7 Best Roof Rack Clamps in the Amazon Today: Buying Guide

If our vehicle has a roof rack, we should understand how roof rack clamps can assist us to increase our load capacity. Adding roof rack clamps to our current roof rack will boost the functionality of our car by fitting a variety of specialty items, such as bikes and kayaks.

Therefore, check out our guide to the best roof rack clamps based on our review.

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What exactly are Roof Rack Clamps?

Roof rack clamps attach to the roof rails of our vehicle, SUV, or van to carry recreational equipment, baggage, equipment, and other valuable items.

However, some of the advantages of installing roof rack clamps on our car include the ability to increase the function and capacity of our vehicle’s customized roof rack. It also saves us money on adventure excursions because we don’t have to rent equipment from pricey outfitters.

As a result, it safeguards our important goods from damage, loss, and theft. Assisting your vehicle’s roof in supporting the weight of the load while also protecting the roof paint from scratches and damage.

Types of Roof Rack Clamps

Some clamps are available alone, while others come with roof rack bars or other attachments.

Roof Rack Clamps Replacement

These clamps may be used to replace old or damaged clamps on your current roof rack clamps.

Roof Rack Crossbar Clamps

To facilitate cargo organization, crossbar roof rack clamps extend perpendicular to the rack. For our journeys, specialized clamps feature lockable attachments for several types of gear.

Considerations When Purchasing a Roof Rack Clamp

When choosing roof rack clamps for our car, we should bear the following considerations in mind:

Model of a Car

Many clamps are general, while others are tailored to specific cars.


We must bear in mind how we will use our roof rack clamp. Consider the many gears that we will store on our roof rack and how we will use them.

Weight Limit

Most racks have a weight limit of 150 pounds, but we must also consider the capacity of our vehicle’s roof. Before purchasing clamps for a new rack, we must first study the owner’s handbook.

Best Roof Rack Clamp Reviewed

Thule Evo Clamp Foot Pack

Thule Evo Clamp Foot Pack

Firstly, Thule is a Swedish corporation that owns a number of outdoor and transportation-related brands. Cargo containers and other recreational and storage equipment are among them, with 4,700 places of the sale in 136 countries around the world.

Furthermore, this roof rack clamp foot simply fits into our automobiles without the need for pre-existing roof rack attachment points. Furthermore, the innovative clamping system secures the rack to the car.

Also, when the rack is securely fastened to our car, the ergonomic torque restriction key illuminates. With click-in mounting brackets, assembling and installation are just a snap.

In fact, it requires no extra tools and is secured to the car with Thule One-Key locking. This product is available on Amazon.

Nilight Horizontal Bar Clamp

Nilight 8PCS Horizontal Bar Clamp Mounting Bracket Kit for Off-Road LED Light Bar on Roof Rack Roll Cage Holder,2 Years Warranty (90021H)

This roof rack clamp is made of aluminum alloy, which is impact and high-temperature resistant. Can be utilized in inclement weather and is resistant to hard situations. Ideal for usage outside.

Also, we can easily attach the LED lights to our roof rack, bullbar, or head rack without making any cuts in the bodywork.

The bar clamp attachment kit includes a non-slip rubber insert to attenuate driving vibration and keep the bull bar surface from scratching.

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LAMPHUS Cruizer Horizontal Bar Clamp

Off-Road ATV UTV Light Bar Mount Mounting Bracket Bar Clamp Kit [1"/1.5"/1.75"/2" Inch] [Horizontal Bar] [Aluminium] [1 Unit] Bull Bar UTV Roll Bar Clamp Tube Roll Cage Clamps Mount for ATV UTV

First of all, the LAMPHUS Cruizer Horizontal Bar Clamp Kit enables attachment light bars with 10mm mounting bolts on your roof rack.

Next, we can decorate the ride with a variety of LED lighting attachments without ever needing to drill further into the bodywork. Attach LED light bars and working lights without drilling additional holes in the bodywork.

Generally, it is suitable for off-road vehicles such as ATVs, UTVs, trucks, boats, agricultural vehicles, and others and may be used on tubes. Our clamps are sturdy and long-lasting because they are precision-welded from cast aluminum.

Importantly, rubber inserts provide a more tight fit with a larger variety of sizes. It also helps to absorb vibrations while off-roading and keeps our bullbar from becoming scratched.

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AUXMART Universal Roof Rack Crossbars

AUXMART Universal Roof Rack Crossbars Width Less Than 48” Adjustable for Most Vehicle Wagon Car Without Roof Side Rail (Pack of 2) 150LBS /68KG Capacity

Next, this universal roof rack clip is designed to accommodate most cars that do not have side rails. The crossbars provide an excellent base for installing bike carriers, cargo boxes, and other rooftop accessories.

Moreover, our car is protected from damage and scrapes thanks to three pairs of cushioned clamps. Made of high-quality aluminum, it is lightweight and long-lasting. When the load is equally distributed, the load capacity is 150lbs.

Furthermore, no drilling or cutting is necessary, and no side rails are required.

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YAKIMA LockNLoad Crossbar Clamps

YAKIMA, LockNLoad Crossbar Clamps for Roof Rack Systems, Set of 2

We can attach the LockNLoad platform to an existing roof rack using these crossbar clamps. The LockNLoad platform necessitates the use of 2-3 sets of crossbar clamps. Rubber cushions preserve the finish of the crossbars and are made of a sturdy welded steel structure.

Because we can install it in about 15 minutes, minor assembly is necessary. Every set of crossbar clamps increases 110 lbs of weight capacity, bringing the total weight capacity to 330 lbs.

Keep this in mind, we should never exceed the weight restriction specified by Yakima or the manufacturer.

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KMFCDAE Roll Bar Clamps

Tube Clamp Mounting Bracket, KMFCDAE Roll Bar Clamps for 1.5 Inch Tube Roll Cage Bull Bar Roof Rack LED Light Bar Mount (Adjustable, 1 Pair)

KMFCDAE Tube clamp mounting bracket is designed to accommodate 1.75-inch tube bull bars, roof racks, and other 1.75-inch tubular area mount light bar work lights.

Also, it allows us to add more work lighting and a light bar to our car without the requirement for existing mounting bolts, making it extremely easy to install and operate.

Amazingly, height and angle may be adjusted by rotating 360 degrees in either direction. It also has six different mounting holes to satisfy our demands for fitting different sized lamps and is completely customizable.

In fact, it is crafted of high-quality aluminum alloy with a matte black powder coating, the metal loop is thickened up to 3.2mm, making it more strong and sturdy to withstand road shocks and rain washing.

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MOTAFAR Mounting Clamps

MOTAFAR 4 PCS Mounting Clamps Ladder Rack Clamps Truck Cap Topper Camper Shell Heavy Duty for Chevy Silverado Sierra 1500/2500/3500; Dodge, Ram 1500/2500/3500, F150 F250, Mitsubishi, Toyota(Black)

Next, this product is a set of four pieces that can satisfy our varied installation demands, providing ease for your journey, and is simple to install, saving you a lot of time.

Also, the truck mounting clamp is often used to secure a big camper or vehicle lower lip to the mounting bracket. Without drilling, the screws may be tightened easily with a wrench or ratchet.

Lastly, it is designed to be used with fiberglass or aluminum rails to install truck covers. Furthermore, it contains aluminum, which is of great quality and strength and is resistant to corrosion.

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How to Install a Roof Rack

The suggestions in this article are generic in nature and are not intended to replace instructions for your individual vehicle. Before undertaking repairs, please reference your owner’s handbook or repair guide.

Each kit’s installation changes differently depending on the model chosen and the manufacturer. In general, mounting your new roof rack is simple.

Cleanup Your Car’s Roof

Putting a rack on a dirty roof may make it more difficult to clean in the future and may also prohibit the rack’s connection points from resting flush.

Screws should be loosened.

Roof racks typically have two crossbars and four-foot mounts that hook to the car’s guttering or side rails. Unscrew the hand screws on the outside of the foot mounts just enough to allow them to open.

Adjust the Crossbars

Separate the foot mount apertures sufficiently to accommodate the crossbars, then place the crossbars between the four mountings. We should then have two crossbars having loosely attached foot mounts on each ends.

Measure from the inner edge of the foot mounts to determine the right width between mounts for your vehicle. Tighten the adjustments into position after the crossbar distance across mounts is the right length.

Repair the Pads and Caps

Attach the pads to the mounts and the caps to the crossbars. Roof rack pads protect your roof from scratches, and crossbar caps cover the ends of the crossbars to keep water out.

Place the Rack

Open your car’s doors and center the rack on the roof, ensuring that the front rack is properly positioned away from the top of the windshield by following the manufacturer’s safety requirements supplied with the equipment.

Secure the Rack

The accompanying metal clips connect into the underneath rim of your doors and windows and tighten them to secure the front foot mounts in place. Our crossbars and foot mounts are now securely fastened and ready for use.

Final Recommendations

Clamps can be attached to the vehicle’s current roof rack or to the door frame. Installation is determined by the make and model of your vehicle as well as the type of roof rack clamps you purchase. Read the handbook thoroughly. Many roof rack clamps even provide training videos.

FAQs About Roof Rack Clamps

What effect does a roof rack have on handling?

A big load on our roof rack reduces the vehicle’s stability since it shifts the center of gravity away. If we change direction while driving at high speeds, our car and load may become unstable, and we may lose control.

Do roof racks cause harm to your vehicle?

A properly installed and used roof rack will not do any damage to your vehicle. On the other hand, an overtightened, under tightened, improperly fitting, or overloaded roof rack might cause harm to your vehicle.

What is the ideal distance between roof racks?

Roof racks are typically spaced about 700mm apart. Any wider apart, and our load may come into contact with the ceiling between the bars. The accessories required will be determined by the sort of load to be carried.

Should I take the roof rack off while not in use?

Yes. A roof rack increases the vehicle’s wind resistance, which increases fuel usage. When not in use, be sure to take it out.

Roof racks create a lot of noise, don’t they?

A whistling, loud roof rack may be quite inconvenient, especially on lengthy journeys. This whistling is produced by high-speed wind striking the roof rack and maybe readily be remedied in a number of ways.