Pirelli Scorpion STR Review

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The Pirelli tire brand is among one of the most popular in North America. They provide affordable, high end tires that have plenty of grip on the road. When customers replace their factory tires with Pirelli’s, they are very pleased with the improvements in performance.

In this Pirelli Scorpion STR review, we are going to be covering the features of this tire, as well as what makes it unique.

Why Purchase Pirelli Tires

It is important to understand that the tires that come stock with your car do not always perform well under certain conditions. You could be living in a snowy or wet climate, which is always dangerous with regular tires. When purchasing Pirelli tires, you can rest assured that you’re protecting yourself and your loved ones from potentially dangerous situations, such as sliding on the roads and shifty turns.

Hydroplaning is a very common occurrence on a highway, and the quality of the tires that you have will make a big difference in whether hydroplaning does happen in the first place. Many accidents could be avoided just by increasing the quality of the tires that people have on their car.

Choosing to purchase Pirelli tires is kind of like an insurance against major losses.

What Makes The Scorpion STR Tire Special

Many people have two sets of tires; one for the summer months, and one for the winter months. The Scorpion STR’s are made for year-round use. They are especially made for providing extra traction on paved roads.

It should be mentioned that these are not especially made for rough terrain. If you’re going to be roughing it with your car, you’re better off with the Scorpion ATR tires. ATR stands for ‘all-terrain’, although it doesn’t mean that you cannot use them for the same purpose as the STR tires.

The point we’re trying to make is that the Scorpion STR is made for traction, and precise handling on slippery roads. But it also has great tread life. If you’re going to go for a tire that has much more traction than this, the rubber will be softer and will wear off too easily.

The Scorpion STR provides just the right balance of longevity and traction. Here are just a few of its great features:

  • QuickView indicators that show how the tires are performing in wet or dry conditions
  • Indicators to show whether the driver needs to check the vehicle’s alignment
  • Great tread life
  • Year-round traction
  • Grooves that improve performance in snow due to pattern edges
  • Improved breaking and accelerating in wet or icy conditions via X-Sipe technology
  • 65,000 mile Limited mileage warranty

Customers have noted that the Scorpion STR provides plenty of traction in the rain. The stick very well to the pavement and handle the road quietly.

Customers say they generally get at least 100,000 miles out of the tires before needing replacement. Once you’re ready to select the right size for your car, you will take into account the tire width, the tire aspect ratio, and the wheel diameter. Upon choosing these three options on the Amazon pages listed below, you will find a great fit for your car.

An Alternative to the Scorpion STR

While the Scorpion STR tires are specially made for creating traction on the road, the Scorpion ATR tires provide even more traction. The ATR tires are made for all-terrain, but worked very well in all conditions on a paved road.

The trade-off to be made with the ATR tires is that they are bulkier and considerably heavier than the STR’s. This means that you will get less mileage and power with the ATR’s. But if safety and grip is about most important to you, investing in the ATR is an awesome choice!

Why Purchase from Amazon

Many fans of the Pirelli Scorpion purchase their tires from Amazon, as it is actually cheaper than purchasing it from a local tire shop. There are dozens of potential buyers to choose from on Amazon, each with their own price points. If you would like to see more about the Pirelli Scorpion STR and ATR tires on Amazon, please see below.

The Verdict

The Scorpion STR tires are definitely a popular choice for people who want to keep themselves and their families safe on the road. They are great for wet, icy and snowy conditions.

As mentioned above, the Scorpion ATR tires are also pretty grippy on the roads, but are bulkier and have a racier look. In either case, the Scorpion tires are an excellent way of keeping safe. You will enjoy your ride, as your tires will be very quiet and the turns will be smooth.

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