Brooks Ghost 9 vs Glycerin 15

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Brooks Ghost 9 vs Glycerin 15: Comparing Apples And Oranges

Brooks has created many different types of running shoe models for every type of customer. It is no wonder that they have garnered so many customers over the recent years. Every year, they iterate on their designs and add new technologies to their sneakers. The Ghost and Glycerin running shoe lines are arguably their most popular lines so far. But many people are wondering how the Ghost 9 and the Glycerin 15 compared to each other in terms of their features and utility.

We have created this Brooks Ghost 9 vs Glycerin 15 comparison in order to show you how they stack up against each other.

Comparing The Ghost 9 And Glycerin 15

Both of these running shoes are made for slightly different tastes. Some people like to be ultra-comfortable, while others like to have plenty of breadability. Then again, some people much prefer both. Are you looking for a sneaker that has a lot of flexibility? What about a sneaker that has plenty of stability?

Both of these stickers provide for these features in different ways. We will go over how these sneakers stack up one after the other.

Features Of The Ghost 9

The Ghost 9 is about being very lightweight and flexible. As the name suggests, is made so that you hardly feel it on your feet. It has quite a fan base of customers who love very lightweight sneakers for running. Here are some of its best features.

  • Seamless upper: The upper of the Ghost 9 is made to be seamless without much stitching. In doing so, you get a very light material that has plenty of breathability. The material of the Ghost 9 is also very flexible, and more so than most sneakers out there. The seamless mess of the upper also makes for a more modern looking sneaker.
  • Breathable mesh: There is a very breathable mesh on the forefoot of the sneaker. Is perhaps one of the staples of the Ghost 9, as it has been included in many of the models. The breathability that it provides while running a second to none, allowing you to run for long period of time in the heat without building up some moisture on the inside.
  • Insole: The Ghost 9 is made for those who have medium to high arches. It is not made for those that have flat feet, so you may have to look elsewhere if this is the case for you.
  • Lightweight: Part of the main purpose of the design of the Ghost 9 is to make it very lightweight. Some people just love being able to run while not feeling the heaviness of their feet. The Ghost 9 is an excellent way of preventing that heaviness from happening.
  • Flexibility: This sneaker is made to be highly flexible. This goes along very well with the whole ‘lightweight and breathable’ theme of the shoe. It is also perhaps why it is called the ‘Ghost’… It is barely there.
  • Comfort: Despite the fact that this shoe is very lightweight, it has some comfort foam in the midsole. It is not quite as cushy as the Glycerin 15, for some runners feel that they do not want to much spring in their step.

Features Of The Glycerin 15

The Glycerin 15 running shoes are designed to be one of the most cushiony running shoes made by Brooks. In fact, they have 20% more cushioning than any other Brooks running shoe. The level of cushioning in these sneakers can make or break the decision to purchase them. You either love the cushioning or you hate it. A lot of runners feel that plenty of cushioning is not for them, while others really like it for preventing foot pain. Either way, we have listed the most enticing features of the Glycerin 15 below.

  • Attractive designs and colors: You may already know this, but the new Glycerin 15 line comes with many attractive designs and colors to choose from for both genders. While many people do not care much about the look of their sneakers, others feel like they really need to match their sneakers with whatever they are wearing. After all, most sports speakers can be quite tacky, so it is important to select the right one.
  • A lot of cushioning: As mentioned above, the Glycerin 15 was made to have a tremendous amount of questioning. So the fact that it has this amount of cushioning should be one of the main reasons why you purchase this sneaker. While some people like the extra questioning, others feel like it will impede their speed because of having less stability in the shoe.
  • Stability: The matter of stability is an issue for those who love the cushioning of the Glycerin 15. While this shoe provides a lot of cushioning, it is at the expense of the stability of the shoe.
  • Outsole durability: One of the great things about the Glycerin 15 is that while it has lots of questioning, its outsole is highly durable. Many sneakers that have cushioning do not have an outsole that is durable. This is because some of the cushioning as part of the outsole by design. But the cushioning of the Glycerin 15 is a part of the midsole and not necessarily the outsole so much. So you do not need to worry that these outsoles will not last.
  • 3D Stretch Print overlays: Instead of having supportive overlays, such as with the Glycerin 14, the Glycerin 15 now has the 3D Stretch Print overlays around the midfoot. These no-sew overlays eliminates some of the stability of the shoe and makes it less secure when you are running. However, this may increase the comfort of the shoe and make it feel less tight. The flexibility of the shoe is thus enhanced.

Price Comparison

It is difficult to compare the prices for these sneakers, particularly because they are subject to change. For example, given the fact that the Ghost 9 is a slightly older model, the price is going to be knocked down significantly. In order to you current prices for the Ghost 9 and to the Glycerin 15, please see below.

The Verdict

Comparing these running shoes is like comparing apples and oranges. The Ghost 9 gives you a very lightweight shoe with lots of flexibility and breathability. But the Glycerin 15 provides much more cushioning, and a bit of stability due to the upper’s design. Nevertheless, very cushy running shoes like the Glycerin 15 to not provide for as much stability as regular running shoes. We have a slight preference for the Ghost 9 due to the fact that it is a simpler design and the fact that less cushioning tends to be better for stability when it comes to running.

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