Outdoor Research Foray vs Marmot Minimalist: Are They Really Identical

The Marmot Minimalist and the Outdoor Research Foray have a design that is almost identical. In fact, they are both made of Gore-Tex and function in much the same way to make them waterproof. It can be difficult to tell which of these jackets one should purchase without having a closer look. We have created this Marmot Minimalist vs Outdoor Research Foray comparison in order to help you decide which of these two would be best for you. Before we begin our comparison, we would like to cover the similarities between these jackets.

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What Makes the Minimalist and the Foray so Popular

You may have heard that Gore-Tex is one of the best waterproof fabrics of available. Gore-Tex ensures that absolutely no moisture will get through the surface. You can see the rain beating off of it and you know that you are well-protected. They are both breathable because Gore-Tex is an amazingly breathable fabric. These jackets are made for the Spring and Summer. You can wear them while hiking or just commuting on a daily basis. If you live in a rainy climate, these jackets are a godsend. One of the features that have customers raving is their hood and collar. They closed up in such a way that it does not let any rain through. The hood on both these jackets is not oversized like with most jackets. They have a stiffened area at the top that creates a visor-like shape to protect the face against the rain. They both have a napoleon pocket on the left breast. A napoleon pocket is a vertical zippered pocket on one side of a jacket. This mimics the stereotypical napoleon putting his hand inside of his breast pocket. There are cords at the bottom have to allow you to cinch it down, thus protecting against updrafts. Both of these jackets have cuffs that can close with velcro the tightness that you want. Overall, these very popular and useful jackets. But lets take a look at what makes them different from each other.

Outdoor Research Foray vs Marmot Minimalist Comparison

The main differences between these jackets is in the way that they close and open. This has more to do with the zippers and how they are placed. Please see below for a full list of feature differences.

  • Dual-sided zipper: The Outdoor Research Foray has a dual-sided zipper. That is to say that apart from being able to zip down from the top, it can also be unzipped from the bottom. This is especially useful for rock climbers who need to wear a belt. There may be other reasons for why you would want to unzip from the bottom, but that is up to you.
  • Zipper waterproofing: The Marmot Minimalist has a flap over all of its zippers, the most important being the main front zipper. The flap closes shut with velcro to prevent any rain from getting through. By contrast, the Outdoor Research Foray does not have a flap or even waterproof zippers.
  • Side zippers: On the Outdoor Research Foray, the pit-zip goes all the way down to the bottom hem. This means that you can open the jacket at the size, from the top or the bottom. Some people feel there is not much use for this feature, but that is totally up to the individual.

There you have it; the three main differences between the Outdoor Research Foray and the Marmot Minimalist. Otherwise, they are very much the same and are made of the same types of materials.

Price Comparison

If you would like to compare the prices between these two jackets on Amazon, please follow the link below:

Outdoor Research Foray vs Marmot Minimalist: The Verdict

Although there is no clear winner here, we do have a preference for the Marmot Minimalist. The Minimalist has rain proofing along its zippers, which is very important in torrential rains. The fact that the Outdoor Research Foray does not have any waterproof zippers could be due to the fact that it has the functionality to unzip from the bottom. But not everyone will see the use in be able to unzip in this way. How do you feel about the Vermont Minimalist and the Outdoor Research Foray? Please leave your comment below and let us know if you have a preference for one over the other.

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