LifeStraw vs Sawyer Mini: Which Is Most Versatile?

The LifeStraw and the Sawyer Mini are water filtration systems that can be used while in the great outdoors or even just traveling in foreign cities. They filter out most of the bacteria and protozoa in contaminated water.

Both of these products cost roughly the same price, but do they do not function in the same way. The mechanics are different and the amount of harmful substances removed vary depending on the product.

The Sawyer Mini is a newer product than the LifeStraw. Many outdoor enthusiasts are wondering which of these two products to purchase. This is why we have written a review on the Sawyer Mini vs LifeStraw. Here, we make a comparison between the functionality and uses of the two. We also compare their effectiveness in terms of amount of substances filtered and how much water they can filter before needing to purchase another one.

These filtration systems are definitely not created equal, so please read on and find out how they are different.

Filtration Capabilities

Below is a list of filtration features and the differences between the LifeStraw and the Sawyer Mini.

Sawyer Mini removes 7 LOG (99.99999%) of bateria
LifeStraw removes 6 LOG (99.9999%) of bacteria

Sawyer Mini removes 6 LOG (99.9999%) of protozoa
LifeStraw removes 3 LOG (99.9%) of protozoa

Filter refinement:
Sawyer Mini filters to 0.1 microns
LifeStraw filters to 0.2 microns

Volume of water that can be filtered:
Sawyer Mini filters 378,541 liters of water
LifeStraw filters 1,000 liters of water

As you can see, the Sawyer Mini removes more bacteria and more protozoa than the LifeStraw. Furthermore, the Sawyer Mini has a smaller pore size for filtering. This means that it will filter out more microns than the LifeStraw.

You can also see that the Sawyer Mini filters a whole lot more contaminated water before it is unusable. It can filter 378,541 liters of water, while the LifeStraw can only filter 1,000 liters. This means that you will need to purchase a Sawyer Mini a lot less frequently than if you were using the LifeStraw.

As far as filtration is concerned, the Sawyer Mini is the definite winner here.


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Ease-of-use and Versatility

The way that these filtration systems are used are definitely very different. The LifeStraw is simply a filtration straw, as the name suggests. When you use the LifeStraw, you suck water through your mouth directly from the source. However, the Sawyer Mini is a bit more complex.

The Sawyer Mini is much more versatile than the LifeStraw, as it can be used in many different ways. The biggest benefit to the Sawyer Mini in terms of its functionality is the fact that you do not have to be drinking water directly from the source. The Sawyer Mini comes with a water pouch that you can use to fill water from the source. You can then attach the Sawyer Mini to the pouch and drink directly out of the filter.

But the Sawyer Mini can also be used in several different ways. For example, you can attach the Sawyer Mini directly onto a water bottle. This can come in handy if you’re going to be traveling to a foreign city where you believe that the water in water bottles is questionable.

The Sawyer Mini also works as an inline filter for bladders. It can also be used as a filter that you can squeeze water into water bottles with. If you carry around a water bottle, simply refill it using your pouch.

Another unexpected benefit to the Sawyer Mini is the fact that you can use it to fill pots in order to boil the water. After all, boiling your water will remove even more of the stuff that you would like to remove. You cannot fill a pot with water using the LifeStraw, as it is simply a straw!

Due to its versatility and ease-of-use, the Sawyer Mini is a definite winner here as well.

It can also not be overlooked that the Sawyer Mini is half the length of the LifeStraw. This makes it much more compact to carry around.


If you would like to see the price differences between the LifeStraw and the Sawyer Mini, please see the links below:

The Verdict

In our own opinion, the Sawyer Mini offers more benefits then the LifeStraw. It can filter a lot more contaminated water before it becomes unusable. It is also much more versatile than a LifeStraw as it can fill pots of water and water bottles. The Sawyer Mini also has better filtration capabilities since it has smaller pores.

If you enjoy drinking out of a filtration straw and feel that this is your preference, the Sawyer Mini can also be used as a straw. Just as with the LifeStraw, you can use the Sawyer Mini to drink directly out of a water source.

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