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American Tourister and Swiss Gear are similar in quality and design. In this American Tourister vs Swiss Gear comparison, we will be covering what makes these brands the same, as well as different. To this end, we will be comparing their rolling luggage.

Rolling suitcases are useful for those who are on the go while travelling. There is no need to break your back trying to carry a large backpack when you can use a rolling suitcase in the city and at the airport. American Tourister and Swiss Gear are two of the top brands in the industry. Many of the suitcases available in North America are similar from one another, especially when it comes to the top brands. This why is difficult to really tell the difference between them. As they always say, “Great minds think alike.”

What Makes American Tourister And Swiss Gear So Great

The best way to describe how these luggage brands are similar is to make a list of all of their best features. The feature list below applies to both the American Tourister and the Swiss Gear rolling luggage.

  • Durability: These luggage pieces are made mostly of polyester and polyester blends. Polyester is a strong synthetic fabric that is abrasion resistant. Polyester does not stretch or shrink, and tend to be used for outdoor gear. The durability of the frames of these suitcases are also pretty great.
  • Adjusts to your height: Both of these brands have luggage that will adjust your height. Their telescopic handles allows you to pull the luggage along with you on its wheels. The telescopic handle than can be placed inside of the back of the suitcase when it is not in use.
  • Integrated carry handles: When you’re not using your suitcase’s telescoping handle, you can stow it away and use the carry handles that are integrated into the suitcase. In doing so, you can place your suitcase in the overhead compartment or onto a vehicle with ease. The carry handles will not break off, as they are fully integrated into the suitcase body.
  • 360 spinner wheels: With 360 spinner wheels, you can go around any corner swiftly without needing to readjust your suitcase.
  • Interorganizational pockets: Both these suitcase brands have organizational pockets on the inside of the suitcase. The layout of these pockets depends on the actual model you’re using. But both have a combination of mesh and waterproof plastic pockets.
  • Bungee straps: These suitcases have bungee straps on the inside so that you can store your folded clothing in it separately from the rest of your gear.
  • Outer organizational pockets: A suitcase would not be complete without giving the ability to store smaller items in separate compartments. Both of these suitcase brands have outer pockets that allow you to do this.

Differences Between The American Tourister And Swiss Gear Suitcases

The suitcases made by both these brands are very similar to one another. Perhaps the first major difference that you will notice between them is the fact that American Tourister also has some quirky designs available. They tend to appeal to the nerd culture as they have many different types of Star Wars and Disney designs. Nevertheless, American Tourister also has ultra-professional looking suitcases that look very similar to the Swiss Gear suitcases.

One great thing about the Swiss Gear suitcases is that some of them have expandability. They can have a slim profile just like the American Tourister pieces, but some of them can expand by 1.5 inches just by unzipping the extra section. Use this if you like to purchase things in the city while travelling and bring them home with you.

In general, the Swiss Gear suitcases don’t have as many front panel pockets as the American Tourister. This means that you will not be able to separate out the gear as easily, if this is something that you need. But one plus for the Swiss Gear is that its integrated carry handles come at the top, bottom, and sides. As for the American Tourister, there are only handles at the top and sides.

Also, we like the fact that the Swiss Gear waterproof internal bags are removable. This allows you to quickly go through the checkpoint.

Price Comparison

The prices between these two brands of suitcases are pretty comparable to each other. If you would like to see a list of some of the cheapest prices available for the American Tourister and the Swiss Gear suitcases, please see below.

The Verdict

As you can see from the above, there only minor differences between these suitcase brands. The only major consideration that we can see is that there may be people who would want to have those quirky American Tourister suitcases. If you go to the link above, you will see the quirky selections that we mean. Other than this, we do not have a specific recommendation between the two as they are both pretty great!

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