How to keep your campsite clean

How To Keep A Campsite Clean

For all of you environmentally conscious people, this article is for you. For those who are going to be staying at a private campsite, you will also need to keep your campsite clean. While we all love nature, as humans can be very messy creatures.h

Below, you have made a list of things they can do to keep a campsite clean.

  • When making a fire: If you’re going to be camping by a fire, make sure that you have a ring around it so that it does not spread. After your done with the fire, make sure that all of the wood that you have used has turned to ash. Also, make sure that the fires completely out before leaving the campsite.
  • Food and oil: If you’re going to be cooking food while on your camping trip, make sure that you do not throw away your food in the woods. It may be tempting to dump out the oil that you use to fry your food onto the ground. After all, who wants to store used oil and bring it back home? But it is actually very important that you bring along something store used oil, such as a mason jar. This will be beneficial for you as well as the campers the come after you. The reason why is that feed and oil left on the ground can attract bears. If you want to keep yourself safe, make sure to hermetically seal your chairs and do not leave food unattended.
  • Propane tanks: If you’re going to be burning propane, make sure to not leave empty propane tanks on the ground. This is harmful to the environment, and makes for an unsightly campsite.
  • Trash can with a lid: Many campers tend to bring along a huge garbage bag for all of their trash. But this is not allow them to seal the trash. The garbage bag can fall and cause trash to spread out onto the ground. Bring along a big trashcan with a lid for all the trash for the entire party. The lid will ensure that no critters make their way into the trash and causing some scary moments.
  • Bring paper towel: It is not just the campsite that needs to be kept clean, is also yourself and your dishes. Bring along some paper towel, as you will be needing to white down yourself and some gear on a frequent basis.
  • Bring dish soap: Bringing dish soap is something that people often forget to do. They bring all of their utensils and their plates but they don’t remember that they will need to be washing it afterwards. Do yourself a favor and bring along some dish soap.
  • Bring a water reservoir: Bringing along a water reservoir is one of the best ways to keep clean. You can fill a waters or more and put it in the back of your vehicle. This way, whenever someone needs to wash something like dishes or hands, this simply need to grab some water from the back of the vehicle. Related: How To Clean Dishes While Camping
  • Rinsing out your tent: Your tent is likely to get dirty with mud, especially after a long day of rain. Wipe down your tent walls and leave it out to dry before putting it away.
  • Keep a tarp under your tent: Do yourself a favor and purchase a tarp that you can put under the tent floor. This will help prevent any leaks from the water on the ground. It will also help to prevent any tearing of the tent floor.
  • Excess packaging: When you’re bringing shampoo, food ingredients, and other paraphernalia, make sure that you’re not bringing any excess packaging. Bring only what you need and leave the rest at home. You can buy little containers in which you can put your things so that you do not have to throw any packaging away. This will also help reduce the amount of stuff that you need to carry with you.
  • Bury fecal matter: Make sure to bring a shovel so that you can bury fecal matter after you are done. You never know if someone else will be using the same spot.

Where To Go From Here

Keeping a campsite clean is a group responsibility. Make sure that you have informed everyone at the campsite where things are supposed to go. The last thing you want is to find yourself being the one person that takes care of cleanup. Everyone will do their part in this matter in order to provide the best experience possible.

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