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One of the reasons why a couple may choose to go camping is that it brings them closer. There is something intimate about being alone with your loved one in nature.

While camping is normally seen as a means of letting go of stress, it also entails a few hazards that you must be prepared for. For example, it is no fun to be camping when you are out in the rain and high winds. Or when you are getting lost in the woods and you are arguing over how to find your way back.

Below are a few tips help you make your camping trip as smooth as possible as a couple.

Communication is Key

Before you go out on a camping trip with your loved one, make sure that you are both in agreement on the type of camping that you want to do. For example, some people don’t like the prospect of possibly getting lost while hiking. In which case, going to a drive-in campsite would be the best idea. Sometimes, certain campsites have particular amenities. If your partner is one that absolutely needs to shower everyday, you can go to a campsite that offers shower facilities.

While it is true that partners can make certain concessions in order to please the other, a camping trip is meant to be fun and relaxing. Yet, camping is also roughing it, and it would be wise to make sure that you are prepared by deciding who will take care of what.

Setting up camp

Setting up the camping ground can be trying for some couples, especially if they are not used to camping. When setting up the tent, have one of you take care of the outside while the other takes care of setting up the inside. When starting a fire, assign it to only one person. Most people disagree on how to start a fire, and this can cause some arguments. Let one person do the job and make sure that the other person does not critique.

Remember that both parties must contribute equally to the camping trip. If one person does more work than the other, this might be cause for argument.

Come Prepared

There is no greater cause of stress while camping than to be unprepared. Make sure that you plan out your meals and bring adequate clothing for the entire trip. Sleeping under a leaky tent or getting caught in the rain will cause nothing but frustration. Most importantly, plan adequately so that you do not get lost in the woods.

Camping Brings You Closer

Apart from any stress that might ensue from not being prepared for camping as a couple, there might be many reasons for why it can bring you closer. There is something about being out in the wild with your lover that brings out the primal nature in you.

Are some of the advantages of camping as a couple:

  • Sparks interesting conversation with no distraction
  • Cooking together in nature brings about a closeness that can only be experienced in the wild
  • You are together, away from all of the usual distractions, which allows you to let go of the usual stressors
  • Snuggling and telling stories by campfire is very intimate
  • Or, just enjoying the theatre of nature together will embrace you in all that life really has to offer


If you are both enjoying nature as a couple, there can be plenty of advantages in bringing you closer. In order to allow this to happen, plan ahead of time and come prepared with all of the gear required to make this a stress-free experience.

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