Hydro Flask vs Yeti – Drink That Water!

Drinking liquids throughout the day can have a very calming effect. Whether you are drinking cold liquids in the summer or something cozy and warming, having a great drinking bottle increases quality of life.

While it is easy to purchase cheap $10 drinking bottles, they are not of the best quality. But a few drinking bottles have really hit the scene like no other. For example, the Hydro Flask and the Yeti Rambler are so popular that they are often sold out at local stores. There are many reasons why these drinking bottles are of higher quality than others.

But you may be wondering what the real difference is between these bottles. This is why we have created our Hydro Flask vs Yeti comparison. Both have very distinct advantages, and can be easily distinguished.

The Hydro Flask and the Yeti: What is the Difference?

Both of these bottles are used for the same purposes. You can use them to maintain ice cold water for 24 hours, or to keep your drinks hot all day. The people prefer one or the other for different reasons. Below, we have made lists of the main advantages of each of these bottles so that you can decide which of them you would like to get.

Hydro Flask Features

The Hydro Flask is an attractive drinking bottle that is wider than most others of the same quality. It comes with a powdered outer surface with a smooth look that gives it a nice, modern appearance. We have compiled a list of some of its greatest features below. You can compare these features to the ones for the Yeti to get an idea of how they compare.

  • Double-walled and vacuum-sealed: The Hydro Flask has a double wall to give it awesome protection against the outside temperature. Since the lid is sealable at the top, you get a vacuum-sealed container that can really keep in the interior temperature.
  • Ice up to 24 hours: The Hydro Flask is a great choice if you like to use a lot of ice. It has a wide opening at the top so that you can put in large cubes of ice without the headache of having to crush them into smaller pieces. The ice water in the Hydro Flask will last up to 24 hours. Also, it does not create any condensation on the exterior of the body. So your hands remain completely dry and comfortable.
  • Hot liquids all day: Would you like to have a tea or coffee in the morning without needing to worry about reheating in the middle of the day? You can keep hot liquids in the Hydro Flask until the end of the work day without them getting cold.
  • Powdered outer surface: The outer surface of the Hydro Flask is powdered, which gives it a texture that allows it to not slip out of your hand.
  • Sizes: The Hydro Flask comes in 32 ounce and 40 ounce sizes.
  • Straw lid: The lid on the Hydro Flask can be sealed shut to not allow any liquids to come out. It also has a spot where you can put in your straw. This is great for drinking cold liquids without needing to constantly tip your bottle.
  • Lifetime warranty: What the Hydro Flask, you get a lifetime warranty. According to what customers are saying, they have barely ever had to use this warranty. Those who have say that they have had great customer service.


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Yeti Rambler Features

Like the Hydro Flask, the Yeti is made of an attractive stainless steel. It comes with as much insulation as the Hydro Flask, but does not have a lid that is spill proof. It comes in various colors, but has less colors to choose from than the Hydro Flask.

  • Double-walled and vacuum insulation: Similar to the Hydro Flask, the double wall and vacuum insulation provides extra protection against outside cold or heat.
  • 24 hours cold: Keep things cold for about 24 hours without the ice melting.
  • 6 hours hot: The heat in this drinking bottle may not last as long as with the Hydro Flask. This is due to the fact that there is an opening at the top on the lid. The lid does not close completely, and allows some heat to escape. This could be a good thing if you do not want to burn yourself when you don’t have time to cool off your hot liquids before putting them in the thermos.
  • Puncture and rust-resistant: While the Hydro Flask is not puncture-resistant, the Yeti is. The Yeti is a more durable drinking bottle than the Hydro Flask.
  • Size: The Yeti comes in several sizes: 18, 20, and 36 ounces.

Price Comparison

The prices of the Hydro Flask and the Yeti depend on the size options that you choose, but they are all comparable in price. In order to see the latest prices for both of these items, please see below:

The Verdict

Both the Hydro Flask and the Yeti are comparable in quality. They both have their pros and cons, and choosing between them is a matter of waiting them out. For example, the Yeti has an opening at the top and cannot be completely sealed. While the Yeti has excellent insulation, if you drop it, some spillage will occur out of the opening at the top. In contrast, the Hydro Flask can be completely sealed. But the downside to the Hydro Flask is that it does not puncture resistant. In fact, if you drop the Hydro Flask on the ground, you will likely get some scuff marks or dents.

Either way, the liquids in these drinking bottles will maintain their temperature for a long periods of time. You may also choose between them based on how attractive they are to your own eye.

What do you think of the Hydro Flask and the Yeti? Is there one that appeals to you more than the other? Please leave your comment below.

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