Brooks vs New Balance

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Brooks vs New Balance

Brooks and New Balance are companies that produce shoes for various purposes. Their most popular types of products are running shoes. They seem to have something for every type of runner. However, the technologies that the use for their sneakers have their own unique qualities. In this Brooks vs New Balance comparison, we will be covering what technologies both of these companies use, as well as how they are brought about in their running shoe products.

A Bit Of History

Both of these companies had to start in the early 1900’s. Brooks opened its doors in Philadelphia in 10914. It started manufacturing athletic shoes for various types of sports. But it eventually caught onto the fact that running shoes were very popular in demand item. Running had become a popular sport, and they jumped on the bandwagon early on. As the running market continued to grow, so did their selection of running shoes.

New Balance launched in 1906. They started off their business providing arch supports. While it still continues to manufacture many of its products in the US, it still outsources some of this labour.

Brooks and New Balance, like every popular running shoe company, iterates on their processes and technologies every year. They continue to come out with new running shoe models that will incorporate the most Vance sneaker technologies of the day. Below, you’ll find out more about what these technologies are and how these companies use them.

Comparing Brooks vs New Balance

As mentioned above, each of these companies make use of certain running shoe technologies, which is what makes them unique from one another. Some of their most popular sneakers are made for various types of runners, each with a particular need. Below, we have covered these components one by one with each of the companies.

What Is Great About Brooks

Unlike the New Balance running shoes, Brooks offers a smaller selection of options for shoe width. Their shoes are available in narrow, medium, and wide widths. This tends to be sufficient for many people, but others are used to measuring their foot width based on the letters A to E to be more precise.

One of the great technologies that the Brooks company employs is the ‘Progressive Rollbar’. The technology allows people to stand for long periods of time on their feet. It provides more stability in the heel of the midsole, thus correcting pronation and other gait abnormalities.

Another technology that Brooks uses is BioMoGo DNS. This technology allows the cushioning of the shoe to adapt to your particular feet and style of walking.

For Flat Feet

For those who have flat feet, Brooks has a couple of options. The Brooks Beast works wonders for a man’s feet. If you’re a woman, go with the Brooks Ariel for your flat feet. Both the Beast and the Ariel uses the Brooks full-length BioMoGo DNA insole that has an extended diagonal rollbar and saddle construction for maximum stability.

For Neutral To High Arches

If you are someone who has high arches, going with the Brooks Glycerin is a great option. But if you have a normal arch, and still get some goodness out of it if you prefer sneakers that have plenty of stability for the middle of the foot.

For Bunions And Hammertoes

Do you wish you had more room in the toebox of the shoe? For those who have bunions or hammertoes, shoes that have plenty of space the toebox is a must. The Brooks Dyad 8 does a great job of providing a deep toebox in order to accommodate for toes that need a little extra care.

For Fast Runners

For those of you who love to run fast and need more stability than cushioning, the Brooks Ghost sneakers are one of the lightest shoes that you can find. In the Ghost, Brooks applies just the right balance of cushioning and stability for those who love to race.

What Is Great About New Balance

Unlike the Brooks company, which only offers three with options, New Balance offers shoes that range from A to E in width. Another great thing about the New Balance shoes is that they employ the ‘Absorb’ technology for the midsole instead of the standard EVA that is commonly found in running shoes. What is great about the Absorb technology is that it lasts longer than EVA. So you can expect to have a shoe that maintains its cushioning for quite some time.

New Balance uses its Rollbar technology in order to provide for stability of the heel. This is great for those who over pronate.

For Those Who Want A Walking Shoe With A Large Toebox

For those who want a shoe which they can take on their brisk walks, the New Balance 847 is a great addition to your shoe collection. Apart from having Rollbar technology, it also has a deep toebox to accommodate for those with toe issues.

For Neutral To High Arches

For those who have high arches, the New Balance 890 provides plenty of support in the insole. Even if you have a neutral foot, you can enjoy the extra stability that the arch provides.

Where To Buy Running Shoes

One of the best places to purchase running shoes is on Amazon. Amazon has competitive pricing because their merchants are always competing against each other. This means that prices will keep going down, especially for the sneakers models that are not the newest versions of their particular line.

If you would like to see all of the Brooks and New Balance running shoes that Amazon has to offer, please see below.

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