Osprey Aura 65 Backpack: A Thru-Hiking Backpack Review

This Osprey Aura AG 65 review will cover all that you need to know about this thru-hiking backpack.

Osprey is the leading hiking backpack maker. It features highly customizable backpacks to fit every body shape and size. This is especially important if you are going to purchase a backpack made for several days of hiking. Since Osprey makes several dozen backpacks, it can be difficult to choose just the right one. We have done the research for you, and bring you an overview of the Aura 65 backpack.

Who the Osprey Aura 65 Backpack is For

While other Osprey backpacks are only made for regular day travel, the Aura 65 backpack is made with the hiker in mind. One of the great things about this backpack is the fact that it has compression flaps. This means that when you compress the content, you will not get any swaying back and forth of your backpack as it will stay firmly on your back. The waist wraps to ensure that you have a snug fit.

Osprey Packs Pack Aura Ag 65 Backpack, Vestal Grey, Small

Due to the great comfort of this backpack, customers have said that the weight that they carry in it feels only half as heavy as when they carry the same amount of weight in another backpack.

The Aura 65 is specially made for women, as can be seen by the style in the image. It comes in 2 attractive color choices: Rainforest Green and Silver Streak. Each color is great for women of all ages.

This is the perfect hiking backpack. It is greatly optimized for comfort, and customers generally give this backpack a very good review and rating.

Osprey Aura 65 Features

Osprey Packs Pack Aura Ag 65 Backpack, Vestal Grey, Small

  • Weight: 4.26 to 4.42 pounds; depending on the size that you choose
  • Dimensions: 29.53″ X 14.96″ X 15.75″ to 33.46″ X 14.96″ X 15.75″ inches
  • Flap jacket: When the top lid is removed, you can put the flap jacket over the top of the backpack in order to compress the contents.
  • Tool loop: At the bottom side of the backpack, there are two loops so that you can secure your tools and carry them wherever you go.
  • Sleeping pad straps: You can easily carry around a rolled-up sleeping pad by attaching it to the straps at the bottom of the backpack.
  • Front panel pockets: The front-facing side of the backpack is actually a top compartment that has two zippered sides. This makes it easy to access items that you will need on a constant basis. This feature is only available on the Aura 65 and the Atmos 65.
  • Dual compression straps: The compression straps on each side of the backpack compress the items together but also act as extra gear carry straps.
  • Internal compression straps: Inside of the main compartment are internal compression straps that allow you to compress your loads even further.
  • Trekking pole attachments system: You can attach your trekking poles onto the backpack with the specially made Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachment system.
  • Adjustable harness: You can adjust the harness in order to match your own torso length. This increases the comfort of the backpack, making it easier to carry for long distances.

Removable Top Lid:

You will notice in the product image that the top of the backpack extends above the shoulders. This top lid is removable for when you want to carry fewer items. This makes the backpack lighter and easier to carry around while going about your day.

Osprey Packs Pack Aura Ag 65 Backpack, Vestal Grey, Small

Side Compression:

The Aura 65 has two flaps on both sides of the backpack. Using these along with their straps, you can compress the objects that are within your main compartment. This makes the backpack more rigid so that it does not sway back and forth as you are trying to get it on your back. Some customers have said that they run with this backpack and the contents do not shift.

Adjustable hip belt:

You can adjust the size of the hip belt because there is an extra flap that folds in and out of it. This allows you to adjust for variable hip sizes, thus making it a custom fit.


  • Customers of this backpack have said that the weight that they carry with this backpack does not seem quite as heavy as with other backpacks. This is due to the level of comfort that the Aura 65 provides.
  • Easy to stuff it with a heavy load
  • Very high adjustability
  • Lightweight, yet robust and durable
  • Plenty of compartments to carry a variety of items


  • The hip belt pockets are quite small. Customers have said that it can be difficult to get things in and out of those pockets
  • While the hip belt is adjustable, it might not be quite long enough for very large women

Osprey Aura 65 Price

Osprey Backpacks are available on Amazon. Check out the Osprey Aura 65 backpack’s price directly on Amazon.

Osprey Aura AG 65 Women's Backpacking Backpack
  • Anti-Gravity suspension - feels like you are carrying less weight than is in your pack

The Verdict

The Aura 65 is one of the largest backpacks made by Osprey. It is twice as large as the Daylite Day Pack, and 30% larger than most of Osprey’s backpacks. It is made for several days worth of hiking. You can hold up to 7 days worth of clothing and miscellaneous items to keep you safe and survive.

Since this backpack carries a lot of content, is important that it be designed ergonomically so that the content does not feel that heavy. One of Osprey’s specializations is ergonomic design, and the Aura 65 is no exception. Customers have noted that content in the Aura 65 feels only half as heavy as they do in other backpacks. This is a great multi-purpose hiking backpack. It has all of the features that a hiking backpack should have.

In case you are on the lookout for a backpack that is slightly on the lighter side, we might suggest that you look at the Kyte 46 backpack made by Osprey. It is about 3 inches shorter and 1 pound lighter than the Aura 65. The Kyte 46 is also made for hiking, but since it is slightly less in size, customers have used it to go overnight backpacking and even mountain climbing. Keep in mind that the Kyte 46 is a backpack is specially designed for women.

Another one of our selections is the Kestrel 32 backpack, also made by Osprey. This one is even lighter and smaller then the Kyte 46, but instead of just being for hiking, it can also allow you to do sports. Due to its unique economic design, you can go cycling and running without the contents of the backpack shifting too much.

Whichever backpack you decide to go for, you can rest assured that Osprey has a great reputation when it comes to outdoor gear. If you have any questions regarding the Aura 65, please leave us a comment below.

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