Batwing Awning Review: An Essential Camping Gear by Rhino Rack

Rhino-Rack designs and manufactures products that are durable and easy to use like roof racks, luggage boxes, bike carriers, and kayak carriers. They also have a variety of customized solutions and cutting-edge carrier technology. This enables Rhino-Rack to transform your car for work, leisure, and everything between.

Developed with heavy-duty, weather-resistant material, the Rhino Rack’s Batwing Awning provides optimal sun protection. Your previous awning attachments can help extend your coverage even further. These previous attachments include sidewalls, extension pieces, and tents.

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Rhino Rack Batwing Awning Key Features

Fashion meets utility.

The new Batwing is full of flair and utility, with features and aesthetics that make it simple to operate. It is the ideal companion for any journey, providing 270 degrees of shade and 118.5 square feet of coverage.

Design that is straightforward.

Rhino Rack Batwing 270 Degree Car Awning Left Hand 118 Sq/ft

The Batwing may be set up or dismantled in a matter of minutes. Provided with poles, ropes, and pegs, as well as a fitting kit for roof rack attachment.

Strong and long-lasting.

Composed of heavy-duty ripstop and water-resistant material. Tested and rated to UPF 50+ for greatest sun protection. The awning material is available in both left and right-hand variants.


Rhino-Rack 270 Degree Batwing Compact Roof Rack Awning with Mounting Bracket, Easy Use & Fitment, Heavy Duty; for 4WD, Vans, Jeep, Pick Up Trucks, SUV; Water Resistant, UV 50+, Regular (33300)

Pack it with accessible extras and attachments like sidewalls, extensions, and a floor. It can help you enhance your coverage even further. You can buy these attachments in a separate order.

Legs that are solid.

Rhino Rack Batwing 270 Degree Car Awning Left Hand 118 Sq/ft

Packed with flexible and lightweight legs. Designed with a molded foot for easy stacking and stability. It also includes a powder-coated pole and frame for rusting resistance and durability.

Installation is simple.

Pioneer platforms and Thule crossbars are compatible with the included mounting brackets. These may need you to buy a separate fit kit. It comes with ten stakes and a carrying bag. Two brackets, hardware, two extra hinge knuckles, and eight ropes are also included.


  • Provided with flexible and long-lasting plastic hinges.
  • The awning frame has a channel for mounting lightweight accessories.
  • Mounting brackets are compatible with all automotive vehicles. Designed to allow for installation at various heights.
  • Available in left and right-hand models. (The 33100 and 33200)


  • Some customers have reported mechanical issues during their initial use.

Rhino Rack Batwing Awning is best for

This portable roof is perfect for people dreaming of adventure and breathtaking views. It offers plenty of room to explore. With equipment such as the Rhino Rack Batwing Awning, you can start exploring again.

One of the most appealing aspects of this device is its ease of use. The Batwing Awning folds into long tubes that attach to the vehicle’s roof rack. A portable shelter like this may extend the structure’s roof or you add wall extensions.

Rhino-Rack 270 Degree Batwing Compact Roof Rack Awning with Mounting Bracket, Easy Use & Fitment, Heavy Duty; for 4WD, Vans, Jeep, Pick Up Trucks, SUV; Water Resistant, UV 50+, Regular (33300)

If your party requires it, this product can move to another location. The awning can fold back into its cover, along with the pegs and ropes, in less than five minutes. With the Batwing, you can rely on the convenience of setup and takedown, as well as great coverage.

A Batwing features a pair of zip-in pole legs that can enhance overhead protection. You can also attach it to form a wall for enhanced protection. They are also built with UV50+ certified material, as well as the core structure, and are very simple. Lunchtime will be a breeze with a shaded area for eight people.

Designed for space efficiency, comfort, and simple, secure installation. The majority of consumers have appreciated it for its quick and simple installation. This camping blog attests to the product’s reliability during their adventures.

Extra Accessories for your Batwing Awning

Batwing Tapered Extensions with Door

The Batwing tapered extensions are a simple extension piece. It zips into the Batwing Awning to provide extra protection from the weather. The extension now includes Velcro strips.

It is to help secure the extension around the pole and reduce element intrusion. New door extensions allow light and wind to pass through any space under the Batwing. You can use more than one extension to enclose the Batwing awning.

Sand Screws

Designed Sand Screw from Rhino Rack takes the worry out of fastening your tent and awning to the ground. It is appropriate for both sand and outdoor areas. It is also ideal for situations where conventional tent pegs fail to hold.

Batwing Mesh Floor Saver

The Batwing Mesh Floor is a must-have item for your Batwing Awning. Made of Polyethylene mesh fabric and tailored to match the curve of your Batwing Awning.

Batwing Front Edge Zippered Insert

The Front Edge Zippered Insert squares off the front edge of the Batwing. Gives you the straight-out covering of a traditional awning. It also has 270-degree wrap-around coverage you like.

Batwing Pole Service Kit

The Batwing Pole Service Kit includes two new hinges. Built to endure the majority of situations for the Batwing Awning. This product is quick and easy to replace. Made of a designed plastic that replaces the cast alloy design of the standard hinge.

Where to buy it?

Rhino Rack Batwing awning is available on Amazon. You can also check and buy the product on their official website.

Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning 270 Degree Compact Left...
  • STYLE MEETS FUNCTION - the All-New Batwing is Packed with Style and Function, Boasting Features & Aesthetics Making it Easy Use. With 270 Degrees Of Shade and 69 sq/ft (6.4m) of Coverage, the Batwing is the Perfect Addition to Any Adventure.

Batwing Awning Buyer’s Guide

What do I want my awning to actually achieve?

If all you need is some shade on a hot campground, Rhino-Batwing Rack’s and Sunseeker awnings are ideal. You can install the Sunseeker from the side. It extends straight out and creates a mini-paradise on your campground.

The Batwing is a 270-degree fan that stretches from side to side. The Batwing Compact is a variant that changes in length by 500mm. Design to fit smaller cars and those with fewer shade requirements.

How large is the area I wish to cover?

Use Rhino Rack’s awning baseline if you have an amount of shade you wish to generate. It’s also worth noting that these awnings are compatible with a wide range of accessories. This may help you tailor your setup to your specific requirements


Made of tough-as-nails canvas, ripstop, lightweight, and mold-resistant material. The outer bags are also made of 580g/m2 water-resistant fiber-reinforced PVC. The awnings have all passed an approved UV 50+ test.

Whatever sort of expedition you’re planning, an awning will only improve the experience. No serious camper should be without an awning. It is either you need a cool place to pitch your tent or a dry and shady place to sizzle your sausages.

The Verdict

Awnings are a useful and cheap accessory to any car or 4wd. It provides both shades from the sun and shelter from the rain and wind.

When thinking about buying an awning you need to consider the size, weight, material. Also, take note of how you will attach the product to your vehicle.

If you have a 4wd that has a 3-inch lift, you may walk beneath the awning. The only downside is that you can use the liftgate when the awning is open. It’s not a big deal, you can access everything in the back through the rear window.

The Rhino Rack Batwing Awning ranked as number two in the Best Awning in Australia for 2021. Very like its competitors, it offers 11 sq. meters of cover.

FAQs About Rhino Rack Batwing Awning

How much does a batwing awning weigh?

Composed of heavy-duty, water-resistant material. Been tested and rated to UPF 50+, providing the best sun protection. It weighs 47 pounds in total.

Where are Rhino Rack Batwing Awnings made?

Rhino Rack is an Australian-owned and runs company with over 150 employees. Located at Eastern Creek, NSW, producing many of their items in Australia.

Can this product fix at ease or should I sustain damage while on a trip?

Provided with two extra hinge mounts in the package and are replaceable. There is also a plastic impact point to assist protect the awning when traveling off-road.

How long does it take to set up and pack up the Batwing Awning?

It takes around one minute to put up and one and a half minutes to pack up with one person.

How do I clean my Batwing Awning?

Do not take your vehicle through car washes while it has awnings fitted. Handwash your batwing awning with soap and water. Don’t use scratchy materials

Recommendations when using the product

When you first install your package, make sure to double-check all bolt connections. Inspect bolt connections on a regular basis. It depends on road conditions, usage, weights, and distance traveled. You should also inspect the roof bars. Use only non-stretch fastening ropes or straps.

When installing the awning, keep in mind which side of the vehicle is most suited. Most people put it on the passenger side of their car. They extend it while stopping on the side of the road. It allows smooth access to the back of the 4wd when the back door is open.

Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning is quite different from traditional awnings. The Rhino-Rack Batwing Awning wraps around the rear of the car. to give 270 degrees of cover and roughly 11 sq. meters of coverage.

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