Thule Snowboard Extender Rack: The Most Popular Ski Rack Today

The Thule Snowboard Extender Rack is a slide-out rack with an aerodynamic design for easy transporting of skis and snowboards. With enough space for both skis and snowboards,  the ski rack allows you to bring some pals along for a fun day of slicing across the snow.

Thule is commonly known for producing high-quality ski racks, and the Snowboard Extender is one of them. It includes universal fastening clamps that allow it to accommodate various types of skis. Second, it has a One-Key locking mechanism with two locking cylinders and keys for some further protection.

This rack fits for 3.5-inch-wide crossbars. It has a loading deck that is 23.5 inches wide and can accommodate up to six pairs of skis. The ultra-soft rubber arms support the skis and avoid scratches. The ski rack includes a push button that is simple to use even when wearing gloves. It is most likely one of the most stylish ski racks on the market right now.

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First of All, Who is Thule?

Founded in 1942 by Erik Thulin in Hillerstorp, Sweden, and released its first roof racks in 1962. The company ensures sustainability and makes high-quality items with the least environmental effect. Its products promote people to live an active lifestyle outside. The Thule Test Center assures that every product is properly tested and meets the 25 Thule test criteria.

Thule Snowpack Extender Advantages

Have more free space.

Ski racks free up room in your vehicle that may be useful to store or carry other stuff. It is also possible to get the skis without leaving your car, which is practical.

It protects your vehicle.

A ski rack protects your vehicle from damages caused by shifting or moving skis. It also stops dirt, snow, and other elements from entering the vehicle.


Ski racks come in a variety of costs, and many are less expensive than cargo crates. It let you transport your skis anywhere you go so you can bring your own skis and you don’t have to rent one.Thule SnowPack Ski/Snowboard Rack, Medium (4 Pr/2 Boards), Silver


  • It transports many the skis quietly.
  • It’s most likely the easiest ski rack to install.
  • The extension function operates nicely and does not clog.
  • High bindings will not catch on the ceiling since it has lots of vertical space.


  • It is not as aerodynamic as the most recent designs.

Why Should You Purchase a Thule Snowboard Extender Rack?

Thule SnowPack Ski/Snowboard Rack, Medium (4 Pr/2...
  • Aerodynamic rooftop rack for all types of skis and snowboards

Installation and use are simple

Purchase a ski rack that is simple to install and operate. It should not be cumbersome or need the use of accessories every time you travel your skis. If you only use the rack during the ski season, it should be simple to mount and detach. You should be able to utilize it while wearing gloves to avoid cold weather.

Compatibility with vehicles

The Thule Snowboard Extender suit any vehicle. However, others are solely intended for certain cars. Because each car has a unique set of crossbars, it’s critical that you acquire the proper roof rack.

It is less expensive

Ski racks are available in a variety of pricing ranges, so you can choose one to suit your needs. There are several outstanding ski racks that aren’t too expensive, but you’ll only find them if you do a little digging. Aluminum is often used to make the greatest ski racks.

Key Features of Thule Snowboard Extender Rack


The larger a ski rack’s capacity makes it more convenient. A greater capacity rack can hold more skis, and no one needs to sit with those. To choose the correct ski rack, figure out how many skis you’ll be carrying and leave enough room for spares. Smaller versions can accommodate two pairs of skis, while bigger versions can accommodate up to six pairs.


Roof racks have a major impact on your car’s fuel economy, especially when traveling long distances. It raises air resistance, requiring more power to drive at high speeds. The items carried by a ski rack, as well as its design, have an impact on fuel economy. Aerodynamic designs are preferable because they reduce fuel waste.


Invest in a multifunctional ski rack to get the most value for the money. It is useful all year round, not only during the winter skiing season. It should also have a simple design so that you don’t have to worry about taking it off. Other outdoor gear, such as surfboards, kayaks, paddles, and fishing poles, may be movable using this versatile rack.

Where to Buy it?

Thule Snowboard Extender Rack is available on Amazon. You can also check and buy the product on their official website.

Thule SnowPack Ski/Snowboard Rack, Medium (4 Pr/2...
  • Aerodynamic rooftop rack for all types of skis and snowboards

Different Types of Ski Racks

Cargo Boxes

Because they take up no room, they are adaptable and popular with those travelling on vacation or camping. They may be useful on various cars and are large enough to accommodate a variety of stuff. However, they cause the automobile to use more fuel, generate more noise, and create more air resistance, particularly at high speeds.

Roof Bar Racks

These are common among skiers since they are simple to install. They can hold various sizes of skis, as well as bikes and kayaks. They are inexpensive and can secure your stuff to avoid theft. Roof bar racks feature two weight bars that are typically mounted on the roofs of vehicles. Roof racks are factory-installed on certain vehicles, while others are available in the market separately.

Hitch Ski Racks

These ski racks are an ideal way to transport your skis straight to the trunk of your vehicle. To install them, you must first attach a hitch receiver. However, it reduces the visibility through the rear window and makes your skis dirty quicker.

How to Install Thule Snowboard Extender Rack?

Before installation, consider where you want your ski rack to go on your base rack system. You may put it in the middle of your car equally or nearer to one side for easy access.

Snap the polycarbonate mounts into the proper spots on your crossbar. Begin at the back and work your way forward. The mounts are flexible and should readily snap into position.

Place the rack on top of the mounts and align the holes in the mounts with the holes in the rack. Back to front, insert the given bolts into the holes. Once you’ve reached the bolt’s head, double-check that the square is properly aligned.

To thread the wingnut, open the ski rack. The ski rack should be open for this since the upper part of the rack serves as the wingnut’s latch.

Seal the rack and repeat the preceding procedures with the second bar, ensuring that the two racks correspond.

Thule SnowPack Ski/Snowboard Rack, Medium (4 Pr/2 Boards), Silver

The Verdict

There are several sorts of snowboard companies on the marketplace. One of them is Thule. Thule is one of the greatest snowboard manufacturers, producing the most affordable snowboards. Thule started in 1942 in Sweden and is well-known for its beautiful, safe, and user-friendly snowboards.

Thule specializes in producing these sorts of items, and you can always expect to receive a high-quality product. They also serve customers with a variety of budgets, so you can be confident that you will discover something that is well-made and will not cost you a large amount.

If you really need a ski and snowboard carrier for your car, the Thule line of goods assures you to give something that will always meet your demands.


How should I select a ski rack?

Ski racks are available in two basic sizes. A small size that can hold up to four sets of skis or two snowboards and a big size that can hold up to six sets of skis or four snowboards. Different manufacturers has different naming conventions, but a ‘6’ in the title indicates a big size, whereas a ‘4’ indicates a small size.

What effect will the roof rack have on your vehicle?

A roof rack improves the wind resistance of your vehicle. This will result in an increase in fuel usage, therefore you should it when not in use. Although an aerodynamically built roof rack will help minimize wind resistance, the rack or box should and removed when not in use.

Rooftop Ski Racks: Do They Make a Lot of Noise?

Rooftop ski racks are often quiet. If you do notice a strange noise, you may silence it by shifting the front crossbar slightly forward or backward.

Is it necessary for me to drill holes in my roof?

Drilling is not necessary. If you want a fixed installation, it is a choice on some cars. They have multi-sport systems that clip to the top of your car without the need for drilling, welding, or permanently affixing anything to it. They are generally simple to install and remove.

Can I take my car through a car wash when it has a rack on it?

No. When washing your vehicle, remove the rack since it may snag on some of the car wash’s equipment and cause damage to your vehicle. You should remove the rack to wash the water spots or debris that may have gotten beneath your pads.