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Are you a homeowner who has the need to cut down trees or branches? The Husqvarna 400 series chainsaws are made for those who are looking for a chainsaw that is affordable and high-quality, without the need for getting something that is professional grade.

Husqvarna has long been creating chainsaws for any type of chainsaw need, whether it be casual arboring or professional forestry. You will not be cutting down large trees with the 455 and 450 models. But these are still Husqvarna’s most popular chainsaws. If you want to know more about how these chainsaws are different, read on for our Husqvarna 455 vs 450 comparison.

We have written this comparison so that you can have enough information to decide which of these chainsaws would be right for you.

Why Go With Husqvarna

There are many reasons why Husqvarna is the most popular chainsaw company in North America. You may not know this, but Husqvarna is actually a Swedish company. You may not be surprised by the fact that they make their designs to be as eco-friendly as possible. That is the Swedish way, after all.

But there are many more benefits to eco-friendly products. It will be healthier for your to use a chainsaw that has lower emissions. Also, these chainsaws are more fuel efficient than the typical chainsaw brand. You may use up to 40% less fuel than other chainsaws. This means that you will need to fill up less on fuel.

Our favorite part about the Husqvarna company is the fact that they have incorporated anti-vibration technology into their chainsaws. This means that they are more comfortable to use, and you will get tired less frequently.

The Husqvarna chainsaws have a special filtration system that reduces the frequency at which you will need to replace the filter. And when you do need to replace the filter, it will be super easy. These chainsaws have a quick-release mechanism that makes filter replacement a cinch.

Husqvarna is constantly updating their chainsaws so that you get the latest technological advances in that market. This is part of the reason why they are so popular, even with the North American audience.


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Comparing the Husqvarna 450 and 455

In a nutshell, the Husqvarna 455 is simply the most technologically advanced of the two chainsaws. As you can see from the specs below, it produces more power than the 450. As per the model number, it has an engine displacement of 55.5 cm³, while the Husqvrana 450 has an engine displacement of 50.2 cm³. The Husqvarna 455 produces 9% more power than the Husqvarna 450.

And here is where you can see how the Husqvarna 455 is more advanced: It consumes considerably less fuel than the Husqvarna 450. So despite the fact that it is more powerful, the Husqvarna 455 consumes less fuel per hour than its counterpart.

They both accommodate for the same bar length range. They will accept a 13-inch bar, and up to a 20 inch bar. If you put on a 20 inch bar, you will be able to cut through small trees.

The only downside to the Husqvarna 455 is that it does weigh 2 pounds more than the Husqvarna 450.

Husqvarna 450

  • Bar length: 13 – 20 inches
  • Engine displacement: 50.2 cm³
  • Power output: 3.2 hp
  • Weight: 10.8 pounds
  • Fuel consumption: 504 g/kWh

Husqvarna 455

  • Bar length: 13 – 20 inches
  • Engine displacement: 55.5 cm³
  • Power output: 3.49 hp
  • Weight: 12.8 pounds
  • Fuel consumption: 470 g/kWh

Comparing the Prices

It should be obvious by the above that the Husqvarna 455 will be the most expensive chainsaw. If you will be purchasing through a dealer, it will likely cost you about $80 more than the Husqvarna 450. But if you will be purchasing one of these Husqvarna models on Amazon, you will likely get better pricing. This is due to Amazon’s competitive pricing model.

If you want to see the cheapest prices for the Husqvarna 455 and the Husqvarna 450 on Amazon, please see below:

The Verdict

The Husqvarna 455 is the clear winner here in terms of efficiency. It has a greater power output than the Husqvarna 450, as well as lower fuel consumption per hour. It does weigh 2 pounds more than the Husqvarna 450, which may be a consideration for you if using it for long periods of time.

Another thing to consider is the fact that the Husqvarna 455 is a bit pricier than the Husqvarna 450 for obvious reasons. But all in all, we have a preference for the Husqvarna 455.

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