Best Women's Travel Toiletry Bag

Best Women’s Travel Toiletry Bag


Do you find it practically impossible to manage all of your toiletries while you are traveling? A woman normally has at least 10 items of toiletry to bring on a trip. To put it all in one bag without the luxury of organization seems daunting. That is why we have created a list of the best women’s travel toiletry bags.

Travel toiletry bags are great for organizing your multitude of toiletry. By managing them in this way, you don’t need to fumble around in a big bag full of things. While you are at a hotel, simply hang it up on your shower rod or in your closet. There is no need to take all of your items out and place them in the cupboards or on the bathroom counter. This way, when you are ready to leave the hotel, you can simply grab your toiletry bag and place it inside of your suitcase.

One of the great things about travel toiletry bags is the fact that it provides for waterproofing. Bringing this many items with you while you are traveling can be a hazard to all of your clothing. Often enough, leaks will happen. This is why all of the toiletry bags listed below are waterproof. All of the liquids will be contained in one pouch so that you only have to clean that area.

With the convenience of all of your toiletries spread out in front of you, you can be certain that having a toiletry bag will make life easier for you.

Top 5 Women’s Hanging Toiletry Bags

We have selected the toiletry bags below based on the following criteria:

  • Value: While we have not listed the absolute cheapest toiletry bags in existence, we have also wanted to save you money. After all, who needs a brand name toiletry bag when you can have one that is of high quality and for an affordable price.
  • Waterproof: It is important that a toiletry bag be waterproof. We have listed the reasons why above, but this is important to mention again.
  • Plenty of space: There are many toiletry bags on the market that only provide a little bit of space. But we do not feel that this is realistic. Most women will carry around more items than these bags will fit. This is the reason why we have chosen the following bags.
  • Hanging ability: All of the toiletry bags below can be hung from a shower rod or from a closet.

Freegrace Premium Toiletry Bag

Freegrace Premium Toiletry Bag

This premium toiletry bag made by Freegrace is for those in need of a large organizer. It comes in 4 attractive colors. While many of the colors are made specifically for women, it also comes in Black. Your man will not mind you putting his toiletry in there because of its unisex feel.

When you think about a toiletry bag, you often think of the ones that are a long rectangular shape. But this one, along with some of the others in this review, have side wings. This means that part of the bag extends sideways when it is hung up. With the Freegrace, you can insert toothbrushes and makeup brushes inside of the elastic straps.

In the main compartment, there is enough room for all of your bottles such as your shampoo and conditioner. Above the main compartment are zippered smaller compartments. You can place your smaller accessories in there, such as your makeup or your brushes.

All of these compartments are waterproof so that you do not need to worry about spills. The material is strong enough to beat air resistance so this will last you for years.

Bogo Toiletry Bag

Bogo Toiletry Bag

The Bogo toiletry bag is made in a very similar to the design to the Freegrace toiletry bag. It has a top zippered compartment, as well as side pockets and the main compartment. The main difference is the fact that the side pockets do not flare out. This also means that it has room for more items than the Freegrace inside pockets. It is also only a few dollars more expensive than the Freegrace.

One thing that differentiates the Bogo from other toiletry bags is the fabric that it is made of. The fabric is a ripstop honeycomb that is made to be waterproof. While the others are waterproof as well, this one is especially durable. Ripstop fabric is made to resist wear and tears. But it is also very lightweight.

Along with the honeycomb fabric comes a unique attractive style. The Bogo toiletry bag comes in 5 different color options. Half of these color options are also suitable for men. If you like having matching toiletry bags with your significant other, this one could be a good choice.

The main compartment has internal organization pockets. There are plenty of organizational options with this toiletry bag, and the value that you get out of this one definitely justifies the affordable price.

Liliput Toiletry Bag

Liliput Toiletry Bag

We like this one for the fact that it has plenty of zippered organizational pockets. But inside of each of these pockets are elastic straps to hold all of your bottles. The bottom internal pocket is very large and can fit full sized bottles.

It comes with a swivel hook that you can use to comfortably hang on a shower rod or towel rack. There is no need to dismantle your shower rod to slip it inside of a fabric hook. This one has a very durable metal hook that looks like that of a hanger.

The zippers on this bag come with pull cords in order to make them easy to open and close. In fact, this toiletry bag comes in a very simplistic style. Instead of having side pockets, it expands all the way downwards. It is like a long rectangular shape. In fact, it will fit slightly more items than the bags above.

Since this bag hold so many items, you can purchase this for yourself and put your significant other’s toiletry in there as well. But despite the fact that it is larger, it also comes at a slightly cheaper price than the others above. We prefer this bag because of the shape, while other customers may prefer the side pockets.

Yofi Nurture Yourself Toiletry Bag

Yofi Nurture Yourself Toiletry Bag

Like the Liliput bag above, the Yofi toiletry bag does not have any side pockets. Instead, it is a long rectangular shape when it is expanded fully and hung up. It has plenty of space for your items, as well as those of your spouse.

The back of this toiletry bag is stainless and black. This gives it a nice classic look. While a woman can comfortably use this and be stylish, a man can also use this.

The body of this hanging toiletry bag is waterproof and is made of a tear resistant polyester. If you are not happy with the quality of this bag, there is a risk-free satisfaction guarantee.

MelodySusie Hanging Toiletry Bag

MelodySusie Hanging Toiletry Bag

The MelodySusie Hanging Toiletry Bag is most like the Freegrace bag. It has side pockets and a main compartment with a zippered compartment at the top. The main difference is the fact that it also comes with a shoulder strap so that you can carry it like a purse.

Despite the fact that you can carry this one like a purse, it also comes with a hook that you can hang on a shower curtain or inside of a closet. It works in much the same way as the other toiletry bags.

It comes in 4 highly attractive colors and color combinations. But if you are not one for colors, or are a man looking for a good toiletry bag, can purchase the classic Black Version.

An unexpected use of this product is also for carrying paint brushes. There are many customers who purchase this one in order to store their art supplies. This is great because it is waterproof and has many compartments. But it is also great because of the fact that it can be carried over the shoulder.

You could also use this as a tote bag for baby items. Because it is waterproof and you can carry it over the shoulder, it makes for the perfect contraption for many uses!

In Conclusion

Once you purchase a toiletry bag, you will wonder how you have ever done without it. In fact, a travel toiletry bag can be used in the home, as well as in a hotel. When it is used in the home, it saves plenty of counter space. As with most hotels, you may have limited counter space for all of your things. The cupboards may not adequately hold all of your toiletry.

Most women carry around plenty of toiletry as it is, even on a day-to-day basis. When you are traveling, is important to limit the amount of things that you bring with you so that you can travel lightly. But you also don’t want to leave anything behind. This is why a travel toiletry bag is perfect for the modern woman. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these

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