Toyota Prius Roof Rack: The 8 Best Roof Racks To Choose From

Since the late 90’s, the Toyota Prius has been a big part of the lives of families and people that long for a reliable car. The Prius is an awesome compact hatchback sedan that is versatile enough to handle different types of lifestyles. It can be your go-to car to and from the office or school. It can even be your companion when you do grocery shopping and run errands during the weekend. Your Prius will not disappoint, especially if you mount a roof rack on top of it.

Remote Start Compatible with Toyota Prius 2010-2015 Push-to-Start Models Includes Factory T-Harness for Clean Installation


You guessed it! The Prius can also be your best buddy to support your active lifestyle such as outdoor activities and different types of sports. This won’t be a big problem if you have a Toyota Prius roof rack. In this way, you can carry all your gear and equipment over your Prius without compromising space and comfort inside your car.

In this article, we will help you choose the best Toyota Prius roof rack. There are many options available in the market today, and it’s our job to make sure you land on some of the best choices we have for you.

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The Best Prius Roof Rack You Can Find

HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack

Universal Inflatable Soft Roof Rack Bars (Pair); Tie-Downs and Bow and Stern Lines Included; Carrier for Kayaks, Canoes, Surfboards and SUPs; Fits Cars and SUVs

One might argue that it’s better to own an inflatable roof rack than a standard one. Surely, the HandiRack Universal Inflatable Roof Rack gives an excellent case for that. This roof rack is designed to stand out and to be fundamentally unique in the roof rack market.

It is great for everyday use since the HandRack Inflatable roof rack is very easy to install and unmount without needing any more tools. This universal rack will make an excellent Prius roof rack because it can carry almost anything, ensuring safety for your gear. It can carry kayaks, cargo boxes, ski racks, and other big bags by using the large safety straps included.

You can easily carry a good 175 lbs of baggage literally on air. That’s more than enough for most people. One down side for this Prius roof rack is that it will be prone to puncture although it’s made of durable, high-quality tensile fabric.

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SportRack Complete Roof Rack System

SportRack Complete Roof Rack System - SR1002 , Black

The SportRack Complete Roof Rack System will not disappoint as a Prius roof rack. If you’re looking for a standard roof rack that will do the job, then this one’s for you. It is highly versatile to accommodate almost any type of gear, from canoes, to golf clubs and ski racks.

You can transport a wide variety of stuff on this rack without worrying about safety too much. Load as much as 130 lbs which is more than enough for all your necessities. Also, the build is high quality consisting of cross bars, strap hooks, and feet packs which is a great convenience. One great thing about buying this roof rack is that it comes pre-assembled.

This roof rack is made of solid steel to ensure that the roof rack is sturdy enough to withstand the elements and long drives ahead. Don’t forget the integrated locking system for a complete overall protection of your items. Likewise, the elegant black color finish will go well with any color of Prius.

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Leader Accessories Cargo Basket Roof Rack

Leader Accessories Roof Rack Cargo Basket with 150LB Capacity Car Top Luggage Carrier 64'x 39'x 4' Fit for SUV Truck Cars

If you’re going for an extra large order, then the Leader Accessories Cargo Basket Roof Rack will surely satisfy your needs. This is a great Prius roof rack that can be installed on top of your cross bar. Also, it is perfect for hauling extra cargo baggage, camping gear, and sporting equipment.
It can easily hold up to 150 lbs of cargo to free up space inside your Prius. In this manner, this cargo roof rack basket will safely and securely hold all your belongings in the Prius. In addition, you can count on it for an adjustable fit as it can be mounted on any roof crossbar thanks to its universal u-bolts design.

This cargo net has an all-latex core which is extremely durable and ultra lightweight. The mesh will keep your items from falling off. Lastly, a steel wind fairing is included to reduce wind resistance and wind noise substantially. Top it off with a scratch and rust resistant durable black powder coating to protect against harsh weather conditions.

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Inno Complete Rack System

INNO IN-SUT Stay Rack, Black

Next in line is this super underrated Inno Complete Roof Rack System. This rack is designed as if it specifically fits the Toyota Prius. This rack has everything you need inside the box which comes with all the parts such as cross bars and the foot pack. No need to purchase third-party parts to complete the installation.

This Prius roof rack also features a torque control knob that will prevent over tightening during the installation process. This way, unnecessary damages will not happen. In addition to that, this Inno roof rack has an integrated locking system which would be one less thing to worry about. There’s more, the best thing about this rack is its lifetime warranty! Yes, you read that right.
Lastly, the design is very low profile capable of carrying up to 132 lbs of load. It’s elegant black color stands out with the Prius giving it a nice accent to the car. Keep in mind that you will be needing the appropriate In-Sut fit kit to make your Prius compatible.

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Seah Hardware Universal Roof Rack

SEAH HARDWARE Universal Roof Rack Cross-Bars for Car, 2 PC.

Surely you will be interested in getting the Seah Hardware Universal Rack as your Prius roof rack system. This excellent roof rack has straps that pass through the door frames. With this, it can be also compatible with any 4-door vehicle that you might have as well. Avoid using it on 2-door cars as it may cause some trouble.

The crossbars of the Seah Hardware roof rack are made of heavy-duty stainless steel. It can withstand all the wear and tear it may endure over the years. This 48-inch cross bar is long enough to accommodate large baggage over your roof without overextending beyond your Prius. Moreover, the screws and bolts are made of the same material as well.

Additionally, the Seah Hardware Universal rack would be a great Prius roof rack because it is very adjustable. This will be great to carry all kinds of things from kayaks, to golf clubs and even grocery items. The water proof ratchets tie downs are awesome too! You can assemble and dismantle this roof rack in just a couple of minutes.

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Stanley Universal Car Roof Rack Pad & Luggage Carrier System

STANLEY S4000 Black/Yellow Universal Soft Roof Rack Pad and Luggage Carrier Kit with Heavy-Duty Tie Down Straps

This roof rack from Stanley, the Stanley Universal Car Roof Pad & Luggage Carrier System is a complete package that is high-quality and reliable Prius roof rack. It features 2 portable cargo pads that attach to the roof of any type of vehicle. Likewise, the pads also prevent scratches and damages to your Prius.

Like many other alternatives, the Stanley Universal car roof pad is weatherproof capable of handling the harsh environment. This is because it’s made of lightweight polyethylene foam that will be shock-absorbing and vibration-proof. You won’t have to worry about your items once you load them up in your car.

In addition to that, the adjustable cam straps and corrosion-less metal buckles will be able to handle at most 110 lbs. The system also includes 2 extra long cam-buckle lashing straps made of durable neoprene padding. The straps work hand-in-hand with 2 polyester tie-downs that are supported by heavy-duty webbing which can withstand up to 1000 lbs of pull.

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DORSAL Wrap-Rax Soft Roof Rack Pads

DORSAL Wrap-Rax Surfboard Soft Roof Rack Pads with Tie Down Straps, 19' Long - Pair - Universal Car Roof Rack for Longboard, Paddleboard, Snowboard, Canoes, SUP, Kayak

The Dorsal Wrap-Rax Soft Roof Rack Pads is the perfect choice for Prius owners that want to transport longer items such as surfboards and ski racks. This roof rack system will work on most cars with or without gutters. This unique Toyota Prius roof rack is attached by means of straps that wrap around the roof.

In addition, the special soft padding and heavy-duty buckles will make sure your items won’t slip or sway around when being transported. On top of that, this outstanding Prius roof rack pad is lined with EVA foam as well as covered by waterproof nylon sleeves. The system’s pads and straps come with a smooth and aerodynamic style that will hinder wind drag and noise.

Don’t discard the safe and easy transportation feature of this soft roof rack pad. The top of the bar is padded for a nice and snug fit. Also, it comes with hooks and a loop strap that is either 19 or 28 inches long depending on the unit version you are getting.

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HEYTRIP Universal Soft Roof Rack Pads for Kayak/Surfboard/SUP/Canoe with 15FT Tie-Down Straps and Storage Bag

The HeyTrip Roof Rack is ideal for carrying all types of load, particularly outdoor gear such as kayaks, surfboards, and other sporting equipment. You can load up as much as 170 lbs on this bad boy, and it works on any type of car other than the Prius. This premium soft roof rack is built with tough durable, yet lightweight material.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a side rail or not. You will still have a reliable Prius roof rack. In addition to that, two 15 ft tie down adjustable straps with padded cam locks will provide secure fit to your load. Likewise, the two 15ft bow and stern tie-down ropes will ensure a safe and secure hold to the front and back of your Prius.

What more, the built in non-slip mat protects your car roof from unwanted scratches. The top grade EVA foam provides a soft cushion for your load which also reduces vibration while on transport. Lastly, you don’t need any tools to install the HEYTRIP Roof Rack as it comes with all the attachments and straps needed to attach the pads to your car’s roof.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Prius Roof Rack


This factor definitely applies to all aspects of our buying decisions. You have to make sure you have allotted a budget for a roof rack, and that you can afford it. Keep in mind that buying a Prius roof rack is not that cheap, so it really pays to invest on something that is reliable.

Typically the known brands will have a higher price tag compared to other brands. These branded items will mostly offer more features compared to the more affordable ones. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to save more by letting go of other features, or the other way around.


Let’s be honest, nobody wants a flimsy and cheap-looking product. We surely want a Prius roof rack that will last for years, maybe even decades. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to the material and durability of your chosen roof rack. Some roof racks are made of aluminum light weight material while others are made of steel.

Some roof racks are also coated with anti-rust finish and rubber coatings as well. This will let you determine how long it will last, and likewise know how much it will weigh. Durability should be on your watch list if you want a long-lasting Prius roof rack.


What use is a roof rack if it would do its job protecting your gear? Similarly, you have to make sure that your Prius roof rack will not damage or scratch your car whatsoever, otherwise it will defeat the purpose. It’s the roof rack’s job to protect and securely store your baggage.

The safety of your baggage and other things you put on the roof rack is the ultimate priority. Does it lessen impact and drag when being transported? Damaged items are indeed a red flag for a roof rack. In the end, a faulty Prius roof rack will probably cost you more money than you should be.

Weight and Capacity

A Toyota Prius is a relatively small vehicle compared to pick-up trucks and SUVs. One must consider the weight and capacity of your roof rack before buying it. The overall weight of the roof rack will affect your fuel economy especially if you frequently load it at full capacity. Given this, one must also consider the maximum amount of weight you can carry on it.

You must never go over the recommended maximum weight. It might cause some problems in the future if you always overload. If so, you can always upgrade to a bigger and more spacious roof rack that can accommodate your gear.

Size and Dimensions

This is also relatable to the weight and capacity. Logically, much larger roof racks will have bigger dimensions. Thus, they will also weigh more. More importantly, knowing the size will let you determine if your roof rack will fit a Prius. That’s why you have to know the exact dimensions to allow clearance and correct spacing.

Also, you will, likewise, get an idea if your roof rack would wobble and be unstable when moving. A roof rack that is too tight or loose may cause some damages on your roof. Moreover, it may also cause some damage to your items, or worse, it may fall off.

Installation and Compatibility.

Check this, is your roof rack easy to install and disassemble? If yes, then your roof rack is a major plus when it comes to storage and installation. Installation processes vary from one roof rack to another. You should not be needing any tools for installation if you want a convenient experience.

You also might want to consider compatibility with other cars as well. Furthermore, you have to have a roof clamp that is compatible with your Prius roof rack. Always double check, or else you might end up with a useless roof rack you can’t count on.


Buying a roof rack for your Prius will definitely elevate your experience with your car. A roof rack is surely an excellent solution for your baggage problems, especially for a Toyota Prius with a compact trunk with limited storage. Your Prius roof rack will give you a spacious car.

If you have decided on installing a roof rack on your Prius, then I think you made the right decision, especially if you want to support your flexible lifestyle. Hopefully selecting the right roof will now be easy since you have read this article. We have featured some great picks here, so we hope you follow our recommendations.

Most outdoor lifestyle brands have a wide selection of roof racks. You have to know your priorities and then consider the things we have talked about here before deciding on the big purchase.

FAQs for a Prius Roof Rack

Can you install side rails on the Toyota Prius?

If your Prius doesn’t have a side rail, installing wouldn’t be a problem. Toyota Prius stock models don’t have models, so better look for one should you decide to get a roof rack as well.

What are the roof rack recommendations for a 2015 Toyota Prius?

Anyhing from Thule and Yakima are recommended even for other car brands and models. Their roof racks and other racks in general are perfectly compatible with majority of the factory made cars we have around.

Are there different types of roof racks available?

Yes there are, typically you can find the standard roof rack cross bars which would require side rails. You can also find platform roof racks. The cheapest option you can find are inflatable roof racks which are very convenient.

How much does a Toyota Prius roof rack cost?

It really depends on your available budget. Higher end roof racks will cost you more than 300 USD. On the average, a good and reliable roof rack will cost between 150 to 250 USD. You can purchase them online or drop by a physical store.

Can you carry heavier loads on the Toyota Prius?

The Toyota Prius can handle heavy loads of various sorts as long as you can safely secure them on the roof rack. You would to pay close attention to the maximum capacity of your chosen roof rack rather than the car itself.