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There is nothing better in the morning than waking up to a great cup of coffee. Just because you are out camping, does not mean that you can’t have this simple luxury.

There are several ways to make coffee while camping. Some are easier than others, and some produce better tasting coffees. Here, you will learn about the most common methods for making coffee while camping.

Cowboy Coffee Method

The cowboy coffee method is the one that you are probably most familiar with. It is the method that is the most popular in the media. You often see images of pots hanging over a campfire. That is the way to make cowboy coffee. While it seems simple, it is the most difficult to get going. This is because it requires you to start a fire and keep it going while the water boils.

Cowboy coffee is not the best tasting coffee, but many avid campers prefer for this method due to its tradition. It also takes up less space in terms of gear needed.

What you will need:

  • Items to start a fire
  • A boiling pot
  • A cooking grill to place the pot over the coals
  • Potable water
  • Coffee beans and a coffee grinder
  • OR

  • Instant coffee

Preparing the fire and boiling water

Start a campfire, and instead of adding more wood, let the fire burn for a few minutes. Once you have some burning coal, push the coal to the middle to form a small spot that will be used to boil the water. Put the grill over the coals and place the pot on the grill. Pour the potable water into the pot and let it come to a boil. As soon as it hits boiling point, remove the pot from the grill.

Using whole coffee beans

Using whole coffee beans for your coffee will give you more of a boost of caffeine in the morning than instant coffee. It will also taste better than instant coffee depending on how well you can filter it.

Plug your coffee grinder into your car’s electrical adapter (or use a battery powered grinder) and grind the whole coffee beans. Place the grounds into the hot water and let it seep for a few minutes.

Once the coffee is ready, you will see that there are some grounds left over swimming around in the liquid. You can filter this out by using any coffee filter while you pour it into your mug. If you do not have a filter, simply pour the coffee into your mug. Then, manually remove the grounds by using two spoons. The grounds should be floating mostly on the surface of the liquid.

Using instant coffee

By using instant coffee, you can save plenty of space in your rucksack. Simply follow the instructions for boiling the water, then add the instant coffee. It may not taste as good as using whole beans, but it gets the job done.

Using Propane to Make Coffee

If you will be traveling by vehicle, you can bring along a propane stove to make things easier. This way, you can cook and make coffee without needing to start a campfire. This eliminates some of the mess, and it takes less time to make.

You can use any number of percolator designs to put on your propane stove. But if you are looking for an even more robust solution, try looking into some propane coffee makers, such as the Coleman Propane Coffee Maker.

French Press Coffee

One way to make coffee that is rising in popularity is using a French Press. Not only does the coffee taste the best this way, it is optimal for camping. The trick is to find a French Press that is made of BPA-free plastic instead of glass.

To use a French Press, pour the hot water into the reservoir along with the coffee grounds. Let it sit for a few minutes, then filter it through into its main tube. Then, you can pour it into your cup.

Today’s most popular French Press for camping as the Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker. This is even great for use at home. You can create almost any type of coffee with the Aerobie Aeropress; from lattes, to espressos, to plain old regular coffee!


And there you have it; the three most common ways of making coffee while camping. We prefer the French Press coffee ourselves. It has the better taste of all of these methods, and it makes you look pretty crafty!

However, the process of making the coffee while camping should be an enjoyable one. That is why you must choose the method that is right for you. After all, the point of camping is to savor every moment.

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