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In the world of mid-level luggage, American Tourister has taken center stage as one of the most popular in North America. But it does come with a bit of competition from India. Safari luggage originates from India and has models that are very similar to the American Tourister models. However, Safari luggage is significantly less expensive than the American Tourister alternatives. That being said, American Tourister luggage is still on the low side in terms of price. Some people feel that the difference in price is not that substantial. But we’ll see more about this later on.

We have created this American Tourister vs Safari comparison of two of the most popular models in both these brands. It is our hope that you be able to make a decision on which to choose based on the information provided in this article.

What They Have In Common

We have selected to popular hardshell luggage models to compare between these two brands. Here, we are comparing the American Tourister Hard Side Spinner and the Safari Thorium Polycarbonate 55 Hardsided Carry On. The images for these luggage pieces can be found in the header of this article.

Here is a short list of what they have in common:

  • 360 wheels: The spinner wheels on these suitcases turn at every angle to allow you to swiftly ride through some corners without needing to stop. The size and build of the wheels on both of these suitcases are almost identical.
  • Made of polycarbonate: Polycarbonate is quite possibly the best material that you can use for a hardshell suitcase. The reason why polycarbonate is so good is that it is extremely lightweight. Yet, spite the fact that there lightweight, they are extremely durable and will bend back into shape if squeezed.
  • Carry-on sizes: Both of these suitcases are meant to be used as a carry-on in the overhead compartment. This means that they uphold the standards for most airlines.
  • Expandable: You can expand the size of these suitcases by unzipping the middle zipper. In doing so, the suitcase expand like an accordion to allow you to fit more gear into them. Keep in mind that after having expanded them, they may not quite fit that well in the overhead compartment. But expandability is great if you are going to be purchasing things while travelling and will need the extra space when you are coming back from a trip.
  • Large mesh pockets: Inside both of these suitcases are large mesh pockets that have zippers so that you can keep your small items secure. This allows you to separate your clothing from little things such as toiletry.
  • Clothing straps: On the other side of the mesh pockets are straps that you can use to keep your clothing and place. Having a hardshell luggage can actually help you keep your clothing wrinkle free.
  • Telescopic handle: The telescopic handle on these suitcases can accommodate for tall or small people. Simply fold the telescopic handle back into the back panel of the luggage when not in use.

Differences Between American Tourister And Safari

As said above, we are comparing the most popular models from each of these brands. Here, we have a list of the most differentiating features between these suitcases so that you can see what makes each special.

American Tourister Hard Side Spinner Features

  • Comes with cool graphics: If you’re into nerdy themes, American Tourister will suit your fancy. Many of their hardshell models have cooled nerdy graphics from Star Wars, Disney, and Marvel comics. As you can see from the image above, we have chosen the Darth Vader suitcase, which is one of their best-selling suitcases!
  • Shinier: One of the major differences in terms of the look of the American Tourister is the fact that their hardshell suitcases are pretty shiny. You’re likely to track some attention by carrying around one of these models.
  • Side handles: A carry-on suitcase would not be complete without side handles. Side handles are useful when the telescopic handle is placed into the back panel. Using them is very useful when you are putting your suitcase into the overhead compartment or placing it inside the back of the bus. Also, carrying the suitcase down a set of stairs is very easy if you are using the side handles.
  • Has come down in price: While American Tourister hardshell suitcases used to be over $100, they have come down significantly in price.

Safari Thorium Polycarbonate 55 Hardsided Carry On Features

  • Comes with the combination lock: While the American Tourister case can be locked using zippered ends, the Safari suitcase comes with a combination lock that is built-in. You may or may not like combination locks. Some people feel like they might forget the actual combination numbers and prefer to use keyed locks.
  • Has a matte finish: If you don’t like shiny objects, the Safari line generally comes in a matte finish.
  • Looks more generic: If you’re not that interested in a very modern style, Safari suitcases are pretty generic looking. That isn’t to say that they look completely outdated, as they do have a simplistic and slightly modern look.
  • Very affordable: One of the things that brings people to purchase Safari suitcases is the fact that they, to very low price tag. Yet, they are made of a high-grade polycarbonate, just as with the American Tourister.

Price Comparison

Comparing the prices between American Tourister and Safari suitcases, we see that in most places Safari suitcases are cheaper. You can see that by going to the links below.

As you can see from the above, Safari luggage is sold on This potentially means that it is going to come with a higher shipping cost. If you live in North America, you may not be getting a cheaper price for the Safari luggage considering shipping cost.

The Verdict

We have a preference for the American Tourister based on the fact that it comes in various attractive and modern styles. Safari has some modern looks, but they do see more generic. American Tourister also seems to have a larger assortment of softshell luggage if that is what you are into.

Although the Safari suitcases generally come at lower price, you may be paying more for getting it shipped from India.

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