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Due to market demand, we have written this Joe Rocket Atomic 4 Jacket review in order to inform potential customers about its pros and cons. First, we will begin with the fact that there are many more pros to this jacket than there are cons, presuming you are living in a climate that is not too cold or too warm all year round.

The Joe Rocket Atomic 4 was created in order to accommodate for cool weather, as well as warmish weather. Whether you enjoy riding your motorcycle in this jacket depends on your body’s ability to regulate temperature. For most people with a normal predisposition to temperature regulation, this jacket is just awesome!

Some people use this jacket in the middle of the summer and open its many vents to allow the air to flow through completely throughout the jacket. But this jacket also comes with a removable inner liner. This means that you can effectively wear this jacket in cool weather without getting too cold.

In the section below, we will be going over some of the main features of this jacket. Later on, we’ll be covering with people like about it, and what people feel could be improved.

Comfort and Feel

The Joe Rocket Atomic 4 is made of a supple danier textile. In contrast with leather jackets, this provides with plenty of flexibility and a feeling of softness.

This jacket has a very soft inner lining that can be removed for warmer weather. The inner lining will allow you to ride your motorcycle at higher speeds without getting too cold in cool weather.

The cuffs and the collar are lined with a soft fabric that will prevent scratching from happening. The waist of the jacket has a wide Velcro closure to allow you to keep the air from coming up from underneath the jacket.

There is also a spring-loaded metal snap around the elbows for extra comfort. And to ensure that the vents don’t flap after opening them up, there is a closure button between the two events along the chest to snap them together.

The Joe Rocket Atomic 4 comes in many different sizes, ranging from small to XXXXX-Large. This means that it can fit pretty much anyone. Keep in mind that there is also a ladies version of this jacket to accommodate for a woman’s physique.

Waterproofing and Venting

Besides protecting against cool weather, the Atomic 4 Jacket has waterproof material. It also comes with well constructed waterproof zippers. Once you open up the zippers of the vents, you can feel the air running through the entire jacket as you ride your motorcycle.

The pockets in this jacket are also waterproof. You can safely store your valuable items inside of these pockets without worrying about it raining when you are riding.

There are vents in the chest area, the back, and within the sleeves. Once you open up the zippers, you reveal a thin layer of punctured liner that allows your to seep through, but not dirt. With the vents open, all of the moisture that builds up inside gets released from the back vents.


This jacket comes with two grades of safety when it comes to the back padding. You can either go with a thicker CE certified back pad, or go with one that is not certified but will feel lighter on the back.

There is CE certified softshell Armour in the shoulders and in the elbows. This provides extra protection against slips and falls.

There are reflective strips along the back and sleeves of this jacket for nighttime riding.

Pros and Cons

Here’s an honest look at the pros and cons of the Joe Rocket Atomic 4 Jacket.


  • Comes with CE certified softshell Armour for extra safety protection
  • Can be worn in cool and warm weather alike due to vents and removable inner liner
  • Not stiff or bulky
  • Feels great on the skin
  • Plenty of attention to detail is given to the design


  • There is no attachment at the bottom for riding pants
  • Not reusable after a significant fall, as it may rip. A leather jacket would be better suited for those looking to keep the jacket after a fall.

The Verdict

The Joe Rocket Atomic 4 is the perfect jacket for those looking for versatility and comfort when riding the motorcycle. Those looking for a motorcycle jacket tend to feel like they should be getting something made of leather, is that seems to be the tradition. But leather does not have the ability to get vented like this jacket does. It is also not nearly as supple and comfortable.

Close attention was paid to the design of this jacket, and that is why it has garnered much attention by motorcyclists. This highly popular jacket is a great addition to your wardrobe!

If you would like to see the best prices for this item, please see the Joe Rocket Atomic 4 on Amazon.

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