Coleman Elite Montana vs Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tent Review

Coleman Elite Montana vs Wenzel Klondike, which is the best 8 person camping tent for camping with family or friends? In this article, I’ll compare these two most popular tents to help you choose!

Coleman Elite Montana vs Wenzel Klondike

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Whether you just want to camp and relax or go on a hiking adventure, the first thing you must invest in is a tent. It’s important to find a good tent as it will serve as your home away from home and protect you from extreme weather conditions.

When choosing a tent brand between Coleman and Wenzel, consider that their most important function is to provide you shelter from the sun, rain, wind, outdoor pests. In addition, these tents also provide you with a safe place for storing your gear and a bit of outdoor privacy. Size, shape, quality, and above all, the cost within your budget are just some of the core considerations when purchasing your first tent.

But the most important thing you must consider when selecting a tent is that you have to carry the tent with you to the camping place. Therefore it’s wise to get a tent that’s just right. Remember, bigger is not necessarily better: your needs and comfort always come first while choosing a tent.

So, which is the best 8-person camping tent for you? Let’s see the individual features of the Coleman Elite Montana and Wenzel Klondike tents first!

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Coleman Elite Montana Tent for 8-Person

Coleman Elite Montana 8 Person Tent is designed to fulfill all your outdoor camping needs. It has three added features that make it ideal for 8-person camping. These features include LED light, self-rolling windows, and a hinged door.

Coleman Elite Montana Tent Specifications

  • Size: ‎ 16 x 7/8-Person
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Item Weight: 27.4 Pounds
  • Maximum Height: 6.17 Feet
  • Number of pieces: 5
  • Assembly Time: 15 minutes
  • Warranty: One year, limited

Here is a brief description of some of this camping tent’s features.

Built-in LED Lighting System

First of all, the Coleman Elite Montana Tent is equipped with a battery-powered LED light that serves not only as a way to have fun after sunset but also as a way to identify the tent in the dark of night. It is ceiling-mounted and provides a powerful but gentle overhead. In addition, it has a wall switch that lets you select between high, low, and nightlight modes.

The Coleman Elite Montana Tent’s LED light is CPX® 6 compatible, powered by either a battery cartridge or rechargeable cartridge which are not included in the package. The LED light provides 100 Lumen on high settings, 42 Lumen on low settings, and 5 Lumenin nightlight mode. When fully powered, the light provides from 26 o 81 hours of runtime, depending on the mode.

Hinged Door

The hinged door gives you quick access inside and outside. The velcro door with optional zipper closure is definitely a neat touch and better than the traditional zipper up the middle door. While the extended door awning creates a dry area for entry and storage.

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Elite Montana Tent with Easy Setup

Self-Rolling Windows

The self-rolling windows provide you with cross ventilation and excellent sunshine. In addition, the angled windows keep the rain out when the windows are open.

Spacious Interior

The good thing is it’s VERY spacious. A lot larger than most tents labeled as eight persons. The tent interior is large enough to accommodate three queen size airbeds. The interior is 16 x 7 ft with 6 ft. 2 in. center height.

Tough And Durable

Coleman tents are made with Durable, Polyguard™ fabric that last season after season. The package includes a rainfly for extra weather protection. Further, WeatherTec™ system keeps the water out and ensures you stay dry.


Coleman tents have built-in pockets, which are sewn along the walls. These easy to reach small pockets can hold small items like snacks and gadgets. It is also equipped with an E-Port that allows you to bring electrical power inside your tent. In addition, it comes with an expandable carry bag that lets you tear away the rip strip for additional storage.

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Elite Montana Tent with Easy Setup

Easy Installation

The Coleman Elite Montana is very easy to set up, taking roughly 15 minutes to assemble.  Also, when disassembled, it’s easy to carry making it a good choice for long camping trips.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent sets a new standard for family camping. This sturdy piece of camping kit protects you from heavy rain, high wind, and outdoor pests while ensuring that you remain comfortable.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent Specifications:

  • Capacity: 8 Persons
  • Number Of Doors: 1
  • Number Of Windows: 2
  • Floor Area: 90 sq. Ft.
  • Color: Blue
  • Tent Weight: 27.3 pounds
  • Frame Material: Fiber Glass

Here are some of the features of this tent.

Reliable Weather Protection

A tent’s primary feature is to protect you from rain and winds and Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent’s tent is fully equipped with this feature. It is made with double-stitched, high-quality polyester fabric that prevents rain from seeping into the tent. And for an additional layer of protection, the tent, thread, zippers and webbings are coated with a waterproof coating that keeps your tent dry from top to bottom.


The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent keeps you comfortable day and night. A mesh roof lets you look up at the stars while two mesh windows let air in while keeping bugs out. A well-made ventilation system complete with a rear vent and mesh walls ensures comfort and safety in even the hottest summer days.


Powerful steel supports hold the fiberglass roof frame in place, makingg the tent remained pitched even against the fiercest winds.

Spacious Interior

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tents have a spacious interior that measures 16 x 11 feet. The tent’s 98 sq ft interior space comfortably fits 8 people, with up to 3 in a separate sleeping room with zip-up walls. A peak height of 6.5 feet lets people stand up straight while inside the tent.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent, Blue

Accessory Pockets

It is usually challenging to store your small items while camping. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent has built-in pockets in the tent walls, easy to reach, and is handy for storage.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent, Blue

Comparison of Coleman Elite Montana and Wenzel Klondike

CBoth the Coleman Elite Montana and Wenzel Klondike tents are made of quality materials and provide you with perfect protection from all weather conditions. If you have to choose between these two fabulous camping tools, the following comparison will help you to decide.

Interior Space

Both the tents can accommodate eight people. However, the Coleman has a single room while the Wenzel tent has an optional zip-up sleeping room.

The Coleman’s capacity is 16 feet by 7 feet with a single room, while the Wenzel tent is 16 feet by 11 feet with two rooms. In terms of sheer floor space and room division, the Wenzel Klondike Tent is the clear winner.


The Coleman Elite Montana Tent is only slightly heavier at 27.4 pounds than the Wenzel 8 Person Klondile Tent at 27.3 pounds. The extra 0.1 pound of weight is negligible in most cases, and both tents are equally equipped for either camping straight out of a car or a hike.

Pole Material And Fabrics

Both tents use fiberglass for their poles, making them light yet sturdy. Both tents use PU-treated waterproof fabrics, which are tough and durable.

Climate And Seasons

The Coleman tent is a year-round tent while Wenzel tents are 3-season tents. For winter campers, the Coleman is the clear winner.

Easy To Assemble

While the Coleman is easy to set up, it requires prior experience to be able to pitch it. On the other hand, Wenzel tents have pre-attached ropes for added stability and to streamline the setup process.

Storage Area

Both tents have built-in pockets sewn along the walls for storing items. But Wenzel’s zip-up room can also be used as a dedicated storage area for equipment and luggage.

Night Lights

The Coleman tent has a ceiling-mounted LED light that can easily be charged via its e-port.


A tent’s price is often the determining factor whether someone will buy it or not. The Coleman tent is slightly more expensive at $219.99 whereas the Coleman tent costs $204.49. The Coleman’s extra features such as an LED light, an e-port, a hinged door, and a one-year limited warranty make it a better option for more discerning campers..

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Coleman Elite Montana vs Wenzel Klondike: Verdict


Coleman Elite Montana and Wenzel Klondike both can accommodate up to eight people. They weigh roughly the same and are similarly easy to pitch and set up.

Both tents are made with quality fabric protecting them from rain and winds. Their poles are made of fiberglass for lightweight and ease of transport. But due to their dome structure, both tents are non-freestanding and require pegs for stability.

The Coleman tent has an edge with its LED light, hinged room, and non-mesh walls for protection in extreme weather. However, the Wenzel tent has a separate screened room that provides extra space for storing gear or just as a sleeping area.

While the Coleman is a bit more expensive, it comes with some extra features. On the other hand, the Wenzel is cheaper but lacks the extra features.

Thus, the final verdict on which tent to get depends on you. If you need more features go for the Coleman Elite Montana. But if you don’t have the extra budget and a zip-up room is a nice feature for you, then go for the Wenzel Klondike Tent.

FAQs About Coleman And Wenzel Tents

What Other Items Do I Need To Buy When Purchasing The Camping Tent?

Campers should have backup poles, standard pegs, tent patches, and guy lines to not only provide comfort but also to perform emergency repairs.

How Long Will These Tent Last?

Tents used in normal conditions and are regularly maintained can be expected to last around 5 years. A tent’s lifespan is also dictated by how often it’s used and what conditions it’s used in. The biggest enemy of any tent is UV radiation. Tents exposed to higher UV radiation due to higher altitudes last shorter. 

How Do I Maintain My Tent?

Do not pack the tent when it is wet or dirty. Doing this not only causes the waterproof material to degrade but can also invite mildew growth. Store your tent in a dry and cool area for long-term use and avoid direct sunlight. For best results, pack your tent in breathable, oversized cotton. 

How Do I Clean My Tent Properly?

 A regular garden hose will usually suffice. For more intense cleaning, set up your tent and wash it with warm water. Do not apply dishwashing liquid, detergent, bleach, pre-soaking solutions, or spot removers, and do not dry clean, machine wash, or machine dry your tent. All of these can damage your tent’s waterproof coating.

How Do I Repair a Small Tear in a Tent?

You can apply minor repairs using one of several alternatives—self-adhesive patches for tent fabrics and mesh on your tent. Seam sealants are also suitable for small holes or duct tape for minor field repairs.

How Much Area Do I Need For My Tent?

Tents require a minimum of eight feet of free space around them. Other area factors to consider are overhead obstructions such as power lines or tree branches.

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