10 Best Mini Backpacks for Women Review and Buyer’s Guide

Mini backpacks for women have increased in popularity over the years owing to the comfort and adaptability they can bring. These backpacks have successfully created their unique fashionable trend with user comfort.

This smaller form of a backpack, like usual backpacks, can accommodate your laptop, cameras, food, and give space for those other items.

In this review, we will help you find a mini backpack for women that is lightweight, long-lasting, and packed with useful functions. In addition to this, we have collected a list of the top mini backpacks that will make your life simpler.

We’ve selected a variety of excellent small backpacks for women. Whether you want to replace your normal daypack with something smaller or simply want a decent bag, you’ll see plenty of choices below.


Benefits of Mini Backpacks for Women

A mini backpack is ideal for a short daily walk, jogging, or quick hiking. In short, when we just need to bring a few essentials we just need to use a mini backpack.

Women choose a small backpack at school or the workplace because they don’t need to carry much.


If you only need a mini backpack once per year, a lower-quality but less expensive backpack may do. However, if you want to use the backpack on a regular basis, you should absolutely go with a more durable one.

If you want to use a bag for a long time, you should surely choose something of great quality. Some people buy multiple bags at a reduced price, and when the bags wear out, they just buy new ones. This is certainly a personal choice, but if you buy one high-quality bag and use it for years, it is much more environmentally friendly.


Mini backpacks are less expensive than bigger sizes, therefore purchasing a little backpack will not cost that much. Many things influence the price, including brand, style, added features, and materials used. Even with these backpacks, the basic rule is that higher-quality items are more expensive. There are always exceptions, and you may discover some backpacks that are inexpensive but of high quality.


If you travel by bicycle, rollerblade, or other methods, the mini backpack is essential. It keeps your possessions secure while allowing your body to move.

How to Wear Mini Backpack for Women

Mini backpacks have successfully returned after many years. The backpack has been growing in popularity over the previous few years, but it has now established itself as a mainstay.

mini backpack for women

The nicest aspect of mini backpacks is that they are functional. Mini backpacks perform a function that we previously believed we no longer need. It handles our stuff without causing pain on our shoulders or wrists. Oversized backpacks may appear to be a wonderful idea, but we’ve all experienced the discomfort of wearing one for more than 20 minutes.

Be simple

A mini backpack for women has high-quality fabrics and this reflects the price. The style’s simplicity may be attractive, but there’s no need to settle for neutrals to be safe.

Wear it as if it were a purse

The mini backpacks for women are multi-functional and not only novelty products. You can carry them in the same way as ordinary purses.

Choose quality texture and style

The texture was something our backpacks lacked during middle school. Our teenager’s backpacks lacked the features that help make things multi-dimensional and attractive. However, the other one is basically a handbag with similarly placed straps.

Types of Mini Backpacks for Women

If you’re just beginning out in the world of mini backpacks for women, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the options. And if you’re unfamiliar with tiny backpacks, it might be difficult to select the ideal one for your needs.

Check out these types of mini backpacks for women on our list below:

Drawstring Backpacks

These are just gym bags with a drawstring closure and shoulder straps that are convertible into a type of backpack. Those are unique and barely functional. However, they are generally small in size, ranging from 10 to 25 liters. This size is enough for gym equipment, which is their most useful part.

The fact that they are so light is what makes them so attractive. Even the heaviest drawstring backpacks weigh only a few pounds. Further, these packs are typically small, allowing you to store them in another bag and always have items on hand in case you need them.

Here are our 5 Best Drawstring Backpacks for women

This is a mini backpack for women that you should consider when planning a trip. Carry a drawstring bag in your large backpack to carry your essentials when you go out.

Drawstring Backpack for WomenLIVACASA Drawstring BackpackLandTrek Gym BagWandf Drawstring BackpackBeeGreen Drawstring Sports Gym BagAmatory Drawstring Gym Bag
Best UseSport ActivitiesSports Activities, Daily CommutesCasual Travels, Daily CommutesSports Activities, GymsSports Activities, Gyms
Best FeatureIt has a zipper pocket that allows you to store cards, keys, and money.Has drawstring closure and is foldable for comfortable carryingComes in attractive prints and is available in more than 8 different printsHas a headphone hole that allows you to listen to music effortlessly.It can withstand 20 kg or 44 pounds of weight
Capacity5.5 Liters20 Liters2.6 Liters1.5 Liters17.5 Liters
Size43 x 33 cm46x37x18cm39x34x2 cm28x20x3cm46x38x10cm
Materials UsedPolyesterNylon ripstop fabricNylon LiningHigh-Density Oxford MaterialsNylon Lining
Water Resistant?YesYesYesYesYes
Available Colors18617164
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Other Mini Backpacks for Women We’ve Reviewed:

5 Best Drawstring Backpack for Women Reviewed

LIVACASA Drawstring Backpack

LIVACASA Drawstring Backpack Bag for Men Women Gym Drawstring Bag Pink

The LIVACASA Drawstring Backpack has a lovely, trendy appearance. It includes a zipper compartment for storing cards, keys, and money. In addition, towels, shoes, sports jackets, and other important equipment for trekking and short trips will fit inside. This gym backpack is usable with high-quality cloth with durability.

The water-resistant gym bag is easy to clean and maintain and has a long color life without fading. Furthermore, the double strap design decreases shoulder pressure while boosting carrying comfort. By knotting the straps, you may easily modify the length of the straps.

This drawstring is usable for a variety of sports activities. Composed of waterproof oxford fabric, this backpack is scratch-resistant. This fabric is also blended with vibrant yarn to make the bag seem wonderful.

LIVACASA Drawstring Backpack Bag for Men Women Gym...
  • Durable: This gym sack bag is made of waterproof, soft oxford, polyester, easy to clean, recyclable, water resistant, allowing you to put your towels and wet clothes in your swim bag without leaving behind. The fabric is blended with bright yarn for a more beautiful look.

LandTrek Gym Bag

Drawstring Backpack Gym Cinch Bag - Gym Sport Sack Pack for Women with Waterproof and Foldable (Pink)

The LandTrek Gym Bag has materials of water-resistant nylon ripstop fabric. This slim, lightweight style has a side zip pocket, multiple shoulder strings, and a chest strap. The shoulder ropes hold in place by the chest strap. In addition to this, you may rest without fear of it falling off your shoulder.

This backpack features a drawstring closing and is collapsible for easy transport. Furthermore, the backpack includes a hanging loop for easy storage.

This bag is suitable for everyday usages, such as yoga class, gym class, school, shopping, and so on. The bag is also machine washable, easy to dry, and long-lasting.

LandTrek Drawstring Backpack Gym Cinch Sport Sack...
  • ※Attractive Mesh Compartment: This lightweight drawstring cinch pack has an attractive zippered mesh compartment in the front, you can faintly see inside and easy reach.

Wandf Drawstring Backpack

Drawstring Backpack String Bag Sackpack Cinch Water Resistant Nylon for Gym Shopping Sport Yoga by WANDF (Peony)

Wandf Drawstring Backpack features high-quality polyester material. It features a nylon interior and is resistant to wear and tear. In addition, the bag has an inside mesh pocket with a zipper closure and a large front pocket with zipper closure. Furthermore, the main compartment allows you to carry sneakers, clothes, and other necessities on your back.

This drawstring backpack is available in a variety of beautiful prints. Furthermore, this drawstring backpack folds conveniently into itself for ease of storage.

The drawstring backpack is excellent for yoga, shopping, hiking, working out at the gym, and traveling. It has multiple strings to keep it from slipping off your shoulders and to provide strong support when carrying. You may also tie the threads to make them fit your height and carry them easily.

WANDF Drawstring Backpack String Bag Sackpack...
  • FOLDABLE & SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT --- It can be folded into itself fast with a compact size:7.8*2.3*1.1. It weighs only 4.9 oz.

BeeGreen Drawstring Sports Gym Bag

Sports Bag Drawstring Backpack With Water Bottle Pocket &Front Zippered Pocket Large String Bag Pack For Men Women Girls Boys

This drawstring gym bag includes a huge compartment that can hold your gym equipment and other everyday essentials. It’s also ideal for outdoor activities like camping and trail running. Furthermore, this is perfect for packing yoga, dancing, and travel essentials.

Constructed with high-density Oxford material, this backpack is durable. It includes a wide cinch top and a front zipper pocket for electronic devices. It also contains a headphone socket, so you may listen to music while wearing it. Plastic bottles, umbrellas, tumblers, and sunblock fits in the side mesh pockets.

The inside zipper pocket is ideal for storing smaller, valuable items. The gym bag’s strong shoulder strap design enables it to fit comfortably on your shoulder. The zipper is durable and abrasion-resistant, and it will endure a long time. The BeeGreen gym bag is easy to clean and maintain with detergent and dries quickly.

BeeGreen Sports Bag Drawstring Backpack With Water...
  • LARGE SIZE: Our drawstring sports bag with large compartment measures 16" x 20" which is big enough for carrying a variety of items such as sports clothing & shoes, gloves, sports towels, swim gear, daily supplies.

Amatory Drawstring Gym Bag

Gym Drawstring Backpack String Bag Men Women Workout Dance Sack Pack Sackpack (Black)

This drawstring gym bag can resist weights of up to 20 kg (44 pounds). The 100% nylon backpack with a durable drawstring closing is ideal for both men and women who wish to transport their sporting gear. It is convertible as a backpack for indoor and outdoor activities. This backpack is perfect for sports, the gym, shopping, adventure travel, exercise, and swimming.

The spacious front compartment may hold workout gear and towels. Smallgoods like your phone, wallet, and keys fit in the external zipped pocket. A pair of shoes can be storable in the bigger external zipped compartment. The waterproof and tear-resistant bag has a durable and rust-proof metal buckle to keep the drawstring handles intact.

The drawstring handles are flexible enough to let you adjust them to your height. Simply tightening the knot will allow you to shorten the handle to your preference. Each drawstring handle is securely locked with three strong, resilient twisted ropes. There are also linked knots provided to it give it a fashionable appearance.

The Best Drawstring Gym Bags Buying Guide

Bag Dimensions

The bag should not be too big to cause discomfort to your neck and shoulders. It should also not be so small that it does not perform its function. It must be perfectly proportioned to satisfy your normal gym requirements.

Length of the drawstring

The majority of the drawstrings are of regular length. Overall, the length of the drawstring should be appropriate for your height and provide comfort when carrying it.

Materials Used The drawstring gym backpack must feature strong and long-lasting materials. Polyester is the most often used material as it repels water and helps keep sporting equipment dry in wet conditions.


Consider why you needed a drawstring backpack and select one that fulfills that demand. Bags created specifically for the gym may differ from those meant for vacation and other outdoor activities.

Material for drawstrings

The drawstring material should be both strong and soft. It should be tough enough to withstand the load while still being soft enough not to stress your shoulders.

The Perks of Using Drawstring Gym Bags

Transportable storage space that is light in weight. You can carry more goods without feeling like you’re holding anything weighty.

Most of your needs fit inside the multiple pockets. It is convenient and comfy for users who carry sporting gear. Also, these bags are tough and endure a long time, even with heavy use.

For fast travel, this is a dependable and reusable item.

Fashionable Mini Backpacks for Women

Most of these are small, barely functional, and really quite cute. They’re almost entirely lady backpacks, and you can get them in almost every high-street clothing store. Mini backpacks tend to be attractive and to coordinate with your clothing. They typically have a small capacity, ranging from 5 to 15 liters, and will only fit your phone and wallet.

mini backpacks for women

Materials to Consider When Purchasing a Fashionable Mini Backpack for Women

Mini backpacks are available in a range of materials, so you’ll need to decide which one is best for your needs.


This is one of the most common mini backpack fabrics because it is extremely durable, resistant to molds and scratches. When densely woven, may even act as an insect repellent.

Polyester and polypropylene

These fabrics are both extremely lightweight, robust, and well-known for their ability to dry fast.


Made from cotton and linen, is gaining popularity due to its ability to withstand wear and tear without seeming worn. When combined with other materials, it may also resist water.


This is a classy mini backpack option that will only get better over time. The flexible material will conform to your body for a great fit. However, because leather isn’t waterproof and might be heavier than other synthetic materials.


This is an alternative to leather that has the same opulent appearance. It is less expensive and more sustainable to produce since it uses fewer resources, but it does not last nearly as long.

mini backpacks for women

Here are our 5 Best Fashionable Mini Backpacks for Women

If you wish to replace your typical tote or shoulder bag with a little backpack, there is a great alternative. They’re also a lot simpler to carry around than regular purses. However, they lack the utility of a traditional backpack, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Are you looking for the best mini backpack for women? Continue reading to learn about the best options available.

Fashionable Mini Backpack for WomenHITOP Lightweight Mini BackpackMadison & Dakota Canvas Mini BackpackI IHAYNER Girls Leather Mini BackpackHerschel Supply Co. Nova Mini BackpackFjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack
Best UseDaily CommuteSchool Bag, Daily CommuteSchool Bag, Leisure WalksDaily CommuteLight Hiking, Daily Commutes, Leisure Walks
Best FeatureThe shoulder straps are long enough to brace your back for the period of your use.Faux-leather features linked to the ends of the grip twin zippers make it simple to use.With various compartments that can help you easily arrange your stuff.The shoulder straps are adjustable to provide proper weight distribution.The Vinylon material is long-lasting, water-resistant, and dust-resistant
Capacity5 Liters7.5 Liters8.5 Liters9 Liters7 Liters
Weight0.5 pounds0.6 pounds1.1 pounds0.6 pounds0.5 pounds
Height10.3 inches12 inches10.2 inches11 inches11.4 inches
Depth3.5 inches4 inches5.9 inches3.1 inches5.1 inches
Width8.7 inches10 inches8.7 inches8 inches7.9 inches
Materials UsedPolyesterPolyesterPU Leather and PolyesterPolyester100% Vinylon
Water Resistant?NoNoYesYesYes
Available Colors267212
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Other Backpacks for Women We’ve Reviewed:

5 Best Fashionable Mini Backpack for Women Reviewed

HITOP Lightweight Mini Backpack

HITOP Mini Shoulder Backpack Purse Small 10.3" X 8.7" X 3.5" Lightweight Chest Sling Bag Daypack for Women and Men Outdoor Travel (Black)

Its long-lasting canvas material makes it an important piece of equipment that is easy to carry about all day. You may make use of the adjustable straps with a zipper linking them to create an entirely new fit.

It’s often worn as a chest bag, a sling bag, or a one-shoulder bag. If you start to experience pain in your back, simply adjust the position of the mini backpack. It can easily fit a set of clothes, sports gear, or food to last you the entire workday. The front pocket, two-way smooth zipper, and internal pocket make it a roomy accessory.

No products found.

Madison & Dakota Canvas Mini Backpack

Canvas Mini Backpack for Everyday & Day Pack Rucksack in Solid Color Blocks (Pink)

The Madison & Dakota Canvas mini backpack has only one compartment in the front. This isn’t a problem because its main compartment compensates for it. Constructed of durable fabric and include two grab handles as well as adjustable shoulder straps.

It has padding inside the shoulder straps, a moon-shaped top section, and a leather-like clip. This is for attaching the two handle straps.

The backpack’s wide interior and broad comfortable fit make it an excellent choice for students and hikers. Insert a carabiner clipping into the backpack’s piggy nose to secure items such as keys and ID cards without losing them in the large main pouch.

MADISON & DAKOTA Canvas Mini Backpack for Everyday...
  • FOR SCHOOL & TRAVEL: This adorable small backpack is still large enough to carry everything you need! Fit pens, pencils, notebooks, & books with ease

I IHAYNER Girls Leather Mini Backpack

Girls Bowknot Cute Leather Backpack Mini Backpack Purse for Women

Its feminine style sets it apart from the other backpacks on the marketplace. The backpack contains high-quality PU leather with a Polyester lining, making it a robust item that will not budge in the rain.

There are a total of 6 pockets available to you. Including side pockets, front and back pockets, and internal pockets ideal for storing valuables.

The grab handle, as well as the adjustable shoulder straps, are very strong. This implies that your next vacation will surely be a delight if you carry this mini backpack.

I IHAYNER Girls Bowknot Cute Leather Backpack Mini...
  • Material: High Quality PU Leather. Lining fabric: polyester.

Herschel Supply Co. Nova Mini Backpack

Herschel Nova Backpack, Black, Mini 9L

This small backpack offers anything you might want in a backpack. This includes an interior storage compartment and shoulder straps with nylon adjusters. Composed of tough Polyester that feels like a feather yet has the strength to keep your valuables safe from the weather. You get a large zipped pocket on the front of the backpack for your sunglasses and headphones, as well as the main compartment for everything else.

Herschel Nova Backpack, Black, Mini 9L
  • HERSCHEL COLLECTION: Click on our brand logo at the top of the page to explore the full collection from Herschel Supply.

Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack

Fjallraven, Kanken Mini Classic Backpack for Everyday, Forest Green

Originally created to assist children to avoid back issues. These backpacks have become a favorite of many tourists and students worldwide.

Don’t let the little version mislead you into thinking it’s any less good than the full-size one. It’s ideal for daytime activities that don’t demand heavy equipment.

You’ll be able to bring a set of clothes, food, a water bottle, and other stuff. The backpack contains adjustable shoulder straps and a clip to offer much-needed protection to your pack, so it won’t feel heavy.

The robust material chosen by the manufacturer allows you to continue enjoying the outdoors even if it becomes wet and muddy. The zipped front pocket, as well as the two flat side pockets, let you keep your things near to you and easily accessible at all times.

User’s Checklist When Purchasing a Stylish Mini Backpack for Women

A backpack is a reliable companion that joins you on many travels and trips. It has the ability to carry a variety of goods while keeping one’s hands-free. However, this does not imply that you should select the first bag you see on the market.

Continue reading to learn about the factors to consider when purchasing a fashionable backpack.


When you’re not carrying a comfy bag, your style won’t matter. Your back and shoulders should be comfy from the backpack. Good backpacks may make you feel as though you aren’t carrying anything at all.

If at all possible, try on the backpack before buying it. Feel the material in the back and straps for a few minutes. Consider what you’re going to put in the bag as well. Ensure that such objects do not emerge from the material, since this might result in injury.

When considering backpack comfort, consider the following factors:

Straps on the shoulders

Purchase a backpack with padded and adjustable shoulder straps. These qualities allow the attachment to fit gently on your shoulders, eliminating pressure and strain on your back.

Padded Backs

Backpacks with curved and padded backs allow the fabric to conform to the natural curvature of the lower back. As a result, the bag rests on the natural arch of the back, greatly minimizing pain.

Hip Belts

Padded hip belts relieve some of the strain on the back and shoulders. Bags with this functionality allow you to carry bigger loads for longer periods of time than usual.

Consider wearing a heavy bag, the bag may be fashionable, but your expression will be one of dissatisfaction and discomfort. Being trendy implies expressing confidence, which may be difficult to do if you’re not carrying a comfy backpack.

The Brand

Let’s be clear, many of the bags on the market are of poor quality. If you want to be on the safe side, get a backpack from a well-known brand.

Purchasing a backpack from a well-known brand ensures that you will receive a high-quality product. Buying from unfamiliar brands with no good feedback, on the other hand, is a dangerous bet. While you may save money, the bag may not last long.


Different backpack styles serve unique functions. Some backpacks suites for short weekend trips, while others are ideal for climbing mountain hikes.

Remember that style isn’t complete until it serves a purpose. As a result, you should choose a backpack that complements your present style while still providing convenience and value.

Materials Used

The material you choose with your backpack may reveal a lot about your own style. Some materials may have a shine similar to silk. Other materials, on the other hand, have matte surfaces for a more subtle yet trendy appearance.

Some examples of backpack materials include:


Is a scratch and water-resistant material. This material is well-known among consumers for its toughness. Backpacks made with it can readily withstand severe weather. However, because Cordura is rather heavy, it may not suit extended journeys.

Cotton Canvas

A lightweight material featured in many day packs, cotton canvas is an ideal choice for backpack users who prefer comfort. However, it may carry with it a number of drawbacks, including a tendency to decay when kept.

mini backpacks for women


Nylon is a waterproof fabric that is usually coated either with polyurethane or PVC.

Nylon Rip-Stop

Rip-stop nylon is a nylon variant with strong threads woven into many layers of the material. The thick fabric outperforms many ordinary nylon bags in terms of abrasion and water resistance.


Backpacks made of this material may not be as long-lasting as those made of nylon or rip-stop nylon. However, this material is more resistant to ultraviolet deterioration. While nylon bags are ideal for moist environments, polyester backpacks are ideal for warmer weather.

Consider carrying a bag made of the same material as your present outfit. If you want to be safe, make sure the material of your backpack matches the fabric of your present attire.


When it comes to selecting a fashionable backpack, size matters. While looking for the perfect backpack, consider the stuff you’ll be carrying with you on the trip. Otherwise, your bag will be too little to carry everything you’ll need on your vacation.

Small backpacks are ideal for children’s or sports bags. Next, as the name says, day packs are ideal for short-term outdoor excursions. Medium-sized packs are ideal for overnight backpacking expeditions, camping, and hiking. Large backpacks are typically intended for travelers who will not be returning home for more than a few days.


It is important that your backpack should not only be fashionable but should also have characteristics that are appropriate for your interests. If you ride a bicycle as your primary form of transportation, choose a waterproof backpack composed of nylon or rip-stop nylon. A cotton canvas backpack with a side water bottle compartment may be a good choice for college or short treks.


Purchase a high-quality backpack as an asset. You may save money by selecting a low-cost bundle. However, by purchasing a bag made of cheap materials, you may be taking a significant risk.

Although pricing is an essential consideration when selecting fashionable backpacks, it is not the only reason to invest in a high-quality bag. Instead, evaluate your budget and look for a high-quality backpack within it. Keep in mind that the pack you purchase should survive for years, not just a few days or weeks.

FAQs About Mini Backpacks for Women

How should I sanitize my mini backpack and eliminate the unpleasant smell?

If your mini backpack contains leather, use a damp cloth can to clean it. A charcoal odor absorbent or dryer sheet with a pleasant odor can help to eradicate odors and make your mini backpack look and smell lovely.

Allowing your item to sit on the balcony or any other open location may be necessary to enable the air to flow properly. In a few days, you’ll have a fresh-smelling bag that looks brand new.

What can I carry in a mini backpack?

A mini backpack, unlike a regular-sized backpack, cannot hold a lot of items. This isn’t to say that a mini backpack isn’t enough for a day of hiking trails or picnicking when the sun shines brightly. There’s plenty of space for food and clothes basics. If there is a zippered pouch within the backpack, you may also keep a camera. The mini backpack’s compartments may hold a water bottle and other stuff.

When traveling, why should I select a mini backpack?

The quick answer is that backpacks are more convenient to carry than other bags. Mini backpacks have become the number one option for many travelers. With a vast range of designs and sizes available on the market, you are sure to discover a model of the mini backpack that meets your demands.

What do small backpacks serve?

Mini backpacks, commonly referred to as daypacks, are usable for a number of activities, such as seeing a different city or taking a day trip to the woods. In comparison to conventional backpacks, mini backpacks lack pockets and other unique characteristics.

Are mini backpacks out of fashion?

The ’90s style never seems to go out of trend, and the greatest influencers adore picking and choosing from its most iconic styles. Mini-backpacks were popular in the 1990s and are currently making a return.