Kuat NV Bike Racks: Great Things You Need To Know About It

The Kuat NV Bike Racks is a high-quality, well-made hitch-mount rack. Amazingly, it has aesthetics, adaptability, versatility, and ergonomics that allow it to give maximum efficiency, making it one of the best vehicle bike racks on the market.

So, let’s get started and discover why we think the Kuat NV Bike Racks are a good pick among portable bike racks.

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First of All, Who is Kuat?

Kuat Racks creates lightweight, beautiful, and simple-to-use equipment that assists bikers and explorers in getting out and doing more.

Moreover, what began in 2008 as a concept for a better method to carry bikes has grown into a flourishing business that manufactures high-end, awesomely constructed trailer racks, roof racks, and equipment that push the boundaries of technology.

Pros and Cons of Kuat NV Bike Racks


The build quality is excellent, with a mainly metal structure, a sleek finish, and all of the features we expect from a premium rack.

Exceptionally steady and dependable. We’ve put this rack through its paces and have yet to encounter any durability or clearance concerns.

It is quite simple to load and unload bikes.


Before any add-ons or upgrades, it’s rather costly.

One of the ratcheting arms has become stuck and difficult to release, although this hasn’t caused many security issues.

Although all of the necessary gear is supplied, installing the two-bike add-on can be time-consuming.

Extras like the bike stand will be considered excessive by many. Furthermore, because the Trail Doc does not lock to the rack, we need to keep it separate to deter thieves.

The Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack

Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack, Gray Metallic, 2" Hitch Size

The top-tier NV 2.0 hitch rack from Kuat sits atop their hitch rack series. This rack is feature-rich, with a quality build and price tag to match.

It is intended to operate with a broad range of bike shapes and sizes, and it has been shown to be sturdy and dependable even after extended usage in damp environments.


Kuat NV 2.0 is one of the most stable, dependable, and well-designed platform designs.

We must anticipate a premium option since this rack is fully featured. This features an easy-to-use tilt lever, a secure connection between the receiver and the rack, and the ability to transport a broad range of bike shapes and sizes.

Overall, this rack is well-made, smartly constructed, and attractive.

Setup and Usability

The Kuat NV 2.0 is a snap to construct and affix to your car. Installing the front and rear tire trays requires aligning and tightening the provided bolts, attaching the pivot lever, and fastening the Trail Doc repair stand.

To attach the rack to your car, first, place it in its stowed position, then lift it to align with your hitch, insert the hitch pin through the hitch and rack, then secure it on the opposite side with the provided lock.

To reduce wobble and movement, tighten the connection by twisting the turn knob at the rear of the rack.

When loading bicycles, just raise the bicycle onto the racks over our front wheel in the carriage, slide the locking arm over the front wheel, and cinch it down over the tire. Place the rear wheel strap just below the rear axle, run it through the clasp, and tighten it to attach the back tire.

Overall, the technique is quite easy to use, and uninstallation is as simple as reversing the procedures.

Bicycle Load and Wheel Dimensions

The NV 2.0, like other platform-style hitch racks, can accommodate two bikes before add-ons.

Also, the NV 2.0 can accept standard road and mountain bikes with 20- to 29-inch wheels, but customers with 20- to 24-inch cycles will have to buy a separate wheel adaptor.

In addition, Kuat sells a specialized Phat Bike Kit, which includes a strap extender for the rear tire strap and an additional Velcro strap for the front to accommodate tires up to 5 inches in diameter.

Limit for Load

The NV 2.0, like many of its competition, is rated to hold two 60-pound bikes, with the two-bike add-on supporting an extra 40 pounds per bike. The NV 2.0 is suitable for the majority of mountain and road bikes.

The Bike Rack’s Weight

The Kuat NV 2.0 weighs 52 pounds, which is in line with the majority of its competitors. The Kuat NV 2.0 isn’t lightweight, but it’s definitely sturdy, functional, and capable of carrying large bikes.


The NV 2.0 is made entirely of quality materials, including a largely metal construction and a sleek, glossy metallic covering that gives the rack a stylish appearance. Overall, the rack is visibly solid and durable, and I anticipate that it will survive for many more seasons without trouble.

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Key Features of Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack

Kuat NV 2.0 Bike Rack, Gray Metallic, 2" Hitch Size

System of Attachments

The bike attachment method on the Kuat NV 2.0 is extremely stable and simple to use. Bikes are readily loaded onto the beam thanks to an adjustable tire cradle in front and a ratcheting strap in behind.

Therefore, it may be lowered and elevated to aid limit bike contact, while the latter can be shifted back and forth on the tray to fit differing wheelbases.

Hence, it’s as easy as sliding the front ratchet arm and placing it tightly against the tire to secure the bike. Then, pass the back tire strap through the buckle and tighten it.

Lever of Tilt

The tilt lever on the NV 2.0 has been revised and is very user-friendly.

If your hands are full, just touch the pivot with your foot to lower the rack. To raise or lower it, grasp the lever above and pull up. With the rack completely loaded, I found the lever a touch difficult to access and activate, but it’s still totally functioning.


To attach the rack to your car, the NV 2.0 includes various locks, including a cable lock at the end of each tray and a locking hitch pin. The internal cable locks might be a little longer in order to attach to several locations on the bike, but the length is enough.

Conveniently, the locking hitch pin and key share the same key, eliminating the need to keep track of and bother with several keys.

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The Kuat NV Base 2.0

Kuat NV Base 2.0 Bike Rack, Matte Black, 2" Hitch Size

First of all, Kuat is a relative novice to the world of bike racks, having been founded just over a decade ago, but they haven’t spent any time in designing useful, sophisticated designs.

Also, their NV Base 2.0 is a great hitch-mounted rack with a combination of simplicity, durability, and a robust connection method that we will like. It’s all wrapped up in a sleek and fashionable package.


Its attachment method is strong and secures two bikes, the rack is simple to set up and use, and there is little swaying and movement while on the road. The Kuat NV Base 2.0 is an ideal choice for transporting adult road, gravel, and normal mountain bikes.

Setup and Usability

In terms of setup, the NV Base 2.0 is one of the simplest and quickest racks I’ve ever put together.

However, the only difficulty is connecting the characters on the rack beam with others on the trays, which is provided with all of the required hardware and instructions. They’re plainly labeled, but if you’re in a hurry, you could miss them.

The NV Base 2.0 has a very simple design, thus it comes as no surprise that it is exceedingly simple to operate.

In fact, loading bikes is simple, as it is with most platform racks on the market. Simply raise the bike onto the racking, slide the ratcheting arm up and then over the front wheel, and tighten it around the tire. The top piece of the arm fits into the bottom portion to secure it, although I found it a touch sticky when closing over the front wheel.

Finally, the rear strap is straightforward and quick to adjust. Just simply wrap it across the wheel and slip thru the lock.

Bicycle Load and Wheel Dimensions

Kuat’s NV Base 2.0, like other platform hitch racks, can hold two bikes. The bigger 2-inch receiver version may be updated with an add-on to holding an extra two bicycles, but it’s not cheap.

Furthermore, the NV Base 2.0 can accommodate the typical road and mountain bikes with 20- to 29-inch tires. However, tires 20 to 24 inches in diameter necessitate the purchase of a separate wheel adaptor, whilst fat bikes necessitate the purchase of the Phat Bike Kit, which is available separately.

Capacity for Weight

However, the NV Base 2.0 has a weight-carrying capability of two 60-pound bikes, which is comparable to most other platform-style hitch racks. While this may appear to be a lot, electric bikes frequently toe the line, thus e-bike users should weigh themselves beforehand.

Also, we must think about how much work it takes to hoist bigger bikes onto a platform rack like the NV Base 2.0 since loading and unloading frequently need more than one person.


We’ve grown to expect high-end platform racks to be of a particular quality, and the NV Base 2.0 does not disappoint.

Having said that, I was pleased by the rack’s sturdiness and high-quality construction. Overall, I have no complaints, and the rack has performed admirably thus far.

Weight of the Rack

Platform-style hitch racks are almost always hefty and unwieldy, so it’s no surprise that the NV Base 2.0 weighs 52 pounds.

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Key Features of Kuat NV Base 2.0

Kuat NV Base 2.0 Bike Rack, Matte Black, 2" Hitch Size

System of Attachments

The connection method on a bike rack is one of the most important elements in our opinion. It must be exceedingly strong and minimize the bikes’ side-to-side movement while in motion.

Then, the rack’s ratcheting arms were securely lowered and tightly fitted onto the front tires, albeit they do require some skill to avoid sticking. Furthermore, the changeable front tire cradle system may be lowered or lifted to assist reduce bike contact.

The Kuat NV Base 2.0 Bike Rack enables us to shift the entire tray left or right, which is a useful feature for some.

In the case of the rear wheel, we may appropriately tighten the strap just by pushing on it gently. The strap also glides effortlessly back and forth on the tray, making it simple to load bikes with varying wheelbase lengths.

Lever of Tilt

The tilt lever on the NV Base 2.0 is placed in the middle of the rack and is surprisingly simple to use. The system of the NV Base 2.0 does not necessitate flexibility. It is readily within arm’s length with two bikes attached and moves with little effort.

In particular, its metal build also inspires trust and should be long-lasting, despite the fact that Kuat’s approach is simple and quick.


To connect the rack to the car, the NV Base 2.0 has a cable lock buried at the end of each tray and a locking hitch pin. The cable lock is thicker and notably more secure than those found on the majority of other racks we’ve examined.

Even better, we don’t need a key to lock them because we merely click them into place and use the key solely to unlock them.

Although Kuat’s NV Base 2.0 attaches to the car with an extending wedge, it lacks an inbuilt lock. Instead, it has a locking hitch pin to keep the rack tight.

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Kuat NV Bike Racks Benefits

Kuat has created a bike rack that is at the top of the market in terms of features, whether it is the convenience of use, the security it provides, or the aesthetic. Its robust build allows it to be used for extended distances.

Importantly, it is easy to tighten and release the ratcheting arm, making it one of the most user-friendly bike racks on the market.

Furthermore, the rear-wheel straps are likewise simple to use, and the mainmast pivot has a lever for quick lowering and raising of the rack that may be handled with the foot, eliminating the need to lean down and use the lever with a hand. That’s convenient when you’re cycling alone and have a lot on your hands.

Also, the front adjustable tire cradle and rear ratchet strap make it simple to load a bicycle onto the beam. The cradle may also be modified to reduce contact between the bicycles, and the ratcheting strap can be changed to suit differing wheelbases.

Kuat NV Bike Racks comes with several locks, so you can expect nothing but the finest. This includes the following:

  • Burly wire locks to be looped through the frame’s rear triangles, preventing bikes from being readily lifted off the rack.
  • A hitch pin lock ensures that the Kuat rack cannot be readily removed while you are not looking.

It’s helpful that all of the locks use the same key.

Then there’s Kuat NV 2.0’s powder-coated touch, which is likewise more durable than the paint finish. It not only keeps its new appearance for a longer period of time, but it is also scratch-resistant.

The Verdict

There appears to be some confusion between NV 2.0 and NV Base, so let’s clear that up straight now.

In conclusion, both racks have the capacity to store two bikes weighing 60 pounds. The Kuat NV 2.0 is more expensive than the Kuat NV Base. In addition, when fitted in the hitch, the NV 2.0 sits closer to your car when folded down and has a glossy powder surface rather than the Base’s matte black appearance.

Aside from that, there aren’t many distinctions.

Assembly is preferably a two-person operation, but it is simple and can be performed with the aid of Kuat’s clear and plain instructions and equipment. The ideal solution is to attach the main support mast to the tray’s two parts.

Lastly, the main support mast may then be readily attached to the rack by matching their holes and tightening their bolts. As with any self-assembly project, we always recommend inspecting the item after the first and second usage to ensure that everything is staying together properly.

FAQs About Kuat NV Bike Racks

What is the maximum weight capacity of a Kuat bike rack?

A Kuat bike rack can carry up to 80 pounds, which is the smallest holding capacity among bike racks. It has a minimum weight limit of 40 pounds.

What is the best way to clean a Kuat rack?

Use a fine silk brush to remove deposited dirt and road particles, then rinse with moderate dish soap or carwash solution in warm water, soak with clean water, and wipe off with a dry towel.

Are Kuat bike racks RV compatible?

Yes. It may be mounted directly on campers, RVs, or trailers using simply chassis-mounted receivers and still be protected by the warranty.

Where are Kuat racks manufactured?

Manufacturing is handled in China and Taiwan, while research and development are done in Springfield.

What type of hitch is required for a Kuat bike rack?

This rack may accommodate either a 2 inch or a 1.25-inch hitch receiver. With these racks, we must utilize the included 3/8 inch hitch pin.