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You may have heard of American Tourister as being one of the top brands in suitcases. Skybags is a lesser-known brand that has very similar qualities. However, Skybags is an Indian company but uses American culture as part of the design of their bags.

You may already be familiar with some of these brands’ backpack designs. In fact, Skybags also makes rolling suitcases, just as American Tourister does. In this American Tourister vs Skybags, we will go over the main differences between these brands and their backpacks/suitcases.

Exploring The American Tourister Backpacks And Suitcases

American Tourister has two very different styles of bags. First, there is the ultra-professional looking suitcase that almost looks like Samsonite and Swiss Gear suitcases. In fact, American Tourister is just as good in quality as the latter when it comes to their suitcases. If you would like to see more about their suitcases, see our American Tourister vs Samsonite comparison.

Secondly, American Tourister has quirky looking backpacks and suitcases. These are ones that have images on the body of the backpack relating to American popular culture. For example, many of the American Tourister bags have Disney and Star Wars images. They also have Marvel images, such as The Avengers.

When it comes to this brand, the quirky images are usually put on their suitcases or their child backpacks. These images usually cover the entirety of the bag, thus making a pretty big statement. These bags are very popular, even more so than the Skybags.

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Exploring The Skybags Backpacks And Suitcases

If you have seen Skybags backpacks, you lightly come to realize that they come in many nifty designs. It seems like Skybags is trying to enhance the appeal of each and every backpack that they have with its own original design. They do follow and on the American Tourister trend and makes it up between the ultra-professional and the quirky.

Skybags has many professional-looking rolling suitcases that look pretty similar to the American Tourister bags. They also have a wide variety of quirky backpacks involving American pop culture references. There pop-culture verses are mostly involving Marvel comics, such as with Capt. America, Hulk, Thor. etc…

However, instead of being child backpacks, they are designed as fully adult backpacks. They have the same organizational compartments that an adult backpack would have. In the same category as these nerdy backpacks are backpacks that are branded with the Skybags logo and style. Each of these backpacks are made to look unique from each other and attractive to the eye.

Something that did stand out press upon looking at these backpacks is the fact that the pop-culture references seem to be incorporated in a different way than with the American Tourister. Instead of having an image that envelops the entire bag, it has bits and pieces of them scattered on the backpack as if it were a collage. This actually made it her nerdy people from purchasing these bags since they may come across as not being very familiar with the references on the bag. For example, one of the Skybags models has four different Marvel characters added to four different sections of the backpack. It is as if it is trying hard to project the image of being suitable for a comic geek.

All of the nerdy Skybags backpacks also have the Skybags logo sprawled in various places on its body. The idea is likely that someone would see the backpack and take it is quite cool, and then see the logo and buy one for themselves. We could see why someone was very particular about the image of the backpack would not necessarily go from one that is highly branded by the backpack company.

Differences In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, the differences between the American Tourister and the Skybags are pretty simple. Skybags is an Indian company that specializes in professional looking luggage as well as highly attractive ones. They also hold a host of nerdy looking backpacks. American Tourister also has ultra-professional looking luggage and nerdy backpacks. However, half of the nerdy bags that American Tourister makes is also in luggage form. See can get nerdy luggage from American Tourister, but not from Skybags.

Also, the Skybags nerdy backpacks are made for adults, while the American Tourister nerdy backpacks are made for kids. This is mainly due to the sizing of the backpacks, as well as the number of organizational pockets.

If you’re interested only in the professional looking wheeled luggage, we would go with American Tourister, as their are a staple company when it comes to wheeled suitcases. Skybags has not been tested by enough people in America to really generate enough reviews. That being said, there are many very positive reviews for the American Tourister suitcases and backpacks.

The Verdict

Between these two brands, we have a preference for the American Tourister mainly because they have been tested by many people in North America for many years. Skybags does not seem to have the same popularity in North America, so it is more difficult to find customer reviews.

As for the nerdy backpacks, we have mentioned that American Tourister might be the most appealing in terms of its design. So our vote is for the American Tourister Brand. We would, however, go with the Skybags brand if we were looking for highly stylish backpacks and rolling suitcases that involved cool angles and patterns.

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