Coleman Coffee Maker Carry Case Review: Best Features, Pros and Cons and More

The Coleman Coffee Maker Carry Case is a useful accessory for anybody wishing to carry around their coffeemakers to hotels or simply camping outdoors.

It is hard enough as it is to get a decent cup of coffee while you are out and about. It always seems like whenever you go to a coffee shop, the coffee tastes bitter. And even if you have access to a kettle and are able to boil water, instant coffee does not make for a good cup of Java.

Whether you have a Coleman propane coffeemaker, a stove-top coffeemaker, or the infamous Keurig coffee maker, this carry case can fit most models with enough spare room for filters and bags of coffee.

Although Coleman advertises that this carry case is made to carry Coleman’s propane coffeemakers, many customers have said they have been using this case for various types of coffeemakers.

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Coleman Coffee Maker Carry Case Compatibility

Now, here are some examples of the coffee makers that customers have used with the Coleman coffee maker carry case:

1. The Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker stainless steel carafe can be taken anywhere to make a cup of percolated coffee. It features an on/off switch that allows you to light it using is propane tank without needing to light a match.

2. The Coleman Camping Coffee Maker (model number 5008c700) is not propane powered. It has a groove at the bottom that provides enough space to slide a propane stove underneath.

3. One customer said that they have fit a hotel sized Keurig coffee maker into this carry case with enough room left over for a box of Keurig cups.

4. The Cuisinart Grind-and-Brew automatic coffeemaker actually has a grinder built into it. It is fully programmable and has the capacity to make 10 cups of coffee.

Coleman Coffee Maker Carry Case Features

Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker

Weight: 1.15 pounds

Dimensions: 12 x 7.5 x 16 inches

Material: The Coleman coffee maker carry case is made of PVC coated polyester. PVC stands for ‘polyvinyl chloride’. By using a thin coating of PVC over polyester, water resistance is increased. This also prevents moisture from seeping into the case and allows the coffee maker to remain dry. With some types of coffee makers, this comes in very handy as it makes the propane easier to light.

Color: Black

Storage pouch for propane cylinder: The Coleman Coffee Maker Carry Case comes with an outside mesh pouch that you can close with a drawstring. As this carry case is technically made for Coleman’s propane coffee makers, this pouch is specifically meant for storing the propane cylinder. However, other types of models don’t need a propane cylinder, but you can use the pouch to store coffee filters and coffee beans.

Sturdy and durable: This carry case has been touted by customers as being very sturdy and durable. As an added bonus, the PVC coating helps to protect the carry case from degradation.

Heavy-duty zipper: The Coleman Coffee Maker Carry Case comes with a heavy duty zipper that would be very difficult to break even if you tried.

Carry case handle: The carry case handle makes it very easy to carry from one location to another while maintaining an upright position.

Five star rating: This carry case has a five star customer review rating on Amazon.

Coleman Coffee Maker Carry Case Pros

  • Allows the traveler to go from one location to another while always having the ability to have a decent cup of coffee.
  • Fits most portable coffee makers with room to spare for filters and coffee beans.
  • Coleman does not make cases for the stovetop coffee makers anymore. This one is an excellent alternative.
  • The zippered pocket that is meant for the propane cylinder can also be used for other accessories.
  • A perfect fit for most portable coffee makers.
  • Padded to prevent damage from knocks and drops.

Coleman Coffee Maker Carry Case Cons

  • Apart from the separate meshed pouch, there are no internal compartments.

Why buy the Coleman Coffee Maker Carry Case?

Imagine that you are going on a camping trip and you really want to have a good cup of coffee in the morning. You bought the portable coffee maker just for this reason, but it did not come with a carry case. How would you put it in the back of your car and protect it from the rest of your gear? If you don’t want to have to put this back in its packaging in order to lug it around, a carry case is a must!

Coleman Propane Coffee Maker Carry Case
  • Coffee machine case for securely transporting and storing Coleman Propane Coffee Makers
  • Lightweight and weather-resistant design ideal for outdoor adventures
  • Tough PVC-coated polyester construction protects coffee maker from the elements
  • Comfortable web handle for easy carrying
  • Webbed pouch securely holds standard 16.4 oz. propane canister (sold separately)

Coleman Coffee Maker Carry Case: The Verdict

The Coleman coffee maker carry case is just about the most perfect carry case for most portable coffee maker models. It is not surprising that it has a five star rating on Amazon.

This Coleman Propane Coffee Maker Carry Case can be purchased for just a little over $21. If you are looking for an excellent carry case that will protect your coffee maker so that you can never be without a good cup of coffee, this case is an excellent choice.

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