Brooks Ghost 9 vs Saucony Ride 9

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Brooks Ghost 9 vs Saucony Ride 9: Sneakers For Runners

Brooks and Saucony create sneakers for runners of all kinds. At times, it is difficult to differentiate between various types of models. The reason why is that many of them are so similar. In this Brooks Ghost 9 vs Saucony Ride 9 comparison, we give a review of the differences between these two running shoes based on various important features. Through reading this article, you should be able to tell which of these sneakers is right for you.

Comparing The Ghost 9 And Ride 9

Both the Brooks and Saucony companies are equally as good from one another. Is why so many customers are asking to compare some of their models. Below, we have made a list of all of the features that would be important for a runner when it comes to deciding on sneakers. For each of the features, we have provided description of the ways in which the Ghost 9 and Ride 9 differ from each other.

Before we get into the comparison, it is useful to note some of the things that make them similar. For example, the both come with overlays that minimize the involvement of stitching. This makes more supple and able to conform to the foot, even when the foot is swelling. It also provides for more breathability of the foot. The fact that material has been reduced any sneakers also means that they are lightweight. This is an important design feature of modern running shoes for the runner who likes to go fast without feeling the weight on their feet.

Here is the list of features and the ways in which these models differ.

  • Fit and comfort: The Ride 9 provides the foot with a tighter fit. This is because the Ghost 9 comes looser, especially at the forefoot. The forefoot of the Ghost 9 provides lots of space for the toe box for those who have wide feet as well as those with bunions. There is less of a chance of chafing on the toe with the Ghost 9. But this also means that there is less stability in the forefoot on the Ghost 9.
  • Cushioning: Although neither of these you models are very big on cushioning, they provide with a nice balance of it overall. The Ghost 9 has a bit more heel cushioning on its shoes than the Ride 9. On the other hand, the Ride 9 has more cushioning in the forefoot area than the Ghost 9. If you are a heel striker, you may want to consider getting the Ghost 9 for the extra amount of comfort that it will provide.
  • Crash pads: Both of these sneakers have crash pads in the midsole, but they are placed differently from each other. The crash pad of the Ride 9 runs from the back to the midfoot and then connects the forefoot. However, the Ghost 9 crash pad runs all the way from the back to the front without any interruptions. This makes the Ghost 9 more stable than the Ride 9.
  • Heel-to-toe drop: A lot of fast runners like to have a high heel-to-toe drop. This is also attractive to people have high arches. If you have a normal arch, or even flat feet, you may be better off with a lower heel-to-toe drop. The Ghost 9 has a slightly greater heel-to-toe drop than the Ride 9. While the Ghost 9 has a heel drop of 12 mm, the Ride 9 has a heel drop of 8 mm. this difference is somewhat significant, so you want to consider which of these heel drops is best for you.
  • Aesthetics: In comparing the various color options for each of these running shoes, some people feel that the Ghost 9 sneakers offers more appealing color combinations than the Ride 9. This may or may not be a consideration for you and deciding between these shoes.
  • Breathability: The Ghost 9 has a forefoot made of mesh that provides a lot of breathability. Although the Ride 9 forefoot is made of meshes well, its particular construction does not provide as much breathability as that of the Ghost 9. This is definitely a significant factor when it comes to deciding between these two sneakers.
  • Weight: The Ride 9 is approximately 0.90 ounces lighter than the Ghost 9. Nevertheless, the Ghost 9 is already very lightweight, weighing in at 10.60 ounces.
  • Water resistance: Due to the awesome breathability of the Ghost 9, it is also a little less water resistant than the Ride 9.

Price Comparison

Generally speaking, the Ghost 9 is more expensive than the Ride 9. It is, however, impossible to give you a set price for the shoe models, especially since they tend to come heavily discounted due to not being the current models for their respective lines. Amazon tends to offer competitive pricing because merchants tend to compete with each other and selling their products. This allows you to purchase many things at lower costs than you would find elsewhere.

If you’d like to compare the current prices on Amazon for the Ghost 9 and the Ride 9, please see the links below.

The Verdict

Some of the most important features of sneakers for runners are breathability and comfort. The Ghost 9 wins in both of these areas. Regardless of the fact that it is slightly heavier than the Ride 9, it is still significantly lighter weight than your average sneaker.

One of things to consider when purchasing sneakers is your arch. If you have high arch, you may want to consider the Ghost 9 for the fact that it has a nice heel-to-toe drop of 12 mm, compared to the 8 mm heel-to-toe drop of the Ride 9. However, if you have flat feet, you may be better off with the Ride 9.

Both of these running shoes are pretty awesome, and we are confident that you would be happy with either one of them.

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