Downlite Extra Soft Down Pillow Review

We just love our deluxe pillows after a long day! Many people say that the best type of pillows are made of down. There is quite a debate around which is best, down or synthetic pillows. We will touch on this below. But we will also be covering the pros and cons of the Downlite Extra Soft Down Pillow in particular.

Why We Chose The Downlite

The Downlite has quite the cult following in ‘sleep culture’. Granted, it is not made for everyone. It is a unique pillow made in the ways that are best for the right people. As you can see from the image above, the Downlite in pretty flat. This appeals mainly to those who like to sleep on their stomach. While high-end pillows are made in various shapes, sizes, and materials, this one is pretty innocuous, yet wonderfully designed.

Debating Whether To Purchase The Downlite Extra Soft Down Pillow?

The Benefits Of Down

Down is the type of material that has been hugely popular over the past few decades. No synthetic pillow can beat the softness of down. Down is sourced by plucking the thin layer of protective plumage beneath the feathers of geese or ducks. As you might have guessed, down is pricier than synthetic material because of the processing costs. But down has the advantage of being more durable and having greater fill power than synthetics. And when it comes to pillows, who would not like to snuggle up to a very soft pillow?

Understanding The Features Of The Downlite Pillow


  • Has overwhelmingly positive reviews
  • Comes in Standard, Queen, and King Sizes
  • Low fill power: Fill power is a measure of how many cubic meters a material can fill for every ounce. The greater the fill power, the warmer the fill. This is because high fill power also means plenty of air pockets. And air pockets is what allows materials to retain heat. But when it comes to pillows, people generally like to keep things cool. So a lower fill power is better in this case. Indeed, the Downlite’s low fill power makes it ideal for keeping nice and cool while you sleep.
  • Lightweight: Because down is usually lighter than its synthetic cousins, so is the Downlite compared to other pillows. Also, it happens to be a very flat pillow, so not much fill.
  • Hypoallergenic: The down in this pillow has been cleaned to remove all dander and other allergens.
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Machine washable and dryable on easy cycle
  • Great for stomach sleepers: The Downlite was made with the stomach sleeper in mind. It lays flat enough that you will not struggle to breath. It also will not push your head back to an uncomfortable angle.
  • Also can be used for side-sleepers: This all depends on what kind of pillow arrangement you prefer as a side-sleeper. Do you want a pillow that you don’t have to adjust? One that you can simply plop down on? Well, this one is not for you! As a side-sleeper, you will need more support. However, some side-sleepers really love the Downlite’s ability to be scrunched up into a ball. This way, you can be a stomach-sleeper some times, and side-sleeper at other times. You simply need to adjust the pillow to the contours of your head.
  • Like sleeping on a cloud: One of the great advantages to the Downlite is that it is like sleeping on a cloud. Keep in mind that this does not mean it is very plush. In fact, it lays rather flat. But due to the nature of down, it is also very soft to the touch.
  • All down, no feathers: Down is the highest quality substance compared to feathers. Feathers are often used in pillows as extra fill in order to make the pillow cheaper to make. However, the Downlite is filled with 100% down.


  • Lays very flat: Overall, the main disadvantage of the downlite is for those who like to sleep on their sides. People who sleep on their sides need an extra full pillow with plenty of support. This one is soft and flat, so unless you like to sleep on your stomach or back, it may not be for you. As mentioned above, the exception to this is when side-sleepers like to scrunch their pillow in a ball and have it conform to their head. And, the Downlite is very scrunchable.

In Conclusion

This Downlite Extra Soft Down Pillow review has covered practically every consideration when it comes to making a decision to purchase this wonderful sleeping aid. Want to know the where you can purchase one for yourself? Please see the link below.

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