Jack Ma’s Advice To The Youth

Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba has often given plenty of advice in the media. Many of his statements ring true with many people are looking for honesty and simplicity. In fact, nobody ever thought that he could be successful with his ventures. He had sent out applications to 30-40 venture capitalists and they all refused.

He grew his company throughout the span of three years with no revenue at all. But he kept it going because people would tell him that they really found some value in the website. Jack often says that accessible, yet to solve other people’s problems. Add value to what you’re giving and you will get back what you sow.

In the following YouTube video, you can see many of his recommendations for life:

In case you did not watch the video, here is a summary of the advice he has to give to people at every stage of their life:

  1. Before the age of 20: Be a good student.
  2. Before the age of 30: Follow a mentor, such as your boss. Work and get good at a skill that will be useful in the future.
  3. Between the age of 30-40: Start a business and work for yourself.
  4. Between the age of 40-50: Do the things you are good at in self-employement.
  5. Between the age of 50-60: Work for the young people, because they can do better than you.
  6. After the age of 60: Relax by a beach.

Does that sound like a good plan? Where are you along this path?

What many people don’t know about Jack is that he applied to Harvard about 10 times and never got in. No one ever knew that he would become as rich as he is today.

One other piece of advice that he has to give is if you are young, don’t complain. Think about how you have all of this technology at your disposal to do anything that you want. Make use of what you have, as there is plenty of technology for you to utilize.

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