Brooks Glycerin 15 vs Ghost 10

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Brooks Glycerin 15 vs Ghost 10: For Different Types Of Runners

Are you in need of a running shoe that is light and flexible? Or perhaps you are wanting a shoe that is very cushy. Either way, Brooks has something for everyone. We have created this Brooks Glycerin 15 vs Ghost 10 comparison in order to show you what the differences between Brooks’ very popular shoe models.

It is our hope that you will be able to decide which of these running shoes would be best for your feet. We will be going over the benefits of each of these models in the section below.

Our Brooks Glycerin 15 vs Ghost 10 Comparison

With every year, Brooks iterates upon the design of their shoes in order to bring you the best of what shoe technology has to offer. As technology is always advancing, there are always some better models coming out. The Brooks Glycerin 15 and Ghost 10 are no exception. We will be listing all of their best features below.

What Makes The Glycerin 15 So Great

You can find some of the best cushioning in a Brooks shoe in the Glycerin 15. No other Brooks shoe has been made with as much cushioning as this one. This is not always what runners want. Essentially, runners who love to do long distances would benefit from the shoe. But those who feel that speed is the main incentive to run, they made better off with the Ghost 10, as plenty of questioning is not always the best for speed.

Either way, if you love comfort in a shoe, the Glycerin 15 has you covered.

  • More cushioning: The new Glycerin 15 has more cushioning than previous models. As mentioned above, it has 20% more that than any other Brooks running shoe.
  • Attractive designs: You may not have noticed just how well the colours blend with the Glycerin line. Some people feel that the Glycerin 15 shoes have better color combinations than the Ghost 10. But this is a highly subjective opinion, and some people don’t even feel like aesthetics is really that important.
  • Durability: Most the time, when a shoe has plenty of questioning, it is seen as less durable. However, that is not the case with the Glycerin 15. This is because most of the questioning of the Glycerin 15 happens in the midsole, not the outsole. Since the outsole is rather tough, it will not wear out as easily as of their shoes.
  • Stretch overlays: There are no-sew overlays around the upper of the shoe. While this overlay does not produce much stability, it does enhance the comfort of the shoe. It means that the shoe will not feel as tight on your foot, particularly when your foot swells.

What Makes The Ghost 10 So Awesome

If breathability is of importance to you, the Ghost 10 are a great option. They have even more of their awesome breathability in this new Ghost 10 model compared to the Ghost 9. This is due to the mesh that comes all around the toe. As the name suggests, the Ghost 10 was made to be very lightweight and flexible. Below are its best features.

  • Seamless: The upper of the Ghost 10 is seamless for maximum comfort. Taking away some of the overlays also makes this running shoe more breathable. It is so breathable that can sometimes feel the wind through the sneaker. Use this sneaker if you tend to sweat a lot at the feet.
  • Made for normal to high arches: We feel that we need to mention the fact that the Ghost 10 is not made for those who have flat feet. If you have flat feet, you would be better of with another shoe. However, if you have normal to high arches, the insole of the shoes gives plenty of support.
  • Lightweight: You may have guessed that a running shoe called the ‘Ghost’ would be lightweight, and you would be right! The shoes are made to be so light that can feel the difference when you lift your feet up. Some customers feel as though they’re not even wearing any sneakers.
  • Balanced cushioning: Many runners who like to go fast do not want so much cushioning that there is no stability in the shoe. This is why the Ghost 10 only applies as much cushioning as you need to be comfortable while running. This also enhances the stability of the shoe, making a great for those who love to race.

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The Verdict

It is clear to see that both of these shoes are made for different types of runners. Those who like to go long distances and enjoy plenty of cushioning are better off with the Glycerin 15. On the other hand, those like to run fast or want more stability and less cushioning are better off at the Ghost 10.

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