Coleman Twin LED Lantern: Is this the Best Coleman Lantern for Hiking and Camping?

This Coleman lantern has 2 Cree LED bulbs, thus increasing the maximum light output. This is perhaps one of the best features of this Lantern as those lanterns do not run this much brightness. Now, we are just talking about lanterns that are run on batteries. You may already know that propane and gasoline-powered lanterns burn brighter than their battery-powered counterparts.

That being said, if you need plenty of light but don’t want the hassle of a noisy and leaky lantern, the Coleman Twin LED Lantern might be for you. We also love the fact that it has a dimmer switch instead of just an on and off switch. This makes it easier for elderly hands to turn this on. It also makes it easier to adjust the light settings at just the right amount of brightness. While most lanterns can only be adjusted based on a high, medium, or low setting, this one can be adjusted to any light setting in between.

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Coleman LED Lantern | 390 Lumens Twin LED Lantern

This lantern shines at a 32 feet diameter on its highest setting. This is enough for most uses, for example lighting a small cabin. But you can also use this to let your campsite by hanging it on a tree branch by its handle. The handle is plenty big to allow for big objects to be looped around it.

For more information on the great features of the Coleman twin LED Lantern, please see below.

Coleman Twin LED Lantern Features

Coleman LED Lantern | 390 Lumens Twin LED Lantern

Batteries: This Lantern runs on 8 D-cell batteries

Dimmer switch:

Unlike some other lanterns, this one has a dimmer switch so that it can be placed at any brightness from high to very low. At its highest setting, it shines at 390 lumens which is a very high output. On its ultra-low setting, it shines 100 lumens.

Beam distance:

Its maximum beam distance is 32 feet, which happens when it is on its high brightness setting. At its lowest setting of 100 lumens, it shines at 19 feet in diameter.

Battery life:

You can use this lantern regularly while camping for several days on a high brightness setting without running out of batteries. At its highest setting 390 lumens, the batteries run for 85 hours before needing to be replaced. At its very lowest, the batteries will run for 299 hours.

Twin Cree bulbs:

Cree bulbs are the latest technology in LED lighting. They’re designed in such a way that it is economical on the batteries, yet they get a lot of brightness. Twin LED Lantern has 2 Cree LED bulbs side to side, both shining in opposite directions. The light output of these LED bulbs is very high for a battery-powered lantern.

Weather-resistant body:

The water-resistant shell of this lantern prevents rain from damaging the mechanisms. However, it is not recommended to drop this in water as it will not float.


The center and comes with a large handle that’s attached on both sides of the lantern. Turn the handle up and hook it up anywhere, like on a tree branch, in order to light up your campsite.


  • Very bright
  • An improvement on older Coleman models
  • Quieter than a propane lantern
  • This lantern does not get hot as propane lanterns do, so the handle is often not needed
  • LED lights last forever


  • Dimmer than a gas Lantern
  • It’s water-resistant but not completely waterproof

Where to Buy the Coleman Twin LED Lantern

Coleman Lanterns are available on Amazon. The latest price of the Coleman Twin LED Lantern is listed below.

Coleman 390 Lumens Twin LED Lantern, 4 Lifetime...
  • Textured tube for perfect beam pattern

The Verdict

The Coleman Twin LED Lantern is great if you want a very high output lantern without it being fuel powered. It has two LED lights facing opposite of each other for brightness and every direction.

LED lights never have to be replaced. The stands in contrast with other lanterns that use bulbs that need to be replaced every few weeks. One of the great things about the Coleman Twin LED Lantern is that uses Cree LED bulbs. Cree is the new LED technology that saves on power so your battery will last longer. And, the light output is greater than regular LED bulbs.

If you are interested in another LED Lantern, we would suggest that you take a look at the Coleman Quad LED Lantern. It has 4 removable panels so that your party can divide themselves into four groups and have enough light.

One of our favorite basic lanterns is the Streamlight The Siege Lantern. Has a very high customer review rating and comes at a very affordable price. It is around $10 less than the Coleman Twin LED Lantern at the time of this writing. But keep in mind that it’s light output is not as great.

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