midfoot of these shoes help to keep the foot in place while still providing for flexibility of the shoe.

There are no overlays around the toe box of these shoes. This makes it easier to flex the toes. It also provides for a lots of breathability around the toe area. These shoe models are meant to provide plenty of cushioning, but not quite as much as the gel Nimbus or the Glycerin. These running shoes seem to have just the right balance of cushioning without going overboard. Too much cushioning can impede a runner by slowing them down. For too little cushioning can be hard on the feet, especially if one is susceptible to foot aches.

In the list of features below, we are going to describe how these running shoe models are different from the perspective of the features listed.

  • Outsole design: Perhaps one of the biggest differences between these shoes is the outsole design. The Cumulus 18’s outsole comes with large rubber lugs that are very durable. Because of the way that they are spaced apart, they so provide for plenty of flexibility of the shoe. In contrast, the Ghost 9 comes with small rubber lugs that help with shock absorption and give a smoother ride. The outsole of the Ghost nine to not provide with as much for stability as that of the Cumulus 18. They also do not seem to be as durable.
  • Cushioning: While both of these shoes have plenty of cushioning, they are both implemented in different ways. The Ghost 9 comes with one layer of foam that extends from the back to the front. This is like a full-length crash pad that functions just as gel cushioning would. The fact that the slayer of foam is uninterrupted from front to back means that it has more stability and gives a smoother ride. On the other hand, the Cumulus 18 has two layers of gel foam in the heel and in the forefoot. But these two layers do not run seamlessly from front to back. However, it does have more forefoot cushioning than with the Ghost 9.
  • Sock liner: Many people love the fact that the Cumulus 18 has a removable sock liner. The sock liner provides a bit of cushioning as well as the ability to wick moisture away from the foot when it is sweating.
  • Pronation: Pronation is the tendency of the foot to hit the ground at a greater angled than is normal. In under pronation, the foot hits the ground around the outer edge and the pinky toe. This tends to happen to people who have high arches. People who suffer from under pronation tend to have feed that ache after even just a little while of being on their feet. If the pain is too great, they require special types of shoes to alleviate the pain, especially if they are runners. The Cumulus 18 is especially made for those who suffer from under pronation. It provides special componentry to enhance the foot’s gate when going from heel to toe. But keep in mind that the Cumulus 18 is still appropriate for those who do not have any issues with pronation.
  • Overlays and stability: The Cumulus 18 generally has more overlays over the uppers of the shoe. It comes with a bit more stability than the Ghost 9. But also remember that the Ghost 9’s special mesh design replaces the need for additional structures and overlays.
  • Eyelet placement: The eyelets on the Cumulus 18 are placed independently of each other. This means that it will disperse the lace tension, which enhances the comfort of the upper by creating a customized fit.
  • Weight: The Ghost 9 is generally lighter than the Cumulus 18.

Price Comparison

Comparing the prices between the Ghost 9 and the Cumulus 18 is difficult due to the fact that older versions of running shoes tend to come heavily discounted every once in a while. This means that prices are due to change at any time, and there is no way for us to list a static price here. But if you would like to see the current prices for these running shoes, please follow the Amazon links below. On Amazon, you may be able to get the cheapest prices for these shoes due to the competitive pricing.

The Verdict

Overall, both of these shoe models have plenty of cushioning and offer some stability. They do not have too much cushioning, which is something that impedes the fast runner. But it has to snuff cushioning to add smoothness to your activity. Generally speaking, the Cumulus 18 is made for those who may have under pronation and foot aches and would like a comfortable shoe for those long runs. But the Ghost 9 running shoes are made for those who need a bit less stability but also want plenty of cushioning for a very smooth ride.

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