Rtic 20 vs 30 Softpack Coolers

Rtic is a company that produces high-end, quality coolers for long trips in the summer. They are different from other brands such as Yeti, as they have better insulation and are generally more durable.

Rtic is very similar to the designs of the ever-popular Yeti coolers. While they are mostly identical, Rtic does have its advantages. One of these advantages are that they are generally less costly than the Yeti.

In this review, we are going to be comparing the Rtic 20 to the Rtic 30. While it may be safe to assume that the main difference is the size, one must consider carefully what the difference in volume capacity is really going to mean in practice.

Before we get into the differences in these Rtic models, let’s go over some of their main features in the section below.

Rtic 20 vs 30 Softpack Coolers

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The Main Features Of The Rtic Softpack Coolers

Below is a list of some of the great qualities of these soft pack coolers. It is worth noting that the Rtic coolers also come in a Roto-molded version. Many people prefer the soft pack ones due to the fact that they are much lighter and can be carried around the shoulder. Here are some of the other great elements of the Rtic soft pack coolers.

Ice retention:

These soft coolers will retain ice for about 2 to 3 days in the warm summer months. This is because they have plenty of insulation inside the inner lining of the walls.


The zippers on these coolers are meant to be waterproof. Keep in mind that since the zippers must be heavy-duty and not let any leaks through, it also takes two hands in order to open and close. The package comes with a tube of lubricant to be applied to the zipper every once in a while. This will help ensure that it is easy to zip and unzip while maintaining its awesome waterproofing capability.


As mentioned previously, the hardshell versions of the Rtic 20 and the Rtic 30 are much heavier than the soft shell ones. The hardshell versions hold ice for one or two more days than the soft sell versions.

Shoulder strap and handles:

One of the main draws of the soft shell Rtic coolers is that it frees up your hands to carry other things. Carry these coolers around your shoulders using the shoulder strap, or just with your hands with the handles on the lid.

Molle attachments:

In case you are not aware of the Molle concept, Molle is simply a standard by which you can attach Molle compatible pouches to a bag or other apparel. The Rtic soft coolers have loops that run vertically throughout their walls. This means that you can attach special pouches them if you wish. Or, you can use anything that has a loop and tie it around these attachments. And to make them more useful, the bottom of the Molle attachments have buckles. This means that you can attach heavy items to them, such as a helmet.

Front compartments:

Each of these Rtic models has front compartments in which you can store your cell phone or your keys. Or, try storing some energy bars as an emergency stash.

Quality materials:

The Rtic line is made of quality materials. This is especially apparent in their soft shell versions, where you can see the toughness of the soft material.

Comparing The Rtic 20 vs 30

One might assume that the only difference between the Rtic 20 and the Rtic 30 is the fact that they are of different sizes. In fact, they would be right to a certain extent. But there are several practical considerations to think about when it comes to purchasing one that is smaller or bigger. Let’s go over how these two models stack up in terms of utility.

How To Choose Between The Rtic 20 And The Rtic 30

The Rtic 30 is about 1.5 inches taller than the Rtic 20. However, it is also a lot wider than the 20. As it is significantly bigger, it can hold a lot more things. While the Rtic 20 can only hold one row of sodas or food containers, the Rtic 30 can hold an entire row of food containers, with a row of cans of soda on top!

The Rtic 30 would be very useful for a fishing outing and going boating. But it would be too big to fit into the back seat of a car. The Rtic 20 is great for going a short distance and bringing along drinks and food. The Rtic 20 would be ideal for a camping trip with two people. And it fits very nicely in the back seat of a car.

Rtic 20 vs 30: Comparing The Prices

It would be impossible to list prices for the Rtic 20 and 30 here, as they are always subject to change. However, if you would like to view the current prices for these Rtic models, please see the links below.

The Verdict

As both of these models have identical designs (except for the size), the major consideration to make between these two is how many people you’re going to be feeding. The Rtic 20 is perfect for a two-person picnic. But if you will be going away for a few days, you will need a stash of extra food that needs to remain fresh. Carrying around a Rtic 30 on a trip that will last several days may be the best choice.

Both of these models are excellent and a great way to keep your food fresh. If you would like to see the hard shell Rtic models, please see them here on Amazon. It is worth noting that while these hardshell models are heavier, get them to hold ice for a couple of more days than the soft shell versions!

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