Brooks Ghost 9 vs Ghost 8

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Brooks Ghost 9 vs Ghost 8: Is Newer Better?

The Brooks Ghost line is arguably the most popular one of Brooks’ running shoes. One of the reasons for this is that they are so lightweight and flexible. Many runners love the fact that they involve just enough cushioning to be comfortable, yet not too much cushioning to slow them down. As new models keep coming out, the older ones are just getting discounted to pretty low prices. It is always useful to know whether a new version of a model is actually worth the extra cost.

In this Brooks Ghost 9 vs Ghost 8 comparison, we cover the main differences between these running shoes. But we are also going to let you know whether the Ghost 9 is worth investing in compared to the Ghost 8. Let’s take a look at all of the features that make these running shoes different from each other, as well as the things that have not changed.

What Hasn’t Changed

Before we get right into the differences in features, we are going to point out a couple of the things that have not changed since the new Ghost 9 has come out. First of all, it has the same amount of stability as the Ghost 8. The stability is provided for by the material overlays that make up the upper of the shoe. There is just the right balance of stability for the runner in these sneakers. This means that there is not so much stability that the she is stiff, but not so little stability that the shoe is too flexible.

The amount of flexibility in these shoe models are also the same. Although it seems that there is less stitching in the Ghost 9, this does not affect the overall flexibility of the shoe.

What Has Changed: Differences Between The Ghost 8 And 9

We’re going to go over each of the features that have changed with the advent of the Ghost 9 in the section. Please see the feature list below for an explanation on how these features have changed.

  • More heel cushioning: There is certainly more cushioning in the heel of the Ghost 9. The amount of cushioning in the midsole has not changed.
  • Heel-to-toe drop: The heel-to-toe drop on the Ghost 9 is approximately 1 mm smaller than that of the Ghost 8. This means that the ball of the foot does not fall as low as with the Ghost 8.
  • Less stitching: The Ghost 8 had two overlays and some stitching on the toe cap. With the new Ghost 9, the stitching has been removed and the overlays as well. This makes way for more space in the toe box. On the other hand, the heel width has remained the same.
  • Eyelets: The eyelets on the Ghost 9 now form a straight line. The Ghost 8 used to have two middle loops for eyelets that were situated more on the inside of the tongue. But the fact that the eyelets now form a straight line means that there is going to be a little bit more volume in the middle of the foot. This does not mean that the she will be loose. You can always tighten up the laces for a snugger fit. But if you have sore feet after wearing sneakers for a long time, it’s possible that you need to loosen them up a bit. So having straight lace eyelets is an advantage.
  • Cosmetic changes: There have been some cosmetic changes in the midsole. You can tell the difference simply by looking at the images above. The Ghost 9 now looks a little bit more streamlined. The fact that it does not have the two overlays in the toe box like the Ghost 8 also means that it looks a little bit more modern and sleeker.

Price Comparison

As is usually the case when new sneaker models come out, the older models come at a discounted price. Perhaps one of the reasons why you might be looking at potentially getting the Ghost 8 running shoes. There are no major differences in both of these shoe versions . The change that you may notice the most is the fact that there is more cushioning in the Ghost 9. However, if you are looking for a running shoe that is discounted and still maintains the standard needed for your purposes, it may be worth it to you to look into getting the Ghost 8. To know how much of a discount you would be getting by purchasing the Ghost 8, please see the price comparison below.

The Verdict

Perhaps the reason why you’re looking at potentially getting an older version of the Ghost is in order to save a bit of cash. We can attest to the fact that any of the three latest Ghost versions (8,9 and 10) are going to have plenty of cushioning. But it seems as though with each new iteration of the shoe, more padding gets added. He may also be interested in looking at the Ghost 10. If interested, please see our Ghost 9 vs Ghost 10 comparison.

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