Jetboil Flash vs MiniMo

In this review, we will discuss the Jetboil Flash versus the MiniMo. Both of these cooking stoves are very similar. They both have the same sort of ignition, and use the same sort of gas canister. But there are a few differences to take into consideration.

Cooking Cup

The cooking cup on the Flash and the MiniMo hold 1 liter of foods or liquids. They are no different in that respect. However, the MiniMo is shorter and wider in diameter.

This makes it easier to eat out of the MiniMo with a spoon or fork. The spoon angle is better, and it prevents you from needing to dump out your food into a bowl.

Simmer control

One of the greatest features about the Jetboil MiniMo is the fact that it has a simmer control. By dialing on this simmer control, you force the burner knob to take more turns while being adjusted from high to low temperatures. This makes it easier to choose just the right temperature to cook your food.

The Jetboil Flash does not have a simmer control. With the Flash, it is difficult to choose just the right low temperature. When dialing it down to low, it does not take much force until the flame burns out.

Meal versatility

The MiniMo allows for greater meal versatility. With the Flash, its best use is for boiling water. This is partly due to the fact that it is high and narrow. This means that it is difficult to eat out of and frying most foods is near impossible, but there are a few alternatives. For example, you can cook oatmeal, make scrambled eggs, heat up some beans, and boil pasta. You could also boil a pack of rations. But you cannot make moderately elaborate meals.

Using the MiniMo makes it far easier to make better tasting meals. The main reason for this is the shape of the cooking cup, as well as the new simmer control. Since the simmer control allows you to dial down the heat to very low temperatures, you can cooked meals that would burn easily if it were on higher heat. As the name suggests, you can bring it down to a simmer, as many foods require. Cook yourself some rice or some fried veggies and stay healthy while camping.

By no means does this mean that you cannot cook better meals with the Flash. If you want to do this, you will need to buy a pot adapter. You can use any generic pot or pan on the pot adapter using the Flash burner. It is the same sized burner as the MiniMo.

Improved handle

Another great improvement with release of the MiniMo is the sturdy rubber coated handle. Like the Flash, the MiniMo handle is made of aluminum. But it is more sturdy and it has a rubber coating so that you do not burn yourself. Customers find this improved handle to be an ergonomic feature suited for easily handling.

Packing space and weight

The MiniMo weighs 14 ounces while the Flash weighs 15.25 ounce. Some would not consider this a significant difference, but many avid backpackers watch every bit of weight that they put into their backpacks. Also, due to its shorter stature, the MiniMo can fit into tighter spaces.


On average, the MiniMo costs around $40 more than the Flash. You can see prices below:

The Verdict

As you can see from the differences outlined above, the Jetboil MiniMo is superior in almost every way. It has a simmer control that allows you to cook better meals. It has some design improvements and it can be packed much more easily. The only setback about it is that for some people, paying $40 extra for the MiniMo is not worth it to them if they are not going to be cooking that much of a variety of meals.

In fact, the Flash can boil water just as fast as the MiniMo. And if you want to cook dinner meals with the Flash, you can get a pod adapter and simply use a standard pot. With a standard pot, you will have even more surface to cook on. So perhaps the Jetboil Flash is not so bad after all.

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