Brooks Ghost 9 vs Glycerin 14

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Brooks Ghost 9 vs Glycerin 14: Comparing Popular Running Shoes

Are you looking for a running shoe that is comfortable and that has plenty of stability? Many people are fans of the Brooks Ghost and Glycerin lines for the fact that they are very lightweight and provides plenty of cushioning. But some people are confused as to which of these lines they should actually go with when it comes to purchasing their next pair.

In this Brooks Ghost 9 vs Glycerin 14 comparison, we will actually tell you what the differences are between them so you can make a decision about which of these prefer. It is difficult to tell the differences between them because they both appeal the same general audience. But they do have some unique traits to pay attention to it will get into later on. But first, we would like to make a list of their features, one by one. This way, you will really see what both of these are all about.

What Makes Them So Awesome

The Ghost and Glycerin lines are arguably Brooks’ most popular models they ever made. So many people are into the lightness, flexibility, and comfort of these sneakers. We would first like to list what they are all about one by one in this section.

Unique features Of The Brooks Ghost 9

We just love the Ghost 9 for the fact that it is super flexible and lightweight. You can’t go wrong with the Ghost 9 if you’re looking for a very light sneaker with plenty of comfort. Here are the most important features:

  • Shoe size: Apart from coming in various length sizes, the Ghost 9 also comes in narrow and wide sizes. This is very important if you want to be making heavy use of your sneakers. If you’re a runner, you want sneakers that fit you like a glove, not tight and not too loose.
  • Insole: The Ghost 9 shoes are made for those who have medium to high arches. This is the same as with the Glycerin 14. If you have feet that are flat, you may want to look at other options besides two types of sneakers.
  • Forefoot mesh: The mesh in the forefoot of these sneakers is made to be ultra-ventilating. The mesh lets so much air in that you can be sure to not be left with sweaty and damp feet.
  • Very lightweight: One of the biggest reasons why some people like the Ghost 9 is the fact that they are very lightweight, hence the name. You just don’t want to have to deal with heavy sneaker if you are a runner trying to beat your record, or even trying to run a marathon.
  • Looser fit: As compared to the Glycerin 14, the Ghost 9 has been reported as having a looser fit overall.
  • Cushioning: While the Ghost 9 has foam in the midsole that provides adequate cushioning, it does not quite have the same amount of shock absorption as the Glycerin 14. In fact, the Ghost 9 provides plenty of cushioning in the heel, but not as much towards the front where it does still matter.
  • Seamless upper: In order to minimize rigidity in the upper, the fabric of the upper is made to be seamless all over the shoe. This allows it to be more flexible while you’re are stretching and running. This also allows for more breathability and ventilation.

Unique Features Of The Brooks Glycerin 14

The biggest attraction to the Glycerin 14 is the copious amounts of cushioning that it has in the midsole. It is this and the fact that it provides with plenty of stability at the same time. What is also great about the Glycerin 14 is the fact that is still has plenty of breathability regardless of having enough material for stability.

Below, we have made a list of the best features of the Glycerin 14:

  • Ultra-comfortable and cushy: One of the reasons why people tend to get the Glycerin 14 is the fact that it is extremely comfortable and cushy. This is part of their main appeal. Customers who have purchased the Glycerin 14 tend to boast about just how cushy they are when they are running. There is plenty of spring back after having hit the ground. There is more cushioning in the Glycerin 14 than there is in the Ghost 9.
  • Wraparound feel: The Glycerin 14 has a cushy wraparound feel to it. In fact, its tongue has plenty of padding. Some people feel that they don’t need as much padding as it does have, while others are very grateful for it. You can feel the difference between the Glycerin 14 and other running sneakers because they are so comfortable after putting them on.
  • Sturdy overlay: Rather than having almost no overlay around the sneaker, the Glycerin 14 has a sturdy overlay that wrapping around the midfoot to provide for secure fit. This has the ability to stabilize the foot while running, thus minimizing injuries. But it is designed in such a way that it does not impede upon the flexibility of the shoe.
  • Stretching overlay: Apart from being generally sturdy, the overlay stretches abet in order to provide for a better fit when the foot swells.
  • Durable outsole: The Ghost 9 has soft logs on the outsole to provide some extra cushioning. However, softer outsoles are not as durable as the harder ones. The Glycerin 14 has an outsole that is very durable, thus lasting you for years. At the same time, the midsole provides for all of the cushioning that you would need.
  • Outsole grooves for flexibility: A lot of the times, an outsole that is durable will prevent a sneaker from being flexible. But in the case of the Glycerin 14, the outsole is made in such a way that there are many grooves and it. These grooves allow the shoe to be flexible, whether you are taking off from a kneeling position or simply running really fast.
  • Breathability: Due to the amount of overlay there is in the Glycerin 14, some people feel that there would not be that much breathability. But in fact, customers of this shoe find that there is much more breathability than they anticipated.
  • Insole: Like the Ghost 9, the Glycerin 14 is made for people who have a normal to high arch.

Price Comparison

We cannot provide you with current prices on this page because they are always subject to change. In fact, due to them being older models, their prices are always going down. If you’d like to view the current prices for the Ghost 9 and the Glycerin 14, please see below.

The Verdict

It is clear that the Glycerin 14 is made for those who are looking for a very high amount of cushioning while running. These shoes also have plenty of stability and breathability. They do not have as much breathability as the Ghost 9. In fact, the Ghost line is specifically made to be highly breathable and light. However, they do not have as much cushioning as the Glycerin 14. The Glycerin 14 will be flexible due to its grooved outsole, but it will not be quite as flexible as the Ghost 9.

The choice to be make is up to you. Which of these running shoes do you feel you would prefer? Please leave us a comment below with any questions or concerns.

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