The Softride Bike Rack You Need: Softride Hang 2 Bike Rack Review

Softride, for years, has been doing a splendid job of manufacturing high quality bike rack carriers from previously making bike frames for competitive racing. Softride features a wide range of bike racks to choose from with different designs and specs. One of these bike racks is no exception to the company’s line of great bike racks to choose from. Among all those options, the Softride Hang2 is the Softride bike rack we will be focusing on in this review.

Softride Hang2, 2-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack for 2" and 1.25”, Swings Down with Bicycles Loaded, Allows Trunk, Hatch, or Tailgate Access. Cars, SUVs, Vans, or Trucks (27041)

This article will be giving an in-depth look of the Softride Hang2 to further assist you on your buying decisions in the future. We are here to help you close in on this bike rack that will surely not disappoint.

We did a thorough research on this Softride bike rack so that we could provide an overview should you decide to get one. Don’t miss out, and give us a few minutes of your time!

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Who should get the Softride bike rack?

The Softride Hang2 bike rack is an excellent solution to carry your bikes at the back of your car. It works great on all types of cars such as sedans, hatchbacks, and even compact and regular SUVs. Be sure to check for the compatibility as it may cause some problems with fitting it. You can do this by going online and researching.

This super sleek bike rack is popular amongst bike enthusiasts who own at least 2 bikes. It could easily carry different sizes and frame design. They aren’t a problem for the Softride Hang 2 bike rack! In this manner, you won’t have to worry about hogging all the space on your trunk because you have a handy Softride bike rack installed on your car.

What are the features of the Softride bike rack?

Here are some key points worth considering when you plan to get this Softride bike rack. The Softride Hang 2 bike rack offers a lot of excellent features.

Softride Hang2, 2-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack for 2" and 1.25”, Swings Down with Bicycles Loaded, Allows Trunk, Hatch, or Tailgate Access. Cars, SUVs, Vans, or Trucks (27041)

Technical Specs

  • Number of bikes: 2 bikes maximum
  • Product Weight: 50 pounds
  • Loading Capacity: around 90 to 100 pounds of load (2 bikes)
  • Hitch Receiver: 1.25 inches or 2 inches (Class II)
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole to:
    • Bracket at base: 7 inches
    • Upright mast: 7.25 inches
    • Closest part of rack body: 6.5 inches
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • No locks included (sold separately)

Ergonomic Design

This Softride bike rack features a unique parallelogram design that hangs away from the rear of your car. Because of its design, you can access the trunk, hatch, or your tailgate easily without removing the rack itself. You can load up your groceries at the back or even put your extra gear for your outdoor activities. A simple yet effective design makes sure you don’t have to worry about limitations with having bike racks.

Heavy Duty

A heavy gauge powder-coated steel is used for the construction of the whole frame and other subordinate parts. This reinforced steel construction is very capable of handling harsh weather conditions and the wear and tear caused by daily use. You can guarantee that the Softride Hang 2 bike rack will be long-lasting. Moreover, the hanger grips are replaceable when they are damaged or lost.

Ease of Loading

The Softride Hang 2 are loaded to the bikes vertically by way of handlebars. This Softride bike rack is unlike other common hitch bike racks that are loaded flat/horizontally that may cause some frame contact.

Softride Hang 2’s innovative loading style means there is little to no frame contact with your car. This feature is perfect for more expensive bikes such as carbon fiber frames, full suspension mountain bikes, and even electric bikes.

Low-Profile Design

Even if there are 2 bikes loaded on this bike rack, the bikes still don’t stick out farther compared to other conventional bike racks. This gives an overall compact style when mounted on the car. The low-profile design gives more rear clearance when accessing your trunk as well as ground clearance when going downhill then on to a flat road.

Tilting Feature

In addition to its low-profile design, the Softride Hang 2 folds down when not loaded with bikes. This tilting design lets you easily load and unload your bikes as well as have access to your vehicle’s trunk area. The quick-release pin is spring loaded to tilt the rack down away from your vehicle. Because of this nice feature, you can easily reach out to your gear without having to first unload your bikes.

Anti-Rattle Hitch

The anti-rattle hitch bolt firmly secures the Softride bike rack to the car. It effectively reduces movement and wobbling of the rack in the receiving hitch while on the road. Likewise, this anti-rattle hitch eliminates substantial noise created by the steel construction. You may travel soundly without having to worry about your bike rack falling off the back of your car. Also, you may add a hitch lock, although sold separately, for added security.

Value For Money

Overall, the Softride Hang 2 should perform fairly well for its price point. This Softride bike rack also delivers all the features also offered by its close competitors from other big names like Thule, Yakima, and Kuat. For a great and reliable bike rack, this bike rack provides a solution for compact cars that lack space. Definitely, this is a great value for your money.

The Softride Hang 2 bike rack will not fall behind. At an affordable price of 330 dollars, it is a great addition to your car, and to your active lifestyle as well. Carrying 2 bikes won’t be a problem, so you might opt for a larger option if you have a lot of bikes. Not to mention, Softride products also offer limited lifetime warranty for factory defects and incomplete parts.


You can check out the Softride Hang 2 Bike Rack here on Amazon:

Softride Hang2, 2-Bike Hitch Mounted Rack for 2"...
  • Unique parallelogram base tilts carrier away from vehicle for trunk, hatch, or tailgate access - load your groceries or gear in the back without having to take your bikes off the rack

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You have to ask yourself, “How often will I need to use this bike rack?” Whether you’re an avid outdoor goer who typically enjoys an active lifestyle or a casual biker, you have to know whether the Softride Hang 2 bike rack will be really useful for you. It also pays to have a handy bike rack with you especially if you have multiple bikes. Having a bike rack will be practical if you often use your trunk or storage space of the car for other purposes.


Obviously, we do have to discuss the price and budget. All bike racks, in general, are expensive, but this Softride bike rack isn’t really a hefty investment. The Softride Hang 2 is relatively cheap compared to other bike rack brands since it is only a mid-tier bike rack. It’s still very decent for its price given all of the great features it offers when you buy it. For the budget, you have to allot at least 330 dollars to buy this Softride bike rack at SRP.

Sizing and Capacity

Make sure that the sizing and capacity of the Softride Hang 2 bike rack is applicable to your vehicle. Before you click that ‘buy’ button, check first if this bike rack can fit nicely on your car. You may check with the manufacturer’s website for an in-depth fit check. Also, keep in mind that the Softride Hang 2 can only load up to 2 bikes, and anything more than wouldn’t be possible. Lastly,

Style and Appearance

Probably an overlooked feature, style and appearance is equally important as the other factors mentioned in this segment. You should know and visualize how this Softride bike rack will look on your vehicle. Does my Softride bike rack look awesome with my car? Is the design accommodating for easy installation?

There are main aspects to account for: size, color, and finish. Yes, you can tick all of those boxes with your Softride Hang 2. For starters, the Softride Hang 2 really goes well with more compact cars such as sedans and compact SUVs.

We hope that this short buyer’s guide will come in handy when you check out the Softride hang 2 bike rack. Feel free to leave us a comment below if you have questions.


Here’s a quick demo video of the Softride Hang 2 Bike Rack. This will show you how to properly load your bikes on this rack. Also, watch for some tips on the easiest way to mount bikes onto this bike rack.

FAQs About This softride bike rack

Can you carry 2 large bikes on the Softride Hang 2?

Yes, you can carry 2 large bikes on the Softride Hang 2 since its maximum capacity is at 100 pounds. You can easily carry bikes that weigh at most 50 pounds each.

Will this Softride bike rack work with beach cruiser style handlebars? ​

Yes it is compatible. This Softride bike rack is designed to be compatible with road or mountain bikes, so you won’t have to worry about versatility concerns.

Can this Softride bike rack accommodate a bike with a 51″ wheel base?

The Softride Hang 2 bike rack can accommodatea 51-inch standard wheel base. This bike rack is made for bigger bikes like adult mountain bikes and electric bikes, so carrying bikes with large wheel bases isn’t really a problem.

What are the type of bikes you can hold on the Softride Hang 2?

The Softride Hang 2 bike rack can hold two bikes that weigh up to 50 pounds each that have flat style handlebars. In general, this means that you can hold standard mountain bikes, fat bikes, some kids bikes, and most road bikes. Also, this bike rack can  hold kids bikes with 20 inch and larger wheel diameters.

Does a curved handlebar work on this Softride bike rack?

If you have a curved handlebar or any alternate style handlebar, it won’t work on the Softride Hang 2. Only standard handlebars will work since the bikes are loaded vertically. Curved handlebars may hinder loading procedure.