Grizzly Coolers vs Yeti Coolers

When you’re in the outdoors and want to have a good time, it’s kind of difficult to do so unless you are well fed. Many people don’t consider the facts that bringing their sandwiches along to their tailgate parties is not the most efficient if they do not have something that will hold ice for a long time. Just putting some food inside of an insulated lunch box will not do the trick in some cases. Moreover, you may be carrying plenty of food or drinks for a whole party. This is where high-end, insulated coolers come in.

Yeti is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to coolers. Grizzly is a comparable brand but does not have as recognizable of a name. The question is; how do these two coolers stack up against each other? You will see what the differences are between these coolers in the comparison section below. But before we get into comparing their features, let’s take a look at a few things that they have in common.

Commonalities Between The Grizzly And The Yeti Coolers

Upon looking at photos, you may see that they both are roughly the same size, plus/minus a few inches. They also function in much the same way. They have freezer gasket type sealing so that cold air cannot escape and heat cannot enter.

They are both built to be highly durable. You can lug these things around in the woods or have them in the back of your truck without them getting damaged.

The ice that you will put in these coolers will last approximately five days. Below, you will see that there is a slight difference between these coolers when it comes to how long the ice will last.

And if you prefer to lock your cooler so that no one can get at its content, both of them are designed to have holes within the corners of their molding. This allows you to shut them tight with a padlock.

Overall, they are based on the same sort of design. But they do have a few differences to take into account.

Differences Between The Grizzly Coolers And The Yeti Coolers

In each of the sections below, we will go over the feature that these coolers have differences with each other. We will give an explanation as to how these coolers are different for each of these features.

  • Where they are made: Some Yeti coolers are made in the USA and some are made in the Philippines. In contrast, all of the Grizzly coolers are made in the USA. This tends to appeal to some people, as they want to support their own country’s businesses, as well as feeling like they are better designed. Rest assured that even though the Yeti coolers are sometimes made in the Philippines, this does not mean that they are of a lesser quality.
  • Dimensions: While the dimensions of these coolers will depend on the volume capacity of the specific model, there is a general difference between the Yeti and the Grizzly when it comes to the sizing. The Yeti coolers are generally longer than the Grizzly coolers when comparing ones that are similar in volume capacity. In addition, the Grizzly coolers are generally taller than the Yeti coolers.
  • Drain hole: The drainage system of the Grizzly and the Yeti are different. The Yeti comes with a 1 inch drain hole and only a very small drain field on the inside. This means that you may even have to tip it to one side in order to get all of the melted ice out. On the other hand, the Grizzly has a 2 inch drain hole, as well as a large, sloped drain field. This makes it much more efficient to get rid of the extra water all at once.
  • Handle design: Both of these coolers have a rope handle to allow two people at a time to carry them. The difference between these coolers when it comes to the handle is in the grip. While the Yeti has a very simple plastic handle, the Grizzly comes with a canvas piece of fabric over the handle that molds your hand.
  • Warranty: While the Grizzly coolers come with a lifetime warranty, the Yeti coolers come with a five year warranty.
  • Weight: When it comes to Grizzly and Yeti coolers that are comparable in volume capacity, the Grizzly coolers generally weigh less than the Yeti.
  • Sandwich tray: The Yeti cooler comes with a sandwich tray. This allows you to keep your sandwiches away from the melted ice and other items that may ruin the consistency of your sandwiches.
  • Ruler on the lid: While the Grizzly cooler has rulers on its lid, the Yeti coolers do not. The rulers may be useful for those who are going fishing want to measure their fish.
  • How long behold ice: There are both comparable in the length of time that they hold ice, is approximately five days in the summer heat. However, according to some testing that customers have done, the Yeti coolers seem to hold ice for slightly longer than the Grizzly coolers.

Price Comparison

The Yeti cooler models are generally pricier than the Grizzly coolers. We are not quite sure why this is, as both are pretty comparable. But if you would like to get an overview of the models available for each of these brands, please see the links below.

The Verdict

While both of these cooler brands seem comparable in quality, the Grizzly coolers have a few more features that are pretty awesome. It has a great drainage system, which is important. It also has an ergonomic handle design and a longer warranty. On the other hand, the Yeti has slightly better insulation, and it has a sandwich tray. It can be difficult to decide between the two, and a decision is usually based on which features are most important to people.

Always keep in mind that if you’re purchasing a Yeti cooler, the number in the name of the model does not reflect the amount of quarts that it can hold. So when comparing a Yeti cooler to a Grizzly cooler, please see the specifications for the volume capacity.

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