Keen Pittsburgh vs Detroit Work Boots

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Keen Pittsburgh vs Detroit Work Boots

Keen is the creator of work boots and hiking boots that a been very popular over the years. They are always coming out with new shoe models that incorporate the latest footwear technologies. In this Keen Pittsburgh vs Detroit comparison, we are going to go over what makes these boots so great, as well as what makes them different. We have written this as a response to all of the potential customers that are used as to how these boots are actually different in which they ought to buy. We hope that you can finally make a decision between the two after reading our comparison.

Similarities Between The Pittsburgh And Detroit

Before we get right into a comparison in their features and quality, will first be listing out all of the things they have in common. This way, you’ll be able to see the ways in which they are the same before a final comparison and features.

  • Size options: There are many shoe companies that only give you the possibility of choosing a length size option. This is not appropriate for shoes that are going to be worn and rugged conditions. First of all, people who have wide set feet are not able to wear shoes that comfortably. If you want to be doing a lot of work in a boot, you need to be completely at ease while you are on the job all day. This is why Keen gives options for wider feet, as well as the narrower feet that some people have. Both the Pittsburgh and Detroit boots have options to select wider sizes.
  • Waterproof and breathable: These boots were made to be waterproof. There are so many boots out there who don’t offer this option because they need to be very breathable for those who are going to be hiking or jogging. Because these are work boots, they come with plenty of waterproofing. There is nothing worse than having wet feet and socks all day while on the job. You’ll find that you know these boots are waterproof, they are still made of a breathable membrane.
  • Comfortable footbed: There is plenty of arch support with these models. The boot sort of cradles the natural contours of the foot provide excellent comfort while on the job.
  • Rubber toe: What work boot would be complete without a rubber toe? Certainly not the Pittsburgh and Detroit. The outsoles of these boots continue on to the top of the toe in order to provide you with extra protection. The rubber toe prevents abrasion, as well as hard knocks to the toe. It also provides a little bit of slippage protection when you are crouched down.
  • Reflective webbing: In case you’re going to be wearing these boots that night, there is reflective material around the uppers of these boots.
  • Roomier toe box: Due to popular demand, Keen has incorporated and anatomically correct composite toe to their designs. This provides for maximum comfort as the steel and aluminum toe covers the entire forefoot area while keeping the toes completely free to move around.
  • Nubuck leather upper: Nubuck is a very strong fullgrain leather grade that protects the boot against the elements. Apart from providing with waterproofing, the boots will maintain their structure well enough to get you through the day.
  • Oil and slip resistant: In some workplaces, it is important that the work boot the oil and slip resistant. In cases where you have to be on a roof or in an area that has potential oil spills, is important to remain safe by having the proper slip resistant outsole. These boots are designed in accordance with standard practices for oil and slip resistance.
  • Non-marking rubber outsole: It is important not to leave a mark from your boots in the place where you work. In order to fill this requirement, these boots are made with a non-marking rubber sole.
  • Medium duty: These boots are made for medium duty work. This means that they are not so light that they will be non-protective. But they are also not so heavy that they are cumbersome to walk around in. They provide just the right amount of protection and breathability, along with being lightweight.

Comparing The Detroit And Pittsburgh Work Boots

You have probably already seen the differences in the way that these work boots look. In fact, the designs of these boots is so similar that this is probably the reason why so many people are wondering how they actually compare. The main differences between these boots are listed in this section below.

  • Stability: The Pittsburgh work boot has more heel stability than the Detroit. The Pittsburgh has a full-length TPU stability plate that provides plenty of stability for the underfoot, while it allows for flexibility on the forefoot. Due to this feature, it may be a little stiffer in the back. In a rugged workplace, is generally seen as an advantage. The Detroit boots do have some stability provided by the synthetic material that cradles the heel, but it does not have as much of it and it is not as high as the one on the Pittsburgh. Wearing the Pittsburgh my provide you with more protection against ankle roles and injuries.
  • Heel angle: The Pittsburgh’s heel is at a 90° angle from the bottom. This again is providing more heel stability. This stands in contrast with the Detroit work boot, which does not have as strong of an angle on the heel.
  • Eyelets: The eyelets on the Pittsburgh are made of metal. This means that they may last longer than the fabric eyelets of the Detroit. Metal eyelets also make it easier to tighten and loosen the work boot. If your finding that you need to constantly readjust the tightness of your boots, the Pittsburgh would be a great choice.

Price Comparison

Perhaps due to the more robust construction of the Pittsburgh, these boots are generally pricier than the the Detroit work boots. If you’d like to see the current best prices for these boots, please see below.

The Verdict

We are a fan of the Pittsburgh work boot because it provides for more stability in the heel. But if you do not need as much stability and are comfortable with boots that where more like a sneaker, the Detroit is plenty adequate. Both of these boots conform with most workplace standards for safety.

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