Osprey Kyte 46 Review: A Heavy Duty Backpack


This Osprey Kyte 46 review expresses our opinion about this awesome backpack.

The Kyte 46 is an ultra durable hiking backpack made especially for women. It comes in the feminine, yet sporty colors. The sizes are a bit smaller than those that are unisex or for men. You can choose between extra small/small, and small/medium.

Why Use the Kyte 46

The Kyte 46 is suitable for multiple usages. You can go overnight backpacking, hiking, or mountain climbing. We would not recommend it for daily use in the city, as it is too big. We would also not recommended for cycling, as the heavyweight may shift back and forth while pedalling.

This backpack is suitable for anyone who does heavy outdoor activity, and needs to carry a considerable amount of content.


Osprey Kyte 46 Side View

Weight: 3.42 or 3.55 pounds; depending on the size you choose

Dimensions: 26 x 14 x 14 or 28 x 14 x 14 inches

3.5 mm LightWire peripheral frame: The Kyte 46’s peripheral frame allows for the transfer of the load from the harness to the hip belt. This makes the load of the backpack feel a lot lighter than it would in other, differently designed backpacks.

Top pocket: The top compartment acts as kind of a lid to the entire backpack. It’s like a flip top that gets held down with a couple of straps. Inside of the top compartment are zippered pockets for organization.

Main compartment: The large main compartment gets loaded from the top, but its cover is also zippable. You can view all of its contents by accessing it through the side zipper.

Sleeping bag compartment: In order to store your sleeping bag during overnight hiking trips, use the external zippered bag compartment. On days where you are not using a sleeping bag, this doubles as a spot where you can put dirty clothes.

Sleeping pad straps: A camping trip would not be complete without a sleeping pad. The Kyte 46 has straps especially made to hold a rolled up sleeping pad.

Straitjacket side compression straps: Tighten the load when you are not stuffing the bag completely by adjusting the compression straps. This makes it easier to do sports or move quickly since the contents will not shift as much. This also serves as extra gear straps.

Hip belt pockets: Most of Osprey’s backpacks have pockets along the hip belt. The Kyte 46 comes with secure hip belt pockets to store your snacks or your phone. In fact, you can store any items that you will need to access on a regular basis.

External hydration sleeve: Osprey has a selection of hydration packs. The Kyte 46 has a special hydration sleeve that you can use to mount one of the hydration packs to it.

Stretch front compartment: The front compartment is stretchy and is made of mesh. Using this front compartment, you can store your small items quickly.

Osprey Kyte 46 Top View

Attachment systems: This backpack has attachment systems that use bungee cords. It is useful for attaching trekking poles and ice picks.

Daisy chain: A daisy chain that can be found along the length of the backpack and acts as extra attachment points for external gear.

Integrated rain cover: The rain cover for the Kyte 46 can be pulled out from the external pocket at the bottom of the backpack.

Full-length zippered side pockets: For extra compartmentalization, the Kyte 46 comes with deep zippered side pockets.

Airscape mesh back panel: If you’re going hiking on a really hot day, the Airscape mesh back panel will come in handy. This helps transfer the heat away from your body and into the air.

Side mesh pockets: The side mesh pockets are made to hold things that you would need to access without taking off the backpack. Store your water bottle or extra paraphernalia.

Adjustable harness: The back panel harness is adjustable to the length of your torso. This stands in contrast with many of the backpacks that are available today. Osprey specializes in adjustability.

Customer Reviews

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  • Large enough for several days of hiking
  • A great backpack for climbing
  • Very lightweight but also very durable
  • The medium size Kyte 46 also fits tall, larger-framed women


  • External pockets are not lockable

The Verdict

As previously mentioned, it is important to remember that the Kyte 46 is made for the size of a woman. While you can choose between a small size and a medium size, each of these sizes are based on the average woman’s frame.

The Kyte 46 is suitable for any woman who wants to do several days of hiking. However, this isn’t the largest women’s backpack made by Osprey. If you are interested in an even larger backpack, take a look at the Osprey Aura 65. With the Aura 65, you truly get a fully-featured thru-hiking backpack. One of the great things about the Aura 65 is that it does not even cost more than the Kyte 46. Yet, it carries more of a load than a Kyte 46.

But as a woman, you do not have to limit yourself to a woman’s only backpack. Osprey also has a number of unisex backpacks that closely fit the same usage parameter. For example, the Kestrel 32 backpack can also handle hiking excursions. It is slightly smaller then the Kyte 46, and can handle highly aggressive activities. You can go cycling or running with the Kestrel 32 due to the way that it’s built. The contents of the Kestrel 32 will not shift while you are on the go. It is also considerably less expensive than the Kyte 46.

By comparing the backpacks above, you can get a better idea for where the Kyte 46 stands in terms of usability. We hope that we are able to facilitate your decision for a backpack purchase. If you have any questions or comment regarding any Osprey backpack, please leave us a message below.

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