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The backpack market is one in which many companies all over the world have tried to get into. American Tourister is a subset of Samsonite. Samsonite has been around for decades and is continuously getting into various submarkets. American Tourister is Samsonite’s mid-level range backpacks and suitcases. In contrast, Wildcraft is an Indian company that is also very popular in North America. In fact, many Indian backpack companies have been in competition with North American brands.

In particular, we are going to be making a American Tourister vs Wildcraft comparison so that you can get a better idea of how these two stack up against each other. But this is more of a comparison in terms of specific features instead of which one is actually better. This is because both of these brands are good for different segments of the population. Whichever segment you find yourself in may actually be what you base your decision on.

What These Backpacks Have In Common

Admittedly, the biggest thing that these backpacks brands have in common is that they keep getting compared to each other. While there are many backpack brands to compare, these to get compared a lot because they appeal to the younger generation. Maybe it is due to the pastel colours and the cool designs. Or perhaps it is the fact that they are very useful for school, yet simple.

We are going to go over this short list of commonalities between these backpacks brands before we get into the differences.

  • Made of polyester: These backpacks are made of a tough polyester fabric. Keep in mind that there are many backpacks that are made of nylon, which is a stronger fabric. However, nylon is scratch year and not as soft as polyester. So polyester tents appeal to kids who like soft backpacks.
  • Organizational pockets: As these backpacks tend to be used for school, they have organizational pockets. You can store your student ID cards, your cell phone, etc…
  • Padded shoulder straps: No school backpack would be complete without padded shoulder straps. This helps to ease up on the pressure points that are created by putting in a lot of textbooks.
  • Padded back panel: As with the shoulder straps, the padded back panel helps to alleviate some of the back pain that might be associated with carrying large textbooks.
  • Side pockets: The side pockets on these backpacks allow you to place water bottles inside of them.

Comparing American Tourister And Wildcraft

As we have said previously, we will not be going over all of the differences in quality between these brands. We would prefer to make a list of the feature differences that they have so you can make a decision on which is right for you.

American Tourister Backpack Unique Features

The American Tourister backpacks are mostly made for kids in grade school. You can see this by looking at the various designs that they have and how much smaller they are two adult backpacks.

  • Cool designs: The designs on the American Tourister backpacks are geared towards children. They have designs from Disney and Star Wars, and suit children who love their comics and TV shows.
  • ID label on back panel: In case your child loses their backpack, there is an ID label on the back panel. You can fill it in with the child’s information, such as their name, address and phone number.
  • Very affordable: The American Tourister backpacks come at a more affordable price than the Wildcraft backpacks.

Wildcraft Backpack Unique Features

While the American Tourister backpacks are made for grade schoole children, the Wildcraft backpacks are made for great schoolchildren, as well as young adults. They have more mature looking designs. In fact, they do not have any graphics on them. They are limited to some cool colours and soft textures.

  • Cool colours: Instead of having Disney and Star War graphics on them, Wildcraft backpacks have a soft texture with some colours that tend to stand out a bit. These colours are within the trimming of the backpack and appeal to young adults.
  • Comes from India: Wildcraft is an Indian company. This means that they are not quite as popular in North America and have less of a presence. However, due to the fact that they are great quality, they still made their way to the American market.
  • Durable water bottle pockets: One of the things that is great about the Wildcraft backpack side pockets is the fact that they are more durable than those of the American Tourister.
  • Extra front pocket: The Wildcraft backpacks have an extra pocket in the front panel to organize your smaller items.

Price Comparison

In comparing the prices between the American Tourister and Wildcraft, we see that Wildcraft is definitely the priciest. This may be due to the fact that they look sturdier, and they get many great reviews from customers. Then again, so does American Tourister. Below are the links to purchase the American Tourister and Wildcraft backpacks. You also be able to see their prices at a glance.

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