Osprey Farpoint vs Fairview: One Is Made For Her

Osprey has long been a very popular high-end backpack company. It’s attention to detail and reasonable prices for such great quality materials has ensured that they will not go out of fashion anytime soon. While we can say that the backpacks are not the most fashionable out there, they definitely appeal to the utilitarian.

Those who purchase Osprey backpacks are usually travelers, students, and anyone using a backpack for their daily commute to work. But they are also those who don’t want to be bogged down with the frills of standard backpacks. They just want the simplicity, comfort, and quality that Osprey packs have to afford.

In the case of this Farpoint vs Fairview comparison, it is a matter of how much you need a backpack to fit the frame of a typical woman. We will be comparing the similarities and differences of these backpacks, beginning with what makes them different.

Differences Between The Farpoint And Fairview

One thing to note about the Farpoint and Fairview is that they are basically the same bag, just made for opposite sexes. The first one to arrive on the scene was the Osprey Farpoint. It has been wildly popular as a carry-on bag every since. It used to be advertised as a Unisex bag. But since the release of the Fairview in 2017, Osprey has switched to describing the Farpoint as being made for men, even though it is not different from before. In contrast, Osprey has named the Fairview as the ‘female’ equivalent of the Farpoint.

Here is a list of the key difference between the Farpoint and the Fairview.

  • Shoulder strap position: With the Osprey Fairview, the shoulder straps are set lower on the back in order to allow the bag to sit higher in the back. This generally makes it easier to carry heavy loads; especially if you have a small physique.
  • Shoulder strap curvature: The shoulder straps on the Farpoint sit straight on the shoulders. It does not mold to the body of a woman like the Fairview does. The fairview’s shoulder straps curve inward at the chest area, and then outwards at the bottom.
  • Shoulder strap padding: The shoulder straps on the Fairview have a bit more padding than that of the Farpoint.
  • Shape of hip belt: The hip belt on the Fairview in shorter and does not sit as high as that of the Farpoint. It also curves outward more in order to accommodate for a woman’s hips.
  • Sternum strap storage: While the sternum straps on both backpacks are similar, they are stored differently on each. On the Farpoint, there is a notch where you can tusk away the straps. But with the Fairview, Osprey went a step further and added a buckle at the top of each shoulder strap so that the sternum straps can be snapped into place when not in use.
  • Color options: The new color options on the Fairview are better suited for many women. This isn’t to pigeonhole women into a stereotype of having color favorites. But we at least love the elegance of the new colors. The Farpoint comes in Caribbean Blue, Volcanic Grey, and Jasper Red. The Fairview comes in Rainforest Green and Misty Grey.

The Commonalities Between The Farpoint And The Fairview

Since the Fairview is basically an offshoot of the Farpoint, you can imagine that they would have many things in common. Here is a short list of what makes both of these backpacks unique against the usual backpack landscape.

  • Durability: One of the great benefits of any Osprey backpack is the durability. In particular, both the Farpoint and the Fairview are made of nylon ripstop. As the name suggests, ripstop fabric is made to stop rips before they get much wider.
  • Stowable shoulder straps: The shoulder straps on these backpacks can be stowed away inside a large back pocket. This comes in handy when travelling by bus of plane.
  • Grab handles: To compliment the stowable shoulder straps are some wonderfully padded grab handle at the top and on the side of the bags. This further facilitate the carrying of your luggage.
  • Large main compartment: While the main compartment does not have any organizational pockets, it is very large and easily accessible from the top zipper.
  • 15-inch laptop sleeve: The secondary pocket further at the front can hold a 15-inch laptop inside of its sleeve.
  • Splash pockets: The front of the bags has lined splash pockets to protect your sunglasses and other delicate items.
  • Extra shoulder strap: The 40L versions come with an extra shoulder strap that you can attach to the side using the O-rings.

The Verdict

Regardless of which of the backpacks you choose, you will still get the basic benefits of the almighty Osprey Farpoint. The Fairview is simply the female version. The final decision may rest upon your actual body shape and what you think you would feel the most comfortable which based on the features mentioned above.

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