Ford Focus Roof Rack Review: 5 Best Roof Rack for Ford Focus

The greatest roof racks are the ones you can rely on for your vehicle. They must remain attached to your vehicle and hold your skis or kayaks so that your equipment does not fly off your roof at highway speeds. All of this must take place above your head, where you cannot see it. A high-quality Ford Focus Roof Rack is a smart investment in terms of safeguarding your belongings.


Different Types of Roof Racks

ford focus roof racks

Canopy mounts

These mounts are heavy and often meant for large vans, vehicles, and RVs. Therefore, they can support a significant amount of weight and contain a large number of items. They’re designed for extended trips across big distances. While they may be useful for smaller stuff, they are a bit excessive to install if you don’t use your vehicle for frequent trips and vacations.

Canopy mounts are extremely strong and difficult to install, so you should get an expert to do that for you. They can be pricey, but they’re worth it if you planning a trip with a lot of gear, especially bicycles or kayaks. They attach directly to the vehicle or to the traditional rain gutter rails that were commonly fitted on many vehicles.

ford focus roof racks

Rain Gutters

The design was not originally meant to rail for racks, but it did help to evolve the industry. Since these fittings were so popular, rack manufacturers developed many of their products to operate with these rails.

ford focus roof racks

Fixed Point

Fixed point rails used to sit on the roof of your vehicle and are nearly usually a purposeful upgrade. These metal bars are incredibly sturdy and durable, with holes that serve as anchor points for highly effective roof racks.

While they are useful to fasten loads of various sizes using clip ties, the beautiful part of them is the racks they provide as the basis. They are quick and easy to set up and can store up to heavy loads. It makes them ideal for carrying your full holiday stuff, bikes, or anything that weighs roughly the same as an adult male.


Side Rails

ford focus roof racks

Side rails are commonly seen on SUVs and vans, and they are enough for transporting large items. However, you should not use this to secure something massive for extended trips. They operate by passing straps beneath and then over your load, attaching the straps on the other side.

Furthermore, these rails might be flat with the ceiling, in which case they are not used to strap things down and are just anchoring points.

They’re a fantastic addition that will allow additional rack installation fairly easy than with a naked roof. Rails appear to be a roof rack system, but they are not. You can use these rails to secure stuff, but it is not advised.

ford focus roof racks

Naked roof

This is the standard for a significant number of vehicles. Naked roof car rack systems attach directly to the roof of your vehicle. With a unique fit kit, it clamps into your door frames to keep the crossbar in place. This is the most popular type of roof rack. It is totally detachable and fits practically all vehicles.

5 Best Ford Focus Roof Rack

Rhino-Rack ROC25 Roof Rack

Rhino-Rack USA RV0736B Vortex ROC25 Flush Roof Rack 2 Bar Front 1031mm Rear 977mm Black Vortex ROC25 Flush Roof Rack

This silent, aerodynamic Ford Focus roof rack with a genuine style allows you to transport items on the naked roof of your vehicle. Top ports with noise-reducing Vortex strips are strong, light aluminum crossbars.

The aerodynamic Rhino-Rack ROC25 roof rack allows you to transport goods and accessories on the roof of your Ford Focus. It also remains silent and minimizes wind resistance during travel. The Vortex Aero crossbar on the rack includes built-in rubberized strips that interrupt airflow for a smooth ride. This bar merges smoothly with the support legs that contain built-in locks to keep your stuff and the rack safe from thieves.

With regularly spaced, wave-shaped slots, the rubberized Vortex panels in the upper channel of the crossbar block wind. This reduces wind noise and whistling, eliminating the need for a roof rack covering. And, even at highway speeds, the thin, oval Vortex Aero crossbar glides through the air with minimum drag.

Locking coverings on each leg allow you to attach crossbar top channel accessories. These tough nylon coverings give the rack a completed look while also helping to attach it to your roof. Because the cover locks have similar keys, so a single key opens all of them.

Complete Roof Rack Kit Compatible with Honda Civic...
  • QUALITY - The Rhino-Rack flush mount roof rack system is designed to specifically fit your vehicle. Engineered & proven in Australia, the glass reinforced nylon legs & powder coated extruded aluminum bars provide maximum strength, longevity & durability.

Rhino-Rack Vortex Aero Cross Bar

Rhino-Rack Vortex Bar (One Black 59" Bar) - VA150B Aerodynamic Roof Rack Cross Bar

Aerodynamic aluminum crossbars allow you to create an additional Ford Focus roof rack. Full-length bars offer plenty of room for luggage and accessories. The vortex strips reduce wind noise and theft-deterring plastic locks are available.

These low-profile, aerodynamic Vortex Aero crossbars allow you to design your custom roof rack. Each bar extends all the way to the roof rack legs to make more room for luggage and equipment. Rubberized Vortex panels in the top channel of each crossbar impede wind for quiet riding. The bars have aluminum materials and will not rust.

The rubberized Vortex bars in the top channel reduce wind noise and whistling, eliminating the need for roof rack protection. And, even at highway speeds, the thin, oval Vortex Aero crossbars glide through the air with minimum resistance.

Each crossbar comes with two secured key locking endcaps made of long-lasting polypropylene. These endcaps are safe with a standard tubular key. The polypropylene locks hold the endcaps to the crossbars. Upgrade to endcaps with all-metal locking cores for enhanced security.

Rhino-Rack Vortex Bar (One Black 59" Bar) - VA150B...
  • AERODYNAMIC & SLEEK - This low-profile elliptical shaped crossbar creates an extremely aerodynamic roof cargo management system. this roof rack cross bar comes in black and silver options to compliment your vehicles look.

Inno Aero Crossbar

INNO IN-FR Base Stays for Factory Raised Side Rails - Set of 4 (Black)

Low-profile, aerodynamic crossbars transform your Ford Focus roof rack into an additional attachment. T-slots in aluminum bars allow you to install channel-mounted loads and equipment. T-slots with flexible rubber strips keep dirt out and don’t need to trim.

The form of these lightweight bars is oval. This aerodynamic, low-profile design aids in reducing wind noise and resistance when driving.

The crossbars of the Inno Aero came from strong, lightweight aluminum. Internal extrusions increase structural rigidity and strength without adding much weight. Because the bars are rustproof, you may leave them on your roof.

INNO IN-FR Base Stays for Factory Raised Side...
  • Rubber coated, stainless steel straps protect rails.

Thule Standard Square Cross Bars

Thule SquareBar 135 (53”) , Black

SquareBar Evo crossbars came from galvanized steel and have a polymer coating to offer grip for your load. The SquareBar Evo crossbars create a strong, dependable roof rack for your car. To improve carrying capacity, each bar extends over the Ford Focus roof rack foot.

The bars consist of galvanized steel, which makes them robust and corrosion-resistant. They also feature a polymer covering that keeps your goods from sliding about on the rack. To install the SquareBars to your roof, you’ll need a Thule foot pack. If your car has a bare roof, you will additionally need a vehicle-specific fit kit.

Most attachments can clamp over roof rack bars, including bicycle and cargo carriers. The bars extend beyond the roof rack feet to provide more area for attaching equipment and luggage to your roof rack.

Thule SquareBar 135 (53”), Black
  • Classic steel square bars with black polymer coating

Yakima JetStream Aerodynamic Crossbars

Yakima - JetStream Bar, Aerodynamic Bar for Roof Rack Systems, Black, 50"

These crossbars blend steel strength with an aerodynamic form to produce a heavy-duty yet silent roof rack for your car. Full-length bars enhance load-carrying capacity. They are also compatible with the majority of clamp-on attachments.

The aerodynamic Yakima CoreBars allows you to create a silent yet strong roof rack for your car. To attach the crossbars to your roof, you’ll need four Yakima towers and a custom fit kit. Each bar extends to make more room for carriers and equipment. Because the bars have galvanized steel, they can support more weight than typical aluminum aero bars.

The teardrop design of the CoreBar directs airflow over and beneath the bar. This reduces wind noise even at highway speeds.  The aero-style bar also helps to preserve fuel economy by reducing drag. The CoreBar is also suitable for a wide range of universal carriers and attachments.

YAKIMA, JetStream Bar Aerodynamic Crossbars for...
  • Aerodynamic crossbar: The high-performance JetFlow teardrop shape is strong, quiet and minimizes drag for maximum efficiency; The seamless aluminum construction is lightweight and sleek

5 things to consider before you buy

Styles and designs

When making a purchase selection, you may select from a variety of roof rack designs and styles. You must select the type that is suitable for you and your vehicle. Every piece of luggage on a roof rack has an impact on fuel efficiency and noise.

To make loading and unloading items easier, the rack should have a low profile. It makes it simple to access a low-packing carport while generating less drag. With a low-profile rack, you can effortlessly optimize fuel efficiency and noise reduction.

The material of a roof rack also affects its lifetime, with certain materials being more resistant to corrosion than others.

The accessories you will need

Consider the items you want to use before purchasing a roof rack. Each attachment provides a distinct function and varies in size. The number of attachments should fit the crossbar width and the size of your vehicle.

You can’t buy a car roof rack until you know what accessories you’ll be carrying. Because of its adaptability, most individuals choose a rack that can serve several uses. Roof basket accessories are great if you want things that are both inexpensive and adaptable. The cargo cases are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Type of roof rack

Roof racks come in a variety of styles, including fixed and temporary racks. Roof racks differ in pricing and attachment method, with more sturdy racks being more expensive. Consider the sort of roof rack you require while making a purchase selection.

Despite their expensive cost, some prefer permanent roof racks because of their durability. Universal racks, on the other hand, are adaptable and may fit in any vehicle. They are simple to install and remove, but they are not long-lasting.

Choose the one that will best fit your needs.

Roof rack size

When purchasing a roof rack, size is an important consideration. Roof racks available in a variety of sizes to fit various automobile sizes. A wide roof rack will improve your vehicle’s storage space and provide a stable platform for transporting any item.

Consider the size of the roof rack that is appropriate for your vehicle. It should not interfere with the automobile fitting into the garage or the doors closing. If you don’t consider the size, you can wind up purchasing a roof rack that won’t fit in your garage. Before purchasing a roof rack, consult with your mechanic about the appropriate size.

Roof rack toughness

Examine the performance and durability of a roof rack when shopping. In most instances, a more solid rack will be more durable and long-lasting, providing better value for money.

Roof rack materials should be able to withstand extreme situations such as fire and muddy terrain. When shopping for a car roof rack, search for one that will improve the experience without causing rust.

Because some camping places are only accessible through muddy pathways, a sturdy roof rack is a must-have. The material should be durable enough to outlast the car while remaining simple to install. Don’t trade strength for weight, since some tough materials are focus roof racks


A roof rack is a great location to keep baggage and other heavy goods like sports equipment. Items that will not fit inside the vehicle during a vacation or trip are typically placed on the rack.

As a result, selecting the appropriate accessory is critical to having a good time on your trip. They are simple to use and may last a lifetime if purchased from a respectable source.

If you desire a high-quality product, these attributes should take priority above the price. Getting evaluations from reliable sources might indeed help you find the best roof rack for you.

FAQs On Ford Focus Roof Rack

Do I need any special tools to assemble my rack?

Most roof racks do not require any additional tools to install, but if they do, they are within the package.

Can I carry a roof box as well as bicycles on my roof bars?

Yes. As long as you stay within the allowed roof carrying weight capacity for your specific vehicle, you may transport the width of the roof box.

Will roof racks damage my car?

When properly installed to a clean roof, a rack will not scratch or cause any damage to your vehicle. We recommend that you remove your roof rack periodically to clean any road grime build-up.

What kind of roof rack will work best for my car?

Roof racks are compatible with around 98 percent of vehicles; however, you will need certain parts to attach them to your vehicle.

If the car has rain gutters, any rain gutter-installed roof rack would almost probably work. However, bar width and foot height may need some adjustments. More than likely, you’ll be able to transfer the rack from one car to another with a rain gutter.

Do roof racks increase fuel consumption?

A roof rack improves the wind resistance of your vehicle. This will result in an increase in fuel usage, therefore you can remove it when not in use. Although an aerodynamically built roof rack or box will assist minimize wind resistance, the rack or uninstall it when not in use.