Brooks Ghost 9 vs Launch 4

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Brooks Ghost 9 vs Launch 4: Do You Like Speed Or Comfort?

The Brooks company has many options for running shoes, each appealing to people in various ways. The Ghost and Launch running shoe lines are for those who like to have plenty of cushioning, but with a little bit of stability left over for the foot. Since these running shoe lines are very similar to one another, many potential customers are having a hard time deciding between them. We have created this Brooks Ghost 9 vs Launch 4 comparison in order to show you how they are different. In this way, we’ll that you will be able to make a decision as to which would be for you.

Rather than getting right into their specific differences, let’s first go over what these running shoes are made for.

Why Buy The Launch And Ghost Running Shoes

It seems like there is a running shoe for every type of runner. The Launch and Ghost running shoes are for those who like plenty of comfort while they are running. Perhaps you are running a marathon and need issue that can hold up to the wear and tear of long-distance running. Or perhaps you would like to use these sneakers for everyday wear, as they are a notch above regular sneakers. Whatever the reason, these running shoes are made for those who need comfort.

It is worth mentioning that many people who suffer from shin splints or knee pain can benefit greatly from these types of running shoes. Wearing these issues can eliminate a large percentage of the pain associated with the foot hitting the ground hard.

While these running shoes offer plenty of cushioning, they also have a little bit less stability than running shoes that have less cushioning. This is always the case with running shoes and is to be expected. Those who like a lot of support and stability would go for a running shoe that is stiffer and heavier than the Ghost or the Launch.

With every iteration of the Ghost and Lauch running shoes comes a more comfortable shoe. This is to be expected with newer models from these lines, because that is what they are all about. In order to understand the differences between the Ghost 9 and Lauch 4 specifically, please read onto the section below.

Comparing The Ghost 9 And The Launch 4

One important thing to keep in mind when it comes to comparing these running shoes is the fact that they are both made with minimal stitching in the upper. They have no-sew overlays, thus making them flexible and light. It is perhaps one of the reasons why the people wear them actually have chosen them.

Generally speaking, people who like the Ghost 9 are those who are going for longer runs. Those who opt for the Launch 4 are interested in faster runs with some very light shoes. Below are the features in which these sneakers are different from one another, along with a description of how these models stack up against each other.

  • Overlays at the heel: In comparing the overlays at the heel (back) of the sneakers, we see that the Ghost 9 has a sturdier back than the Launch 4. This means that there will be less flexibility in the heel area of the shoe, thus also making it more stable.
  • Forefoot comfort: The Launch 4 forefoot is generally more comfortable because it is wider and slightly more flexible. This allows more room for the toes, and people will have wider set feet or bunions on their feet will find it more comfortable.
  • Support and stability: Generally, the Ghost 9 offers more support throughout the upper and the heel of the sneaker.
  • Cushiness: The amount of padding that you will feel when running in the shoes is greater in the Ghost 9 than in the Launch 4. This can appeal to some people who love comfort. But to others, the Launch 4 will feel more like a performance running shoe due to it being more stiff in the midsole.
  • Heel-to-toe drop: The drop from the heel to the toe is greater in the Launch 4 then in the Ghost 9. This makes for a running shoe that feels more like it is for performance than for long-distance comfort.
  • Crash pad: Both of these running shoes have crash pads in the midsole. However, they are placed differently based on the shoe. The crash pad of the Ghost 9 runs all along the midsole, while the crash pad of the Launch 4 breasts under the heel but does not connect to the forefoot. Having a greater surface area for the crash pad allows the Ghost 9 to provide for more stability of the foot.
  • Flex grooves: The Launch 4 has some flex grooves in the forefoot, thus providing with more flexibility than the Ghost 9.
  • Weight: The Launch 4 is 1.3 ounces lighter than the Ghost 9.

Price Comparison

It is difficult to compare the prices of shoe models that are previous versions of the most updated one. This is because they tend to become heavily discounted more and more as time goes on. As the prices of these sneakers will be subject to change, we have simply linked their product pages below so that you can see the current prices for yourself.

The Verdict

To sum it all up, the Launch 4 is for those who want a faster run with a lightweight shoe. On the other hand, the Ghost 9 is for those who want a very cushy run that is slower, but longer. This is evidenced by the fact that the Ghost 9 offers a cushier fit with some more stability, while the Launch 4 offers a lighter weight with less padding. The choice between these sneakers is up to the type of use you are after. But it can also be a matter of personal comfort.

Which of the sneakers you feel most inclined to purchase? Please leave us your comment below and start a discussion.

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