Brooks Ghost 9 vs Ghost 10

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Brooks Ghost 9 vs Ghost 10: For Value Or Comfort?

Brooks has a long-established following a runners who love the Ghost shoes for the fact that they are very light and comfortable. As the name suggests, the Ghost running shoes feel like they are ghost on your feet. The Ghost running shoes is arguably Brooks’ most popular line.

Due to the popularity of the latest Ghost shoes, many potential customers have been asking about what the differences between the Ghost 9 and the Ghost 10. In response, this Brooks Ghost 9 vs Ghost 10 comparison should give you a better idea of what is new with the Ghost 10. We will also be discussing whether or not it is worth paying extra for the Ghost 10 instead of the Ghost 9.

What Makes Them So Popular

In this section, we will be going over the reason for the existence of the Ghost 9 and Ghost 10. The features below are included in both of these running shoes. Together, they are what make the running shoes so popular with Brooks fans. All of these features are included in both of these models.

  • Very lightweight: Perhaps one of the best things about the Ghost sneakers is the fact that they are extremely lightweight. This means that while you are running, you will not be feeling the extra weight on your feet. It is almost like running on a cloud of comfort.
  • Seamless fit: Going along with the theme of being lightweight is the fact that the uppers of the sneakers are seamless. This means that not only does this keep the fabric thin, these sneakers are very pliable. This means that there is no shortage of comfort when it comes to flexing your foot in any direction. There is no extra fabric to worry about that will impede the movement in folding of the sneaker.
  • Forefoot mesh: There is a mesh at the forefoot of both of these sneakers. This mesh provides for plenty of breathability while you are running. This is especially important in a good running shoe since it will help prevent the buildup of sweat on the inside. The mesh on these issues will allow for plenty of airflow, and you may also feel a bit of the wind going through your shoe.
  • Medium and high arch: These shoes are good for people who have medium to high arches. Between these running shoes, there really isn’t much of a difference when it comes to the insole. But just be warned that if you have a flat arch, you may be better off with another model.
  • 12 mm drop: The drop in these sneakers are the same for both; 12 millimeters.

Comparing The Ghost 9 And The Ghost 10

In comparing these two models of running shoes, we see that all of the similarities above make them both excellent for their purpose. But with the advents of the Ghost 10, you can expect that they’re going to be new and improved features that make it a little bit better. Many people may be wondering if the new features justify the cost of getting the latest and greatest model.

Below, we are going to be going over all of the new features of the Ghost 10.

  • 3D Fit Print mesh: The Ghost 10 has Brooks’ new 3D Fit Print mesh technology. The name makes it seem more complicated than it sounds. Basically, this makes the Ghost 10 have a thinner overlay, thus making it a little more lightweight than the Ghost 9. Overall though, there is not much of a difference between their overlays.
  • Laces: The laces on the Ghost 10 are thinner than the laces on the Ghost 9. Also, the laces on the Ghost 10 are round, while the laces on the Ghost 9 are flat. This change in the laces to appeal to some because it may be easier to fly them through the eyelets.
  • Toe cap: The toe cap on the Ghost 10 sneakers is smaller than that of the Ghost 9. This simply means that the rubber overlay over the toe does not extend as far beyond the toe as with the Ghost 9. This means that there is less bulkiness in the toe area, which is very pleasant to most customers.
  • Comfort: While both of these running shoes are made to feel ultra-comfortable while hitting the ground, the Ghost 10 has some noticeable improvements. This new sneaker model has two layers of foam in the midsole instead of one. This provides for more cushioning on the landing. The outsole also has thicker lugs that are meant to absorb a lot of the impact from hitting the ground. Many people do feel that there is a noticeable difference when it comes to comfort, but the Ghost 9 still does provide plenty of cushioning.
  • Extra lace loop: For those who need the extra lace guidance, the Ghost 10 has an extra lace loop then situated right on the tongue of the sneaker. This is for those who like their laces to stay put and not slide through the eyelets as they are using their sneaker. It may also be easier to lace up these sneakers due to extra guides. Some people feel that this does not really make or break their decision to purchase the new model.
  • Weight: The weight difference between these sneakers is 0.2 ounces, the Ghost 10 being the lightest one.

Comparing Prices

At the time of this writing, the Ghost 10 is the same price as with the Ghost 9 when it first came out. As you might’ve guessed, that Ghost 9 sneakers is now being heavily discounted because it is no longer the newest model. In order to compare the current prices for these Ghost sneakers, please see below.

The Verdict

According to the above, the Ghost 10 does come with some pretty compelling features. The biggest feature that we find is a great improvement is the fact that it has a double foam lining on the midsole, thus making it a more comfortable sneaker. Granted, the Ghost 9 is still plenty comfortable.

The price of these models may be a deciding factor for you. We do feel that the Ghost 9 is a better value given the heavy discount, plus the fact that it is still a very comfortable and lightweight sneaker. Many of the features are the exact same, and most of the improvements that came with the Ghost 10 are not very significant. If you’re going for comfort over and above everything else and would like a very plush sneaker, we would go with the Ghost 10.

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