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If you are considering buying a Husqvarna chainsaw that is long enough to cut large trees, you are in the right place. Husqvarna is highly popular power tool company that specializes in chainsaws. There is a chainsaw for the novice right through to the professional forester.

In this review, you will find a comparison of the Husqvarna 460 vs the 465. The reason why we have created this review is to clear up the confusion for those who are considering a large chainsaw. In fact, they have very similar specifications. But there are a few differences between them that might make you decide to get one over the other.

Rather than getting right into the various differences, we would first like to review what makes these chainsaws popular.

What Makes the Husqvarna 460 and 465 Popular

It must first be noted that the Husqvarna 455 is likely the most popular of the 400 series. But the 460 and 465 have many of the same features as the 455. It’s just that they have more power output and accommodate longer bar lengths.

There chainsaws are made for medium to large trees. If you were just looking for a chainsaw to cut tree branches, take a look at our Husqvarna 435 vs 440 review.

Here are just some of the great features of the Husqvarna chainsaws:

  • Less vibrations: Husqvarna chainsaws are specifically made to reduce the amount of vibration felt throughout your hands and arms. This will make general usage of the chainsaw more comfortable as you are cutting through trees. This is especially important when you are cutting through larger trees.
  • Eco-friendly: Limiting the amount of emissions is something that Husqvarna feels particularly passionate about. Could it be due to their Swedish roots? We love this company for the fact that they want to protect the environment. The emission levels of the Husqvarna chainsaws meet the most stringent emissions regulations in the world.
  • Lower draw cord tension: If you have ever used a chainsaw, you know that the draw cord can be a pain to pull over and over as you try to make the engine start. The draw cord on these chainsaws has been designed so that there is not as much tension in it as other brands. This suits novices and professionals alike.

All of these features are things that you may already know about when it comes to this brand. So we will not repeat all of the features of the Husqvarna brand. Instead, we will get right in two comparing the Husqvarna 460 to the Husqvarna 465.


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Comparing the Husqvarna 460 and the 465

Before we say anything about these models, we will first outline their most important specs.

Husqvarna 460

  • Engine displacement: 60.3 cm³
  • Power output: 3.62 hp
  • Weight: 12.79 lbs
  • Fuel consumption: 437 g/kWh
  • Bar length: 13 – 24 inches

Husqvarna 465

  • Engine displacement: 64.1 cm³
  • Power output: 4.29 hp
  • Weight: 13.45 lbs
  • Fuel consumption: 440 g/kWh
  • Bar length: 15 – 28 inches

As you can tell from these specs, the Husqvarna 465 has the greatest power output. But it is only proportionate to the bar length that it accommodates. The maximum bar length allowable for the Husqvarna 465 is 28 inches. This allows you to cut down larger trees.

As for the Husqvarna 460, a maximum bar length of 24 inches will allow you to cut down medium to large trees. It is more than sufficient for most uses. It also weighs about 1 pound less than the Husqvarna 465. Its fuel consumption per hour is also considerably less.

If you look at it from the point of view of someone who does not want to overdo it with power and weight, you might decide to go with the Husqvarna 460. This would make sense if you are not going to be cutting large trees with it. But keep in mind that even if you did want to cut a very large tree, you could still do so with the Husqvarna 460. This is possible by cutting the trunk in halves before cutting it down.

It should also be noted that the Husqvarna 465 has an auto-tune feature. This means that it is designed to perform optimally without needing to adjust the carburetor settings. The auto-tune feature adjusts itself based on temperature, altitude, fuel levels, and humidity.

Where to Get the Husqvarna 460 and 465

You can get these chainsaws for a very low price on Amazon. They are the same as chainsaws that are sold by a dealer, only they are affected by competitive pricing. In order to get the best prices for the Husqvarna 460 and 465, please see below:

The Verdict

It is clear that the biggest difference between these chainsaws is that the Husqvarna 465 allows you to cut larger trees. The power output is not that much greater, as it is only proportionate to the larger bar length. It does have the added auto-tune feature that makes the operation more efficient.

Is really a toss-up between these models, as your decision should rest on the size of the trees that you are going to be cutting.

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