Hydro Flask vs S’well: A Popular Debate

Many people who love carrying around water bottles have a collection of them sitting around somewhere and being unused. This is because not all water bottles are created equal, and it can be hard to find the perfect one.

Although the Hydro Flask and the S’well cost a bit more to purchase than other regular water bottles, they offer much greater value. But some potential customers cannot decide between them.

This is why we have created this comparison of the Hydro Flask vs S’well. We feel that a comparison is needed so that you can make a decision as to which to purchase.

Before we go over the considerations that make them different, we will cover why these bottles are just so awesome!

What Makes the Hydro Flask and the S’well Great

Many customers say that after purchasing one of these water bottles, they will never go back to a regular water bottle product. There is a very marked difference in the quality of life that these water bottles provide. Here are some of the reasons below.

No Condensation

Both of these water bottles are made with materials that will not allow the coldness of the water affect the outside temperature of the bottle. This means that when you are holding the bottle in your hand, you will not feel the cold the temperature on the inside. As such, it will also not condensate. This means that you can safely put ice water in the water bottle without needing to worry about putting it on a surface that can degrade with moisture. It will also be much more comfortable to hold without the annoyance of little droplets of water.

Ice Stays in Bottle for 48 Hours

This has been tested by customers of those water bottles. After putting ice inside of them, there will still be some left after 48 hours. This is due to the materials holding in the temperature of whatever is inside.

Heat Stays Longer

Are you looking for a water bottle that also doubles as a thermos? These high-quality models will do the trick. You can also put hot liquids into these water bottles. The heat will hold for a long period of time, as they are both insulated.


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Comparison of the Hydro Flask vs S’well

It is worth mentioning at this point that we do not have a preference for one over the other. This is because they each have their own advantages, and which you choose depends on what your priorities are. Below, we have listed the major considerations to think of before purchasing either one of these water bottles.

The Size of the S’well

The size of the S’well has a couple of implications when it comes to ease of use. If you like putting ice in your water, it will be more difficult to put the ice through the opening of the S’well. This is due to the fact that its opening is much smaller than with the Hydro Flask. The alternative to this is to put crushed ice into it. Or you can purchase an ice tray that produces smaller blocks of ice.

The small size of the S’well also means that you cannot easily clean it. You will not easily be able to insert a brush into it in order to scrub. You’ll either have to purchase a special scrubber, or simply put soap into it and rinse it out bit by bit. The S’well is not dishwasher safe, so that is not an option either.

But this is not to say that the S’well is without its advantages. The size of the S’well also means that it is better insulated. There is more on this below.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked advantages to having a slim bottle like the S’well is the fact that it will easily fit into your backpack’s side pockets. If you’re going to be doing a lot of hiking or cycling, this can be very important. Keep your water bottle within reach in your side pocket will help you stay more comfortable when you are on the go.

Better Insulation

The S’well is slightly better insulated than the Hydro Flask. This is due to the slim side as well as the insulated top. If you put cool water into it, it will stay cool for longer than with the Hydro Flask. Conversely, putting hot water into it will make water stay harder longer then with the Hydro Flask.

With this said, keep in mind that the Hydro Flask is also highly effective in maintaining the temperature of your liquids. In the Hydro Flask, hot water will stay hot for about 6 hours. Cold water will stay very cold for about 24 hours.

The S’well for the Aesthetics

The S’well is designed with careful, detailed craftsmanship. While the Hydro Flask is also a sweet looking bottle, the S’well has a wooden motif, as well as many other patterns to choose from. Always having a water bottle on hand also means that a good looking one will make you look super trendy. But that is not always a consideration for anyone who is just looking for something utilitarian.


Prices differ slightly between these two water bottles. If you would like an up-to-date price on both, please follow the links below:

The Verdict

When trying to choose between these two water bottles, it is important to consider the major advantages to each as outlined above. The slim size of the S’well makes it so that you cannot easily pour ice into it or wash it. But it also means that it will maintain the internal temperature longer.

In contrast, the Hydro Flask is very easy to wash. You can also put as much ice in it as you want without the restriction of a small opening.

Both hold temperature very well and will not condensate. Overall, these very popular water bottles have a high satisfaction rate.

Which of these water bottles you prefer? Please leave us your comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Hydro Flask vs S’well: A Popular Debate”

  1. I prefer 25 oz S’well for my water since it will fit into my backpack side pocket n cup holder in my car. I am willing to sacrifice the inconvenience of having the slim neck for my needs. I have a 20 oz coffee hydro flask and carry it in my hand to sip my coffee. I use both brands.

  2. Just got a S’well in a subscription box, so excited to try it, but I love the Hydro Flasks that I do have. I have several sizes of the Hydro Flasks and the Hydro Flask tumblers and they work amazing and are easy to clean and put ice into. My only complaint with the Hydro Flask is that the bigger sizes (32 and 40 ounce) do not fit in the car cup holder, but I really love having a container that holds that much volume and effectively keeps it cold or hot and the 32oz Hydro Flask tumbler does fit into my car cup holder, so that pretty solves that issue.

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