Rtic Coolers vs Yeti: Almost Identical In Design

There was once a legal battle between the Rtic company and the Yeti. The reason why is because Yeti found that many of the Rtic cooler models were identical in design to theirs. Once they had settled this matter, Rtic was forced to change the design on most of its similar cooler models.

However, many of the Rtic coolers that were identical to the Yeti are still available for purchase. Many sellers are selling the old Rtic coolers on Amazon. It is worth noting that even though their designs are very similar, there are some key differences that you may want to know about if you’re going to be making a decision as to which you would like to purchase.

For example, a few cooler testers (customers like you and me) tested the Rtic and Yeti coolers side by side. They wanted to know which of these coolers would actually hold ice the longest.

Now, it is worth noting that both Rtic and Yeti are purported to hold ice for up to five days in the summer. So tests were made for up to five days, and the results were interesting.

Testing The Rtic Against The Yeti Coolers

People found that the Rtic coolers hold ice for almost one more day than the Yeti cooler. So instead of holding ice for five days, it holds ice for six. Considering the facts that the Rtic coolers are supposed to be replicas of the Yeti versions, it is interesting to note that the actually hold ice for longer.

The reason why the Rtic coolers may hold ice longer is that their walls are one inch thicker than the yeti. You definitely have more insulation, and thus will work better for keeping ice intact.

Volume Capacity Considerations

When people are considering the purchase of a cooler, the volume capacity is usually a big factor in deciding which to get. It may make some sense to think that the numbers inside of the model names of these coolers represent the number of quarts so they can hold.

While this is true when it comes to the Rtic, the Yeti is usually smaller in volume capacity than the number in the model name. For example, a Rtic 20 cooler will hold 20 quarts. However, a Yeti 20 will hold less than 20 quarts. So comparing two models, or any other Rtic or Yeti model with the number and it requires you to take it into consideration the actual volume capacity of both. You would need to research the actual volume capacity of the Yeti to be sure that there is enough room.

Let’s talk about prices

There was a time when Yeti was purported to cost twice as much as the Rtic coolers. This has changed drastically over the past couple of years. For one thing, Yeti cooler prices are dropping significantly, especially on Amazon.

Also, since many of the Rtic coolers have been discontinued, they are harder to find. The ones that are still being sold are sometimes being sold for higher price due to less supply.

This means that pricing between the Yeti and the Rtic coolers has gotten closer and closer. At the time of this writing, Yeti coolers are generally only $10 to $20 more than the Rtic. Considering that people are purchasing these because they are high end coolers, the slight differences in price tends to not make a difference.

So Which Should I Buy?

As mentioned above, the Rtic coolers are better at holding ice for longer. But there is an upside to the Yeti coolers. It’s the fact that many customers find that they have better sealing under the top lid. Some customers feel that they are made of better quality materials.

Also, Yeti is a better-known brand. Other campers may recognize it, but this would be more of an issue with appearances. The Yeti may also have better resale value, but that is just a guess on our part.

And before we close, we would also like to mention that the yeti has a five year warranty. We cannot find anything out when it comes to warranties with the Rtic coolers, and we are not sure there is a warranty for that.

Whichever brand you decide to go with, you can rest assured that you’re getting high quality cooler that will last you years and years.

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