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Samsonite is a common household name when it comes to suitcases. They have been around for so long and have created so many different types of models to suit just about everyone. Due to the sheer amount of models available, it is difficult to choose between them. This is especially the case with the Omni and the Winfield.

We have created this Samsonite Omni vs Winfield comparison in order to clear up some of the confusion between these two wonderful suitcases. It is not easy to see how the suitcases are different, as they have so many similarities. This is why we are going to start by describing they are similar features before we get into their differences.

What They Have In Common

It must first be said that there is a good reason why so many people are looking at the Omni and the Winfield for their trip. They are using the latest technology in hardshell suitcase material. Polycarbonate is the cream of the crap when it comes to hardshell suitcases. It is a type of substance that is very lightweight, yet highly durable and resilient at the same time. If you try to crush a polycarbonate suitcase, it will simply bend back into shape immediately. Both the Omni and Winfield are made of 100% polycarbonate material.

Both of these suitcases also have a telescopic candle that have a push button that locks it when it is fully extended. This means that you do not have to worry about the handle readjusting itself as you are pulling and pushing your suitcase. Once you’re done with the handle, simply place it back into the back panel of the suitcase and lock it into place.

One wonderful thing about these suitcases is the fact that they have TSA locks. In case you’re not familiar with TSA locks, here’s the lowdown. TSA locks follow a standard that allows the TSA agent to unlock your bag without needing your three digit combination. A TSA agent has a key that allows them to get into TSA locks without needing your help. Before you object, just know that if they do not get in that way, they will get in by breaking into your suitcase if there is a lock on it that is not TSA compliant. It is always best to have a TSA lock just in case, especially in these times of global strife.

The Omni and the Winfield are both expandable in order to allow you to put in some more gear if needed. This means that you can take all of your things on a trip and come back with even more gear, such as when you go on a retail shopping trip. In order to keep your close separate from the rest of your gear. Place them within the cross straps on one side of the suitcase. And to keep your smaller items like a toiletry away from everything else, simply put it into the divider on the opposite side of your clothing.

Differences Between The Omni And The Winfield

Now we are going to talk about the specific features that make these to suitcases different from each other.

  • Outer shell design: The shell of these suitcases have a slightly different design from each other. While the Omni has vertical ridges, the Winfield has widely spaced horizontal ridges. Which of these design features you choose is simply an aesthetic decision made by the eye of the beholder. It does not make a difference in terms of the durability or function.
  • Zipper types: The Winfield has a simple zipper that is the same size as most delivers you would see on luggage. Some people feel that it is slightly too small to deal with the ruggedness needed of a zipper on a suitcase. However, the Omni comes with a larger zipper that is also auto repairable. This means that if you do hit a snag, you will easily be able to put it back into place.
  • Wheel sizes: The wheels on both of these suitcases are identical except for the size. The size of the wheels on the Omni are slightly bigger than the ones on the Winfield. This makes it a little easier to roll through rugged terrain.
  • Kick plates: The medium and large -sized Omni suitcases have a small kick plate at the bottom. This helps to get the suitcase up some stairs or off a curb. Unfortunately, the Winfield does not have the kick plates.
  • Carry-on size: The carry-on sized suitcases of each of these models will fit into the overhead compartment. However, the Omni carry-on size is slightly bigger than the one for the Winfield.

And that concludes the list of differences between these suitcases.

Comparing The Prices

If you would like to compare the prices between the Omni and the Winfield, please see the Amazon links below.

The Verdict

As you can see from the feature list above, the Omni clearly has better features than the Winfield. It seems like it has everything that you would need from hardshell suitcase and more. But if you prefer the design of the Winfield, that too is a wonderful suitcase. We do have a preference for the Omni because all of its features seem to be a cut above the Winfield. And, it also has a more feminine design, but that is just a subjective statement.

Which of these two suitcases the prefer? Please leave as a comment below and let us start a discussion!

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