Ogio Gambit Review: For 17-Inch Laptops


This Ogio Gambit 17 review as for those wanting a sturdy and durable 17 inch laptop backpack. This backpack has very thick and durable material, which is part of what makes it so great.

You can keep your laptop and tablet completely protected using it’s padded sleeves. The sleeves are dedicated to a 17-inch laptop large tablet. There is also a room for other electronics. It comes with a very comfortable backpanel with plenty of padding.

Meant to protect your electronics

If you are a person on the go and love to do business, this is a great backpack to start with. If you need to go to business meetings, and need to carry your laptop and other peripherals, this one is very attractive and looks very professional.

The Gambit 17 comes with a dedicated laptop sleeve. It is very padded and actually includes a fleece lining to protect against scratches. On the other side of the sleeve is a tablet sleeve with the same padding and lining.

But you will not only be carrying these electronics. You will likely want to at least carry a mouse around. This is why the Gambit 17 also has a padded mouse pocket. This padded mouse pocket also doubles as pocket for your digital camera.

Due to the durability of the material with which the backpack is made, you will likely never get any rips and tears over the years. Even if you do carry your laptop and a tablet, you can look forward to many years of usage with the Gambit 17.

Crush proof pocket

We thought that we would mention this one separately because we feel that it a pretty nifty feature. Buried within the backpack is the tech vault pocket. Think of it as a bomb shelter. It is a hardened pocket that completely protects any of its internal components from shattering. There, you can insert any fragile electronic to keep it from getting damaged. Try putting in your thumb drive, or even your sunglasses.

Ergonomic backpanel

We love the backpanel and shoulder harness of the Gambit 17. It is padded in such a way that it maximizes the spots in which the padding is applied the most. This relieves your pressure points on your back so that you do not have any back pain from carrying such a heavy load. The Gambit 17 has moulded ergonomic shoulder straps that fit perfectly onto your back. No more need to be concerned about your backpack sliding off while you are riding your bicycle. The back frame was perfectly designed for your back to carry it without being in an awkward position.

Organization panel

Ogio Gambit Top View

Inside of the front pocket is an organization panel for all of your writing implements. There, you can store your notebooks and binders along with your itinerary or agenda. Also plug in your pens and pencils. Who said you had to go completely digital?

Keep yourself hydrated

The Gambit has side pockets on both sides for your extra peripherals. Keep in mind that these side pockets are not zippered, but this can be a good thing if you are storing larger items. Within the side pockets, there is enough room for water bottles to keep yourself hydrated. Also consider storing your snacks to keep up your energy.

Specifications and features

Weight: 3.2 pounds

Dimensions: 20 x 12.5 x 11 inches

Volume capacity: 29.5 liters


  • Holds a 17-inch laptop
  • Fleece lined and padded top-loading compartment for your laptop
  • Crushproof tech volt pocket
  • Side pockets for accessories
  • Organization panel in front
  • Moldable shoulder straps that are ergonomic
  • Padded tablet pocket
  • Padded mouse or digital camera pocket
  • Padded grab handle


  • Will protect your laptop and tablet against bumps and scratches
  • Has a slim profile for ease of movement for your forearms
  • The materials of the backpack is very thick and durable
  • Has a crush proof tech volt pocket for fragile items
  • Has a padded backpanel and ergonomics shoulder straps
  • Comes with an attractive and professional look


  • Does not come with compression straps
  • Only comes in black

Customer Reviews

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The Verdict

We love the Ogio Gambit 17-inch laptop backpack for the fact that it is very durable and professional looking. We would love to carry this backpack around with us to business meetings and such. But it can also be used for camping if you are going to be taking your electronics with you. Is especially important in the great outdoors that you do protect your electronics from bumps and scrapes.

If you are interested in the Gambit 17 for its effective electronic protection, you might also be interested in the Ogio Renegade. The Renegade has antigravity suspension that offer is even more protection than the Gambit 17. Both are made for 17-inch laptops, for the Renegade actually has even more padding than the Gambit. If you would like to see our comparison of both, please see our Ogio Renegade vs Gambit review.

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